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    Smith, Kevin
    This thesis examines how sonification can be used to help a student emulate the complex motion of a teacher with increasing spatial and temporal accuracy. As an example scenario, the system captures a teacher's motion in real time and generates a 3- D . . .
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    Diano, David
    This thesis presents a simple four-legged robot platform that can transform a smart phone or tablet into an autonomous walking social robot. Smart phones are already designed to be easy to interact with and to assist humans in everyday activities. The . . .
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    Portugal, Susan
    Manufacturers often resort to Application-Specific Integrated Circuits (ASIC) to meet their specific end-product requirements. Although ASICs are very effective in many applications, they have significant limitations. In particular, designers are ofte . . .
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    Santhanam, Deepa
    Collecting, organizing, analyzing, and presenting data for consumption is well known for information systems. There are numerous commercial tools and vast sums of money dedicated to making this process efficient. Be it data warehousing, or map reduce . . .
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    Alfano, Ray
    Audio transmission over the Internet is a vital component of modern communications, and digital formats have mostly supplanted physical media for the creation and delivery of cultural content by musicians. From the perspective of artists, access to co . . .