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  • Wd375z31n?file=thumbnail
    Masters Thesis
    Chavan, Pallavi Amod
    With so many rapid changes happening around us, people are moving towards a healthy lifestyle which includes choosing the right food. Today the overabundance of information can hinder the ability to choose the right information. Recommendation systems . . .
  • X059c932q?file=thumbnail
    Masters Thesis
    Van Hoven, Sean
    Twitter has become a vital source for sharing information. Information shared with Twitter can help with all sorts of groups such as Universities of all sizes, conferences or even just interest groups such as people looking to find information about a . . .
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    Masters Thesis
    Dev, Chanakya
    The organization, Greater Mahale Ecosystem Research and Conservation (GMERC), is focused on the study and conservation of various primate species in the region of Western Tanzania. For effective primatology studies, it is imperative to track and obser . . .
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    Masters Thesis
    Decanio, Samuel
    Attribution, the ability to match events on the Internet to actors who caused them, is a difficult problem in Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics. The Internet was not designed to track behavior of users. In fact, being an easy to access and open plat . . .
  • N009w6246?file=thumbnail
    Masters Thesis
    Shariff, Moosa Ahmed
    Data mining is the process of finding patterns and relationships by analysing large datasets to solve problems. It involves using classifiers which help classify data into certain categories. Fake news detection is a popular topic in data mining. With . . .
  • Qz20sx33z?file=thumbnail
    Masters Thesis
    Gittins, Zane
    In the public imagination Cybersecurity is very much about malware, even though malware constitutes only part of all the threats faced by Cybersecurity experts. However, malware is still one of the best methods to gain persistent access and control of . . .
  • Sn00b276k?file=thumbnail
    Masters Thesis
    Trow, Andrew
    To understand and improve the efficiency of LIDAR (Light Imaging, Detection, And Ranging) simulations used for robotic movement, an analysis of multiple variants of scanning algorithms was performed. Many challenges arose during the course of experime . . .
  • Ff365603d?file=thumbnail
    Conference Proceeding
    Bieszczad, Andrzej
    In this paper, we introduce an enhancement to the Neurosolver, a neuromorphic planner and a problem solving system. The enhanced architecture enables contextual learning. The Neurosolver was designed and tested on severalproblem solving and planning t . . .