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  • 1831cn31v?file=thumbnail
    West, Philip
    If one imagines the Gaussian primes to be lily pads in the pond of complex numbers, could a frog hop from the origin to infinity with jumps of bounded size? If the frog was confined to the real number line, the answer is no. Good heuristic arguments e . . .
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    Masters Thesis
    Kim, Joan
    California public schools are heavily impacted by an acute shortage of mathematics teachers. The enrollment of teacher certification programs has decreased drastically over the past two decades, and half of the enrollees discontinue the program before . . .
  • Jd472x205?file=thumbnail
    Romero, Alba
    The moon landing in 1969, achieved despite of the complexity and the lack of computer power at the time, raises questions about various computational aspects of the mission. We present a model of the lunar docking problem, in which the optimal rendezv . . .
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    Morris-Rivera, Marc
    The attributable risk is the fraction of outcomes in the population that would be reduced if the probability for a (higher probability) group were reduced to the probability for another (lower probability) group (Fleiss, et. al). We will use methods o . . .
  • Jw827c55h?file=thumbnail
    Ahmed, Nausheen
    The two different language based projects were designed to introduce the concepts of parabolas and integrals. Integration was introduced to college students, and eighth grade students worked with parabolas. We incorporated a story and acting exercises . . .
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    Koressa, Marcel
    As computer and Internet technologies evolve, they play an increasingly significant role in our lives, especially in education. In particular, more students are using computers to attend online classes or to do computer based homework. Various online . . .
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    Kerissa, Hoda
    Tutoring Centers are designed to assist students in becoming independent learners with study skills and strategies that will help them succeed in classes across the curriculum. Those are not intended to replace direct instructions classroom, but to en . . .
  • Mw22v635j?file=thumbnail
    Tran, Chinh
    A tiling is a covering of the plane with non-overlapping figures that have no holes between them. For centuries, civilizations have incorporated both the complexity as well as aesthetic properties of tilings into their art and everyday lives. No matte . . .
  • 3b591953m?file=thumbnail
    Topolinski, Katrina
    There are many components in the movement of horses that can be mathematically modeled. In this research we have classified footprint patterns of various strides and found an analytical family of curves describing simple jumps. This approach is differ . . .
  • 8w32r6362?file=thumbnail
    Yi, Cory
    An unproven claim is that all trees may be gracefully labeled. However there are some special classes of trees that are proven to have graceful labelings. A path is the simplest form of a tree, and it has been proven that all paths can be gracefully l . . .