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    Bleicher, Robert E.
    Approaching reflection from the perspective of a teachable skill set implies that research may inform how to help students reflect. Employing a framework of making connections often used in reading comprehension, this study aimed to characterize how m . . .
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    McRobbie, Campbell J.
    The purpose of this study is to develop a better understanding of the discourse strategies employed by students and a chemistry teacher as they engaged in various activities in the classroom. More specifically, the paper examines how discourse support . . .
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    Artistic Work
    Bourely, Christophe
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    Artistic Work
    Bourely, Christophe
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    Artistic Work
    Bourely, Christophe
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    Buhl, Geoffrey
    Quasimodules for vertex algebras are generalizations of modules for vertex algebras. These new objects arise from a generalization of locality for fields. Quasimodules tie together module theory and twisted module theory, and both twisted and untwiste . . .
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    Karaali, Gizem
    Spanning sets for vertex operator algebras satisfying difference-zero and difference-one conditions have been extensively studied in the recent years. In this paper, we extend these results. More specifically, we show that for a suitably chosen genera . . .
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    Lawton, Peter
    Ecosystem-based management (EBM) and the related concept of large marine ecosystems (LMEs) are sometimes criticized as being too broad for many management and research applications. At the same time there is a great need to more effectively develop su . . .
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    Wakelee, Daniel W.
    Hiring tenure track faculty is one of the most important decisions in higher education. Hiring outcomes shape faculty careers, the process is costly and time consuming and, ultimately, hiring significantly impacts the character of academic departments . . .
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    Cordeiro, William P.
    This paper defines business ethics as a series of behaviors that adhere to values held by the individual manager, the manager's supervisors and subordinates, general society and, most importantly, the manager's customers and clients. The concept of bu . . .