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    Graduate project
    Coyle, Eliott
    Inheritance is a collection of poetry that sets out to redefine the word “inheritance” through three sections. The first section of the collection follows the musical inheritance of the speaker and the impressions of family that have come before him. . . .
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    Graduate project
    Evans, Stephanie
    This memoir is a coming-of-age story utilizing three main segments: one focusing on a failed relationship with my father, another confronting mortality through the diagnosis of a chronic illness, and a third strand focusing on death through a work exp . . .
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    Scholl, Luke
    An American Dream is made up the first five chapters of a work of fiction that will ultimately become a novel. An American Dream is a novel about John and Matt, two young men who have been friends most their lives, and how this friendship comes to an . . .
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    Shaffer, Marta
    Whipstitch is a collection of poems that explores themes of amateurship, grief, mental illness, addiction, and love through the poet’s decisions regarding how to use imagery, humor, and form. The poet describes individuals and cultures that make mista . . .
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    Villaescusa, Sable
    Within William Shakespeare’s works the women characters range from being independent and outspoken to submissive and obedient. Throughout the plays, despite their natural personalities, the women are often faced with social institutions that regulate . . .
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    Bogan, Geoffrey
    This thesis both outlines and tests the limits of a methodology that can be used to make sense of references to certain literary genres as they appear in contemporary narratives. While much of my argument refers to literature, as I will note this meth . . .
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    Graduate project
    Liebenberg, Ibe
    The Judas Tree is a collection of poetry that focuses on the act of witnessing tragedy. This collection explores specific events I have observed in both nature and in firefighting. Many of the experiences in the collection were witnessed first-hand. T . . .
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    Graduate project
    McClintic, Julie Ricks
    Dating While Fat: Notes From a Harmed Life is a memoir, collected in four linked stories, exploring the intersection of absurdity and horror at various times throughout the author’s life. “Dating While Fat” is a reflective look back at my life as a fo . . .
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    Graduate project
    Deane, Jason
    Kali’s Waters is a collection of short fiction stories that works with themes of religion, loneliness, death, grief, coming-of-age, and human connection. The stories are based in the genre of literary realism, but also work to challenge the norms of t . . .
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    Graduate project
    Rhine, Amanda
    Black Dogs is a collection of short stories representing my exaggerated interpretations of three themes associated with self-destructive behavior: addiction, codependency, and self-entitlement. Theses individual themes are prominent subject matter in . . .