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    Kinkle-Wirz, Amanda L.
    Walking the line between historical autobiography and analysis of Communities of Practice and Situated Learning theories, this thesis simultaneously conducts a close examination of my own personal journey in the writing program at California State Uni . . .
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    Haydon, Amanda
    The purpose of this research is to observe and document the learning practices of affinity groups known as guilds and their functions within collaborative virtual spaces. This ethnographic study follows a guild known as Acta nøn Verba as they progress . . .
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    Arriola, Francisco J.
    This study examines the idea of cultural hybridity in the United States by using Brando Skyhorse’s The Madonnas of Echo Park (2010) and Richard Rodriguez’s autobiographical novel Hunger of Memory: The Education of Richard Rodriguez (1982). First, this . . .
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    Gill, Catherine
    The intention of this thesis is to discuss the ideas of narratology in reference to different disciplines, and to show how the topic of narratology moves through to help people develop and understand the world around them. To start the discussion, the . . .
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    Sandoval, Nathan
    Over the past two years, I have researched the complexities of e-textbooks and how the rise of new digital media has influenced the network of the textbook industry. My research traces various connections and disconnections within this network that af . . .
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    Dunk, Eric
    Manzanitas at Gunsight Lookout is a collection of poetry to question the world. This collection explores the aspects of life I consider vital to human experience: these poems explore relationships, memory, love, emotion, and the ultimate uncertainty o . . .
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    Bowersox, Sylvia
    Catherine Talbot’s Two Days in Iraq is a novel-in-stories that takes the reader along with Catherine and her Army unit on their deployment to wartime Iraq. The stories explore the poignant changes and trauma that occur in a soldier's life when they ar . . .
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    North, Jill
    Secondhand Stories is a collection of four short stories that seek to present a variety of social issues thought the lens of a small town. The collection was written with the theme of small towns in mind to show how that specific community problematiz . . .
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    Monroe, Nicholas
    “Deadheading” is a collection of poems that can be viewed as a travelogue. This is a documentation of exploration. These poems move. They cover terrain—terrain that is physical, emotional, temporal, cultural, and spatial. This travelogue explores many . . .
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    Hayes, Timothy
    Milling is a collection of three linked narratives working with shared characters and themes in the literary genres of magical realism and Eco Literature. These three stories explore diverse uses of points of view, which work at shifting the reader’s . . .