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    Graduate project
    Sarcona, Lucas
    ABSTRACT SABINA by Lucas Sarcona Master of Arts in English California State University, Chico Spring 2011 The purpose of this creative project is to demonstrate my understanding of the craft of literary fiction. “Sabina” is intended to reflect an inte . . .
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    Hudson, Kathryn
    ABSTRACT LIBERTY OR LIFE: DEATH, WOMEN AND FREEDOM IN VICTORIAN SENSATION FICTION by © Kathryn E. Hudson 2011 Master of Arts in English California State University, Chico Spring 2011 This thesis explores and analyzes the relationship between female ch . . .
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    Armstrong, Elizabeth Grace
    This thesis explores the different forms of losing control in Robert Louis Stevenson’s The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray, and Bram Stoker’s Dracula, and how the characters in these texts react to los . . .
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    Graduate project
    DeMeyer, Sharon T.
    DIVING FOR ABALONE: BENEATH THE SURFACE OF GRIEF By © Sharon T. DeMeyer 2011 Master of Arts in English California State University, Chico Fall 2011 Diving for Abalone: Beneath the Surface of Grief is a collection of 59-word non-fiction stories that we . . .
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    Graduate project
    Linscheid, Caitlin Ruth
    A Fence in the Dark is a collection of poems that explores the relationship between memory and imagination. The poet blends the literary conventions of poetry, novel, and memoir and explores what it means to love with hate, love with fear, love with d . . .
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    Gerhard, Julia
    This thesis examines how dystopian novels depict various forms of discipline exercised by a government over the body and mind of its subjects, and also offer liberation from that control through the act of writing. The first chapter reveals specific v . . .
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    Graduate project
    Zellmer, Matthew A.
    Good Morning, Colossus is a circus train wreck through the freight cars of my mind. It represents my daily journey as a writer to do battle with myself, to chisel away at my anxiety until I arrive at something I can call a poem. Many of the poems in t . . .
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    Arbaugh, Stephanie
    This thesis attempts to analyze the structures that support and maintain the society of nineteenth-century England through the lens of the novel. Within the novels Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë and Middlemarch by George Eliot there appears a specific . . .
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    Kumpan, Katherine
    My thesis addresses the correlation between gender and power in The Pearl of Orr’s Island by Harriet Beecher Stowe, The Country of the Pointed Firs by Sarah Orne Jewett, and The Ballad of the Sad Café by Carson McCullers. In discussing gender the main . . .
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    Graduate project
    Saboury, Sabrina Fatemeh
    The Fortuneteller is a piece of historical fiction. Written in the style of memoir, it is part of a larger body of work on carnival culture set in late 19th and early 20th century Persia. Narrated by Nasreen, a blue-eyed, bearded woman reflecting on h . . .