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    Wallace, Ginamarie R.
    Traditionally, emotion was viewed as something occurring only within individuals with those emotions being expressed outwards. Emotion is now being recognized as having relational and embodied components outside of the individual. Emotion as multiface . . .
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    Letellier, Charlotte
    Representations of queer relationships in literature are often put in the subtext of works, rather than explicitly addressed. Using Passing by Nella Larsen, Winter’s Bone by Daniel Woodrell, and The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton, I am examining queer subte . . .
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    Kirkpatrick, Keaton R.
    Embedded mentors are trained students who are placed directly into courses to support student learning. While embedded support models are becoming increasingly common, little empirical research has been done to understand who embedded mentors are, wha . . .
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    King, Kelsey Michelle Jessica
    New teachers of composition have a lot to gain from developing a critically reflective stance about their teaching. If they can learn to intentionally engage in reflective practices which emphasize student success in relation to their course objective . . .
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    Keables, Jeanette M.
    When We Must Walk in Darkness is a memoir beginning with a Critical Introduction, followed by a collection of vignettes, each one representing a significant moment after my son Tyler’s 2002 near-fatal motorcycle accident. In the Critical Introduction, . . .
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    Huso, Emily
    Invasion of the Bees and Other Stories is a collection of short stories and flash fictions that explore themes of paternal absence and neglect, female distrust of men, relationship discord, self-sabotage, and various forms of abuse. Firmly footed in t . . .
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    Gibaldi, Mary
    In literary worlds, as in the actual world, women are often left without a space to call their own. Obliged instead to navigate men’s societal structures and homes, female characters naturally respond to the spaces they inhabit differently than their . . .
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    Duran, Hannah Nadiene
    In the ongoing discussion of how to support diversity in higher education, language usage and its variation has been one of the most disputed features of writing pedagogy and instruction. The purpose of this research study was to examine how language . . .
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    Dill, Kyler
    The last two decades have brought along much scholarship in regard to monstrosity within literature. This has been thoroughly shown through the ways in which Christians in England have made monsters of other religions. Christians have repeatedly, espe . . .
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    Astengo, Dan
    This thesis argues for the necessity of improved teaching practices in higher education literature courses; suggests a theoretical framework for literary study that engages readers on a personal level as well as within communities of other readers; an . . .
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    Wilcox, Catherine A.
    This empirical study analyzes the digital activist ecologies created by women in highly conservative Christian circles using social media to speak against traditionally taboo topics of domestic and sexual violence. This research covers a time of uphea . . .
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    Rhine, Amanda
    Black Dogs is a collection of short stories representing my exaggerated interpretations of three themes associated with self-destructive behavior: addiction, codependency, and self-entitlement. Theses individual themes are prominent subject matter in . . .
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    Deane, Jason
    Kali’s Waters is a collection of short fiction stories that works with themes of religion, loneliness, death, grief, coming-of-age, and human connection. The stories are based in the genre of literary realism, but also work to challenge the norms of t . . .
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    McClintic, Julie Ricks
    Dating While Fat: Notes From a Harmed Life is a memoir, collected in four linked stories, exploring the intersection of absurdity and horror at various times throughout the author’s life. “Dating While Fat” is a reflective look back at my life as a fo . . .
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    Liebenberg, Ibe
    The Judas Tree is a collection of poetry that focuses on the act of witnessing tragedy. This collection explores specific events I have observed in both nature and in firefighting. Many of the experiences in the collection were witnessed first-hand. T . . .
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    Scholl, Luke
    An American Dream is made up the first five chapters of a work of fiction that will ultimately become a novel. An American Dream is a novel about John and Matt, two young men who have been friends most their lives, and how this friendship comes to an . . .
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    Evans, Stephanie
    This memoir is a coming-of-age story utilizing three main segments: one focusing on a failed relationship with my father, another confronting mortality through the diagnosis of a chronic illness, and a third strand focusing on death through a work exp . . .
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    Coyle, Eliott
    Inheritance is a collection of poetry that sets out to redefine the word “inheritance” through three sections. The first section of the collection follows the musical inheritance of the speaker and the impressions of family that have come before him. . . .
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    Collins, Nathan Joshua
    This thesis is built on the assumption that in order to be a serious Thoreau scholar, one must move away from Walden (1854) and read his other works. Walden is, to be sure, Thoreau’s most studied book and remains an iconic example of 19th-century Amer . . .
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    Booth, Daria Donoghue
    Queens of Sheba is a collection of six personal essays that seek to present both personal story and universal themes. In my essays, I share stories of my family, my father’s dementia, the loss of my first husband, my relationship with food and body im . . .
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    Skripek, Matthew Paul Stephens
    Terraforming Hell is a collection of poems that explore the dark terrain of reality, the fantastic, and the rift that lies between. It traverses the æther and the dreamstate. Some poems find their footing in the natural world while others walk beyond . . .
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    Proctor, Victoria
    We are in need of a more subversive reading of past and present literature and film that allows not only for a feminist literary history, but also for a feminist future in which men are more comfortable responding to and accepting women as equal to th . . .
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    Murphy, Athena
    This thesis argues that, in key nineteenth century texts, humor is a means of fostering group identity and a mode of social critique. The chapter “Boundary Maintenance in Early American Humor” looks at humor as a form of boundary maintenance in both A . . .
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    Wheat, Kristen Marie
    October Rain is a collection of poetry that seeks to explore the dynamics of change in human lives, especially loss and grief. Some of these poems follow a young woman as she loses her boyfriend to cancer, and reveal the pain and waves of her grieving . . .
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    Stagner, Sheila Michelle
    Turquoise Sky is a character-driven piece, with emphasis on the psychological and psychosexual, written in the received Realist tradition of literary mode. It is a plot of decline—and hope—set in the milieu of San Francisco during the early 1970s, and . . .
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    Zellmer, Matthew A.
    Good Morning, Colossus is a circus train wreck through the freight cars of my mind. It represents my daily journey as a writer to do battle with myself, to chisel away at my anxiety until I arrive at something I can call a poem. Many of the poems in t . . .
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    Linscheid, Caitlin Ruth
    A Fence in the Dark is a collection of poems that explores the relationship between memory and imagination. The poet blends the literary conventions of poetry, novel, and memoir and explores what it means to love with hate, love with fear, love with d . . .
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    Bogan, Geoffrey
    This thesis both outlines and tests the limits of a methodology that can be used to make sense of references to certain literary genres as they appear in contemporary narratives. While much of my argument refers to literature, as I will note this meth . . .
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    Villaescusa, Sable
    Within William Shakespeare’s works the women characters range from being independent and outspoken to submissive and obedient. Throughout the plays, despite their natural personalities, the women are often faced with social institutions that regulate . . .
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    Bromley, Kyleen
    Two Rooms is a collection of stories comprised of both fiction and creative nonfiction. The use of nonfiction and fiction in this project is a meditation on my recovery as an alcoholic. The two rooms discussed in this project refer to the use of ficti . . .
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    Kinkle-Wirz, Amanda L.
    Walking the line between historical autobiography and analysis of Communities of Practice and Situated Learning theories, this thesis simultaneously conducts a close examination of my own personal journey in the writing program at California State Uni . . .
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    Haydon, Amanda
    The purpose of this research is to observe and document the learning practices of affinity groups known as guilds and their functions within collaborative virtual spaces. This ethnographic study follows a guild known as Acta nøn Verba as they progress . . .
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    Arriola, Francisco J.
    This study examines the idea of cultural hybridity in the United States by using Brando Skyhorse’s The Madonnas of Echo Park (2010) and Richard Rodriguez’s autobiographical novel Hunger of Memory: The Education of Richard Rodriguez (1982). First, this . . .
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    Gill, Catherine
    The intention of this thesis is to discuss the ideas of narratology in reference to different disciplines, and to show how the topic of narratology moves through to help people develop and understand the world around them. To start the discussion, the . . .
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    Sandoval, Nathan
    Over the past two years, I have researched the complexities of e-textbooks and how the rise of new digital media has influenced the network of the textbook industry. My research traces various connections and disconnections within this network that af . . .
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    Dunk, Eric
    Manzanitas at Gunsight Lookout is a collection of poetry to question the world. This collection explores the aspects of life I consider vital to human experience: these poems explore relationships, memory, love, emotion, and the ultimate uncertainty o . . .
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    Bowersox, Sylvia
    Catherine Talbot’s Two Days in Iraq is a novel-in-stories that takes the reader along with Catherine and her Army unit on their deployment to wartime Iraq. The stories explore the poignant changes and trauma that occur in a soldier's life when they ar . . .
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    North, Jill
    Secondhand Stories is a collection of four short stories that seek to present a variety of social issues thought the lens of a small town. The collection was written with the theme of small towns in mind to show how that specific community problematiz . . .
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    Monroe, Nicholas
    “Deadheading” is a collection of poems that can be viewed as a travelogue. This is a documentation of exploration. These poems move. They cover terrain—terrain that is physical, emotional, temporal, cultural, and spatial. This travelogue explores many . . .
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    Hayes, Timothy
    Milling is a collection of three linked narratives working with shared characters and themes in the literary genres of magical realism and Eco Literature. These three stories explore diverse uses of points of view, which work at shifting the reader’s . . .
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    Fernandez, Danielle
    This thesis takes a case study approach to acknowledge the existence of micro communities in classrooms and to highlight the many purposes these communities serve for students as an important part of their learning experience. The term micro community . . .
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    Weast, Danielle N.
    You Silly Idiot is a collection of short stories that explores the relationship between self-reflection and the transitory nature of memory as it is influenced by prejudice and time itself. The author implements the literary conventions of fiction as . . .
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    Salgado, Martin Alejandro
    This memoir is a recollection of a Mexican-American childhood lived in Huntington Beach, California. The narrative addresses a search for identity, a construction of identity, along with questions of place. This narrative is a coming of age story that . . .
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    Allen, Janette A.
    This study examines the similar subversive feministic themes that exist between Harriet Beecher Stowe’s The Pearl of Orr’s Island, Sarah Orne Jewett’s The Country of Pointed Firs and Willa Cather’s My Antonia. First, this thesis explores the relations . . .
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    Walker, Charles Bradford
    Water Spots is a collection of three short-fiction stories written over the course of the past five years. These stories share themes in their characters’ search for identity in changing environments while often dealing with a sense of loss—the loss o . . .
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    Swain, Derek
    In 2014 CSU Chico decided to use game-based learning principles to redesign Early Start into something that didn’t feel or look like remediation. Students, not their teachers or the institution’s curriculum, would be the center of this course. Using p . . .
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    Portillo, Vincent
    This thesis is an autoethnographic exploration of the theoretical concept of rhetorical agency, which develops over time through practice amongst a community of writers. I use the theoretical concept of "communities of practice" to describe the ways i . . .
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    DeCasper, Anthony Paris
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    Crescenti, Rebecca
    What I would like to challenge is this notion that graffiti has to be eradicated because it causes damage and that it is nothing more than vandalism, waste, and destruction. Rather, I claim that graffiti is a representation of an alternative visual na . . .
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    Bitton, Tomie Anne
    The Best Thing to Ever Happen to You is a memoir that seeks to explore the dynamics of change in a woman’s life, especially adolescence and motherhood. These stories follow a young woman as she comes of age, capturing and evoking moments when she ques . . .