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    Bolt, Robert L.
    This study will attempt to measure the vocational interest patterns of Pre-Technology students who attend a Richmond, California high school; further, it will attempt to determine if there is a relationship between the success of these students in the . . .
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    Brunton, Norman David
    The purpose of the study detailed in this thesis was to investigate the differences between early and later enterers seven years after admission to kindergarten without adjusting for intelligence, then to reexamine the age groups with intelligence hel . . .
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    Sun, Chaoya
    This paper analyzes the emergence, development, and future of Chinese new media, especially the Internet, through discussing the restrictions that Chinese media faced under the Kaiserism of the Chinese government in both old and new China. It will add . . .
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    Robertson, Nancy C.
    By closely reading several of Wordsworth's more famous poems written prior to the completion of The Prelude, one can follow the significant development of his spiritual consciousness. This viewpoint also offers a fresh understanding of Wordsworth's ex . . .
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    Bradley, James P.
    Every Friday and Saturday night a short length of thoroughfare in San Leandro is jammed with kids and cars. About seven-thirty in the evening they begin to arrive, driving their polished and modified cars down the street to a particular intersection w . . .
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    Morse, Atsuko H.
    This is a participant observation case study of an elementary school in Japan. The purpose of this study was to demonstrate how Japanese elementary schools emphasize moral and social development as well as academic achievement. For this purpose, the J . . .
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    Smiley, Scott P.
    Wilderness is a concept: it is an idea about the qualities of a particular type of place and about the relationship we have with that place-type. What is the meaning of the wilderness concept in the American context, and what values are attached to it . . .
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    Pasto, Allison
    Children hold significant roles in most of Flannery O'Connor's fiction, yet critics rarely address her works in comparative discussions of child images in literature. This thesis is an examination of the children who appear as characters in O'Connor's . . .
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    Linscott, Terry
    This study investigated the subject of stress from an interdisciplinary orientation with the intent of formulating a premise as to what motivates people to pursue behaviors which, based on their predisposing relationship to illness and mortality stati . . .
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    Cooley, Anita N.
    In this thesis, the author examines four existing methods of stringed instrument instruction, noting that all four methods contain quality materials that help to develop musical technique and performance. However, the author believes that these method . . .