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    Masters Thesis
    Salomon, Michelle
    Biological sequence alignment has been widely used in the field of computational biology and bioinformatics. For this application both non-heuristic and heuristic algorithms have been implemented. With the recent technological development of high- p . . .
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    Masters Thesis
    Reeves, Joseph
    In the realm of logic certain domains have kept their head above water, resisting the thrust of automation. As such, interactive theorem provers exist for these higher-order or more complex logics, demanding significant expenditures of human experti . . .
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    Masters Thesis
    Soundarajan, Sanjay
    Unknown regulatory motif finding on DNA sequences is a crucial task for understanding gene expression and the task requires accuracy and efficiency. We propose DMF, a combinatorial approach that uses hash-based heuristics to skip unnecessary computat . . .
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    Enkoji, Ai
    Wireless body area networks (WBANs) are networks of sensors, in the vicinity, on, or implanted within the human body and have been used for a variety of applications including medical monitoring. Due to the nature of body sensors, data transmission re . . .
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    Lee, Jacob Ian
    Situation semantics was developed as an alternative to possible-worlds semantics. While possible-worlds semantics defines the informational content of sentences in terms of complete descriptions of the way the world is or might be, situation semantics . . .
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    Shivhare, Shashank
    Mathematical equations are composed of signs, symbols and patterns. Screen readers designed for text can have trouble speaking equations in a way that makes sense to listeners. To make printed mathematic equations speak-able by a screen reader, the eq . . .
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    Ouyang, Linqiang
    Gene prediction is one of the most important and alluring problems in computational biology. Meanwhile, it is one of the most time-consuming tasks. To achieve efficiency in gene prediction, it's desired to build high-performance version tools. Inferna . . .
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    Singh, Kalyani
    Safety Critical Systems are the ones whose failure may lead to death, injury, loss or damage to an equipment or environmental harm. These systems need proper monitoring and concrete background software in order for their smooth running over a period o . . .
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    Chen, Yilin
    Real-time monitoring is a key aspect of Telemedicine. Using Kinect sensor for remote video based rehabilitation diagnosis has been a low cost, convenient, and effective technology. However, point cloud data from Kinect sensors are usually quite large . . .
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    Moreno, Carlos, Ignacio
    The field of networking is important as it allows us to communicate and exchange information amongst one another. However, in a real-time setting, it becomes important that such communication occurs with a high enough end-to-end quality to ensure a re . . .