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    Crews, Kimberly Susan
    As an African-American child growing up in the South, I have lived and moved among white society for so long that I wear them as a second coat, a second skin even. Growing up, white wasn�t just a language to learn, it was a whole dominant culture to e . . .
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    Vogl, Sally J.
    This collection of essays explores physical movement and the role it has played in my life. Subjects include raising my hyperactive son, my attraction to foreign travel, my career as an orientation and mobility teacher for the visually impaired, and m . . .
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    Beals, Emily Beth
    This research draws on contemplative studies within a variety of higher education models that provides the structure for the use of mindfulness-based practices that focus on self-compassion strategies for the writing classroom, centering on this quest . . .
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    Cooke, Joseph R
    Until Mrs. Q. D, Leavis published "Hawthorne As Poet" in 1951, "My Kinsman, Major Molineux" had received only minor critical attention. Mrs. Leavis’ reading identifies Robin with the American Colonies in the period before the revolution. She suggests . . .
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    Perez, Victor Arnoldo
    Many of these poems begin as a stream of conscious writing, allowing for the emotional and visceral moments to be the first movement toward a poem. Once this preliminary work is done I will allow for a day or two to lapse in order to reroute my effort . . .
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    Moyer, Ray W
    That Henry Blake Fuller is forgotten is obvious. A search for his works in any except the largest of libraries will yield nothing. Yet his written spread over forty years. The purpose of this study is to see whether there is justification for this for . . .
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    Meroney, Samantha Rose
    The Lady of the Lake in Arthurian legend has become more popular in recent scholarship, but still lacks a substantial amount of critical analysis of potential influential figures. Particularly, Sir Thomas Malory’s chief Lady of the Lake Nenive is dism . . .
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    Davis, Katharine Traphagen
    In the late 1920’s a little old trunk was dumped in our laps—a trunk so stained in some water filled Chicago cellar years before that some of the letters it contained were illegible. It had belonged to Clara Davis and contained not only her own corres . . .
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    Garduño, Angel
    This thesis engages with Latin American writer Roberto Bolaño and his novel, The Savage Detectives (1998), and African-American writer Ralph Ellison and his novel, Invisible Man (1952). This study will examine the ways in which the narratives containe . . .
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    Sever, Richard
    There is a whiteness in The Golden Bowl like the whiteness of Herman Melville's whale, which "has been made the symbol of divine spotlessness and power . . . yet for all these accumulated associations, with whatever is sweet, and honorable, and sublim . . .
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    Ray, Murleen Louise
    This collection of poems is like the grapevine: it clings to everything; it grows long and tangled; it reaches high and low; it grows out of the rich soil of human life and the ineffable transformation of death to feed the spirit. INHERITANCE uncovers . . .
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    Metzler, Stephanie Ann
    My thesis explores William Faulkner?s handling of racial issues of mixed identity in his novel Light in August by using Gloria Anzald?a?s Borderland theory. Anzald?a can explain and represent the disconnect that occurs for those that are deemed social . . .
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    Gejeian, David
    For this collection, I decided to write about the only state I have ever called home. The outside perspective of California fascinates me�often times being characterized as a coastal paradise. While the thriving beaches are a major component of my sta . . .
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    Nelson, Caroline D
    The two books by Dorothy Wellesley which have likely received the greatest circulation are those which she wrote, or edited, about two men more famous than shes Sir George Goldie, the founder of Nigeria, and W.B. Yeats, the Irish poet.1 Since both boo . . .
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    Johnson, Kristen
    This thesis focuses on a comparison between Richard Sheridan s The School for Scandal and Frances Burney s unpublished play The Witlings to reveal how female satire writers such as Burney were marginalized in London society. Sheridan, because of his p . . .
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    Pengilly, C.
    My title might require a very few explanatory notes, as might some other aspects of this project. Its source is obvious to the small group of people who are likely to see it. Although the Twentieth Century is far from my favorite poetical period, I fe . . .
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    Moradian, Tom
    The approach adopted in this paper requires one first and foremost to regard "Anelida" as, very simply, a poem. Whatever its significance may be, the poem at least tells a touching story and may show, upon examination, structure and thematic coherence . . .
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    Sheets, Don
    James's critical review of Elliot Cabot's A Memoir of Ralph Waldo Emerson reflects the novelist's obsession with the significance of Emerson's "message." The review, I believe, reveals also James's debt to Emerson in the novelist's search for a basis . . .
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    Gonzalez, Anna
    This thesis will explore how Chicana feminist writers use various representations of women’s bodies to redefine how women’s bodies are traditionally read and understood. Drawing on the intersection of feminist studies and disability studies, I explore . . .
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    Richerson, Alexandria
    Today, we are bombarded with the stereotype of women as sex objects or princesses. It is not very often that women are portrayed as smart, capable, empowering females who contribute to the world around them. These stereotypes are enforced by the popul . . .
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    Savelli, Patricia
    This collection of essays explores the in-between space one occupies as an outsider, a writer, an adolescent, a traveler, a woman, and a person in search of who they are. The collection of reflections, vignettes, essays, and lists are connected by the . . .
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    Jamali, Maryam
    Assessment practices and literacy standards can work against racial and economic identities of students within the CSU system, negatively impacting both access and diversity within higher education. As many have pointed out, racial identity and econom . . .
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    Wells, J. Howard
    The present study was undertaken to make a contribution primarily to Grammar C — the attempts by linguists and anthropologists to describe the forms and relationships employed in utterances that are grammatical.
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    Yarbrough, Donald E
    The poems and letters of John Keats together reveal the struggles of a man caught in the toils of self-creation. Yet while the letters are self-explanatory regarding Keats's ideas and passions, the poems may appear to be a more difficult means of esta . . .
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    Patterson, Clark M
    The primary intent of this thesis is to set forth some general considerations about the nature of the tragic vision and its manifestation in three literary tragedies. A second intent is to describe the particular shape of the genre in Greek, Christian . . .
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    Alghamdi, Afnan
    Adverbs are one of the most understudied categories in linguistics. The structure of adverbs, their relationships, and their behavior in terms of an overall theory of clausal architecture have received intensive attention in the generative grammar lit . . .
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    Lewis, Jennifer Wolfe
    This thesis analyzes the effect of narcissistic dimensions on female autonomy in the novels of Jane Eyre, The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, and Wuthering Heights. Jane, Helen, and Catherine suffer from the internalization of patriarchal oppression which pr . . .
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    Hernandez, Jacob Jonathan
    This is a manuscript of poems that deal with the places and people in the speaker’s life. It centers on the loss of one space while entering another. Much of the manuscript is about the speaker’s experiences in Colorado and what moving to Fresno reall . . .
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    Ayers, Marian Ruth
    Even though James acknowledged that he picked and selected his material for the reader and strained it through his own consciousness, he never appeared to waver from the assumption that what he selected was absolutely and wholly "the truth," just as h . . .
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    Silva, Gary P
    The concepts of activity and passivity have appeared both in the writings of Freud and the Neo-Freudians. Though these terms have never had a consistent meaning or application they most often appear in connection with two fundamental areas of concern . . .
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    Carroll, Brian T.
    The following thesis represents two-thirds of a yet-to-be completed novel. During September, 1966, California is preparing to execute Eusebio Viramontes, condemned under a �Little Lindberg� law for kidnap, robbery, and sexual assault. He has authored . . .
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    Barrett, Jessica
    The poems in this manuscript attempt to build, reconstruct, and understand a pieced-together history of becoming a woman, of the memories and relationships that assemble into a life. My themes wade between loss, longing, and finding strength where som . . .
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    Johnson, Gary
    Early poems (1966-1968) , Academy Poems(1968-1969), Morgan Canyon Poems (1969-1970) and Translations from the French of Yves Bonnefoy
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    Musselman, Laura
    As a child, I idolized my father. As an adult, I wonder what went wrong. This collection of essays, separated into two parts, serves as an attempt to investigate the nuances of my father�s addiction: where it came from, the effect it had on our identi . . .
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    Santillan, Jessica R.
    Inheritance explores the tensions that arise at the fringes of a multicultural community, and the confusion of growing up in a cultural borderland. The novel?s figurehead is a curandera, a Mexican folk healer, whose practice steadily becomes shunned b . . .
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    Woodruff, Elbert N
    "Isaac McCaslin, 'Uncle Ike', past seventy and nearer eighty than he ever corroborated any more, a widower now and uncle to half a county and father to no one"— thus begins William Faulkner's novel Go Down, Moses. Even though Faulkner immediately—and . . .
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    Breuer, Robert Joseph
    This project explores the institution of college education in the United States to understand the phenomena of unrest on the countries’ campuses. It uses archival research from California State University, Fresno to document the harsh time of unrest i . . .
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    Larrabee, Ruth
    The drama is considered by many to represent the highest literary expression: that in which the thoughts, words, and deeds of people in immediate situations are projected directly to the reader or audience. Whether or not dramatic art directly deserve . . .
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    Peacock, Valerie S
    Although the major thesis of this study is that Henry Miller is a minor, but significant, author whose principal contribution to contemporary literature is his style rather than his ideas, it must be conceded that his appeal is not limited to those wh . . .
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    Lantz, Mallory Shana
    This thesis looks to uncover the overlapping strings that connect the devaluation of matter and the crisis of the Capitalocene, utilizing an intersectional mode of tracing. My work involves untangling these crossings as a means of illustrating how the . . .
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    Bridges, Bethany Louise
    This thesis endeavors to examine the mechanics of sub-creation as it occurs within the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. It will mainly focus on its workings within the world of Middle-Earth, but will also examine the process as it applies to Tolkien’s own sel . . .
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    Van Zant, Vicki
    In its essence literature is concerned with the self, and the particular concern of the literature of the last two centuries has been with the self in its standing quarrel with culture. The encounter between the new ego and the destructive element of . . .
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    Person, Angela
    The subject of disgust in Dickens’ work has been thoroughly explored for decades by literary scholars who discuss everything from disease, abject poverty, and death, to the filthy, unsanitary conditions of Victorian era London. However, more recent re . . .
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    Greenaway, Roy F
    Modern linguistics has been greatly influenced by the methods of the social sciences. The contemporary linguist is concerned with describing language in the same manner in which any other act of social behavior may be described, lie analyzes language . . .
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    Palominos Gomez, Eduardo
    This collection of essays explores the in-between space one occupies as an outsider, a writer, an adolescent, a traveler, a woman, and a person in search of who they are. The collection of reflections, vignettes, essays, and lists are connected by the . . .
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    Basiletti, Emily Marie
    This collection of essays is an exploration of stigma. In one essay, there is an examination of stigma associated with religion. Other essays explore stigma as it relates to mental and neurological disorders. The overall goal of this collection is to . . .
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    Johnson, James L
    One of the central tenets of myth criticism in; literature, is the idea of circularity in human life. The patterns of winter and spring, death and rebirth, the rising and setting of the sun—these repetitive cycles suggest the process of life as Northr . . .
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    Osteen, Andrea Michelle
    This thesis explores the role of autonomous literacy practices and its relationship with secondary and university student writing practices. Autonomous literacy models purport knowledge as fixed or stable. Advocates of these models encourage learning . . .