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    Simpson, Elizabeth S
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    Danielle Fischle, Gretchen
    Fitzgerald and his novel have ebbed and flowed into the nostalgia and literary tradition of America, and by the late-20th century literary critics began to notice the problematic undercurrents of this text. However, academia has overlooked the feminis . . .
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    Palmer, Jonathan, Andrew
    Lee Edelman’s Theory of Reproductive Futurity places the image of the Child as a foundational trope of society. The Child trope cannot be questioned, for to do so would put one at odds with society itself. This essay uses post-apocalyptic narratives, . . .
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    Lopez, Belen
    The folk tale and the fairy tale, whose origins can be found in oral forms of storytelling, continue to play an important role in the written form, such as the novel. This thesis discusses the influence of the folk and fairy tale in three works by Dia . . .
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    Hamm, James F.
    In his works Goodbye, Columbus, Letting Go, When She Was Good, and Portnoy's Complaint, Philip Roth deals with the plight of the American male who is unable to master his personal and social relationships. Roth's contemporary heroes, with the exceptio . . .
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    Zepeda, Josephine R
    En una confesion dentro de otra confesion, mi amigo me relato una experiencia de su vida privada con una dama. Una senora penetro la carcel lugubre del confesionario, turbada, luchando con sf misma, por sue hechoe, el querer vomitar los pecados que ro . . .
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    Guerin, Richard S
    The purpose of this study of which this thesis is the final report were (1) to consult and critically examine the published material relative to studies of the linguistics geography of the United States and Canada, (2) to conduct a preliminary word- u . . .
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    Medina, Monica Renee
    This project seeks to examine displays of ageism within Jane Austen�s six core novels. Ageism is defined as prejudice and discrimination against an individual based upon age. First, I studied a specific character who demonstrates ageism, Emma Woodhous . . .
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    Akina, Kristen
    Each of Jane Austen�s novels looks at sisterhood from a different angle, exploring varying versions of sisterhood that all point to its indisputable necessity in the lives of women. At the same time, however, Austen illustrates that female reserve fre . . .