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    Kuo, Patricia C
    The most widely spoken language In China Is Mandarin-Chinese. There are several varieties of Mandarin-Chinese, of which the most widely spread are the Peking Mandarin (north) and the Nanking Mandarin (south). The regions that do not use some variety o . . .
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    Abasheikh, Muhammad Imam
    The goal of this study is to provide a grammatical sketch of Somali. This sketch should provide a basis from which a more complete grammatical analysis can be made. The format adopted for this study is essentially traditional. No full details are inco . . .
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    Matsuda, Tomoko
    The aim of this study is to clarify some of the syntactic formalisms involved in Setsuzoku-shi and Setsuzoku-joshi. Japanese conjunctions are not clearly classified and also they are treated in the parts of speech under different classes by different . . .
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    Anderson, Richard H
    The purpose of this study is threefold: 1) to present an articulatory analysis of the Parisian French language sounds, 2) to present an original systematic representation of the orthograph of these sounds so that the student may recognize and produce . . .
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    See, Nalee Thao
    Cinque (1999) observes a relationship between the orderings of lexical adverbs and functional heads (tense, aspect, and mood) in his analysis of various languages. He proposes a universal hierarchy of clausal functional projections and locates tense, . . .
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    Alamri, Samia Faheed
    Many studies have shown that English videos subtitled in English are more beneficial to ESL/EFL learners than English videos subtitled in the learners’ native language. However, no such studies have looked at native Arabic speakers, nor have any looke . . .
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    Alzhrani, Majed Abdullah
    This study inspects whether stressless heavy syllables in English words affect main (primary) stress perception of Adult Saudi learners of English. With the use of 48 two-, three-, and four-syllable nonce words that correspond to the phonotactics of E . . .
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    Truitner, Nga Dang
    This study describes two important features of the Vietnamese language: Relative Clauses and Noun Phrase Complements (henceforth SC and NPC respectively). Both RC's and NPC's are interpreted as embedded sentences in Noun Phrases. Previous writers have . . .
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    Alshehri, Jamilah
    This paper investigates word stress in Shehri Arabic. An Optimality-theoretic analysis (Prince & Smolensky, 1993) is adopted to analyze the word stress in Shehri. Stress is examined in monosyllablic, disyllabic, trisyllabic and tetrasyllabic words sep . . .
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    Alghamdi, Rozan
    Word stress in Ghamdi Arabic has never previously been studied in theexisting literature on phonology. Thus, this thesis examines the word stress patterns and the syllable structures in Ghamdi Arabic. Moreover, this study presents an optimalitytheoret . . .
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    Al-Sammak, Mohammed
    The study examines the function and properties of the cognate object (CO) in Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). The analysis of the Arabic cognate object supports the argument that the cognate objects with unaccusative and unergative verbs occupy the adjun . . .
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    Sadhaan, Noora Al
    This work is an investigation of the stress system in the Hasawi Arabic dialect, with emphasis on the foot structure, the stress pattern, and the constraint hierarchy for the dialect. The hypothesis of the work is that stress in Hasawi Arabic is attra . . .
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    Bikbaev, Edvard
    This thesis explores dative-case marked DPs in subject position in non-finite clauses in Russian. It also investigates ways predicates in such constructions are formed in terms of syntactic analysis, agreement between constituents, thematic-argument p . . .
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    Abuhamdia, Zakaria
    This thesis begins with an examination of the diglossia situation in the Arab countries, the major factor responsible for the low achievement in language teaching— English and Arabic. The critical examination of the diglossia is followed by a summary . . .
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    Willoughby, Helen M
    The purpose of this paper is to explore the relation between form, function, and meaning in poetic language# and to determine the applicability of the rules of a generative transformational linguistic theory to poetics. The scope of the subject includ . . .
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    Aramburo, Salvacion Sabile
    The purpose of this study is to provide a thorough understanding of the causes of the most common errors in English expression and sentence patterns made by most Filipino students, in order to find out some solutions to the difficulty of "Second Langu . . .
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    Alshammari, Hammad
    The movement of wh-subject questions is a controversial matter since there is no overt displacement or auxiliary inversion. In this thesis, I explore two approaches that dealt with this phenomenon the first approach is the Vacuous Movement Hypotheses . . .
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    Uwambayinema, Emmanuel
    In 2008 Rwanda replaced French with English as the language of instruction in all its schools. The abruptness and comprehensiveness of the change created problems for teachers and students, especially in rural areas largely devoid of English in print . . .
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    Oteef, Mashael
    The Arabic determiner phrase (DP) has frequently been the target of investigation for many linguists (Al Qahtani 2016; Beina 2013; Fehri 1999; Kremers 2003). While these authors often discuss the functional structures of the Arabic DP and its modifier . . .
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    McGrew, Heather Gale
    This thesis investigates the analysis of epenthesis used to derive surface words in Wikchamni and Chukchansi. As an alternative approach I provide an analysis in which underlying forms are well-formed syllables with high vowels and do not require epen . . .
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    Sakayama, Seiki
    The present study examines the pitch structure of phrase and utterance. In so doing, it is found that there is a pitch structure of the phrase, which is structurally larger than the lexeme accent. Within the pitch structure of the phrase, a governing . . .
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    Aljutaili, Abdulrahman Abdullah
    This thesis investigates the possibility of parasitic gaps within the Buraidah Arabic Dialect. A parasitic gap is a gap that is typically inside an island that is A-bar bound by a wh-phrase that also binds a �real gap� outside of the island. From the . . .
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    Halstead, Melanie
    This experimental study compares the effects of vocabulary instruction that includes sentence frames with instruction in which sentence frames are excluded. It also investigates the effects of single/limited-use sentence frames and multi-use frames on . . .
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    Flores, Mayaprimavera
    The purpose of this study is to examine the syntax of anaphora and non-canonical agreement in Khmer. The Binding Conditions A, B, and C (Chomsky, 1981; Lasnik, 1989; Reuland, 2011) will be investigated in relation to the Khmer anaphoric system, which . . .
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    Aune, Doreen
    The Chukchansi tribe of the Picayune Rancheria has asked the Department of Linguistics, California State University, Fresno to assist them in preserving and revitalizing their endangered language of Chukchansi through a three-pronged effort. This effo . . .
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    Gamble, Geoffrey L
    Wukchumni is a dialect of Yokuts, a California Penutian language former 1 y spoken In the southern San Joaquin Valley. The linguistic family of Yokuts was observed by Kroeber (1907) to be comprised of a number of dialects all closely related, but divi . . .
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    Tobar, Alyssa Nicole
    This study examines the effects of speaker gender and disfluency type (‘uh’ vs. ‘um’) on listeners’ perceptions of English speakers, in terms of both status and solidarity traits. Participants were 33 native speakers of American English who were asked . . .
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    Driscoll, Trevor
    Asymmetries in metrical phonology are derived from an inherent imbalance in the foot typology caused by asymmetrical iambs (LH). Principles such as the iambic rhythmic harmony scale (Prince 1990) and the Iambic/Trochaic Law (ITL; Bolton 1894, Woodrow . . .
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    Sasai, Yoko
    The work presented here is intended as a contribution to the analysis of cross-cultural similarities of emotional meanings as expressed in the verbal written mode. The specific cultures compared here are the American and the Japanese. In order to obta . . .
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    Shamakhi, Maha Qasim
    This study aims at investigating the scope interpretation of quantified DPs, especially when they interact with negation in Jizani Arabic. The main purpose of the study is to investigate the ambiguous relationship between negation and quantifiers unde . . .
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    Bischel, Franklin H
    The purpose of this paper is to investigate the nature of the ordering relations among 'co-ordinate* adjectives which precede nouns within a noun phrase in English. The results of the experiments made for this study are compared with some of the earli . . .
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    AlShareef, Sanaa
    In this study, a cross-linguistic analysis of the voicing closure and aspiration durations for stops between English and Arabic speakers was carried out. For the past decade, the notion of a single VOT measure to distinguish between voiced and voicele . . .
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    Ratzlaff, Niklas James
    This study compares the skill sets that participants are able to gain in German through either using the language learning application DuoLingo or taking an entry-level German 1A university course. The participants of the study in both groups were giv . . .
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    Teliga, Viktoriia
    This thesis proposes that there is a form of scrambling in Ukrainian that involves pervasive phonological movement as presented by Agbayani and Golston (2010a) for Classical Greek hyperbaton and applied to analyze scrambling in colloquial Russian by H . . .
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    Bailey, Dina
    ASL has received a large influx in interest with ASL courses seeing higher enrollment over the course of the past few years. As more hearing adults seek to learn ASL, it is beneficial to better understand how these adults learn a manual language and w . . .
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    Alenezy, Eiman Nassar
    This thesis examined the attitudes of 63 Saudi female EFL students in Saudi Arabia toward British and American accents. The results showed a preference for British and female speakers, particularly in terms of status, despite participants� inability t . . .
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    Alotaibi, Faris, Najeeb
    Broken plural (BP) is an interesting yet complex phenomenon in Arabic. It has been studied extensively in Classical Arabic and Modern Standard Arabic. However, researchers do not find any source addressing BP in Najdi Arabic extensively. Wright (1971) . . .
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    Lindley, John W
    As the following section of this chapter reveals, the bulk of research concerning the relation of instruction in grammar to improvement in writing skill has failed to show a significant positive correlation between the two. However, recent studies sug . . .
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    Russell, Paula S.
    The basis of this thesis was an experiment designed to determine when and to what extent elementary school children begin to use spelling principles creatively. One hundred thirty-four children in grades two to six were given a spelling test composed . . .
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    Rivera, Amanda, Leigh
    Various researchers have claimed that Hidatsa is a pitch-accent language or a stress-accent language. Park (2012) claimed that Hidatsa is a pitch-accent language and Boyle (2016) claimed that stress does not correlate with pitch (F0) but rather . . .
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    DerSimonian, Nicole
    The purpose of this work is to provide a sketch of Chalon phonology. A complete phonemic inventory of the language is provided in the text along with detailed analyses of the phonology, including syllable structure and the stress pattern seen in Chalo . . .
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    Alzebaidi, Zahra Ali
    The purpose of this thesis is to examine the syntactic structure of Guerrero Nahuatl using Baker’s proposed Polysynthesis Parameter (1996). Baker (1996) claims that polysynthetic languages must have common features that aggregate to the concept of the . . .
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    Semsem, Mashael Ali
    The aim of this thesis is to investigate the interaction between word order and determiners to mark information status in adult and child monolingual speakers of Saudi Arabic. It investigates how child and adult native speakers of Saudi Arabic mark ne . . .
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    Nakamatsu, Hidenori
    One distinctive characteristic of the Japanese language is its use of honorific expressions. For example, in Japanese there are more than ten ways to express the first person singular subject. In one situation, if a person speaks to his superior, he u . . .
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    Clay, William T
    Grammatical analysis involves the resolution of sentences into constructions consisting of related words or groups of words. Traditionally the relationships bear such names as modification, apposition, and predication. These grammatical relationships . . .
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    Rhodes, Ryan
    In this thesis I examine scrambling and clausal structure in Chukchansi Yokuts, following a general hypothesis of XP movement to landing sites in the clausal left periphery (Rizzi 1997). I analyze focus and topic constructions and verb-first word orde . . .
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    Graduate project
    Hakim, Kawther.
    The purpose of this introductory course is to serve as a guide and manual to the Arab instructor. It is an aid to help solve the problems of teaching English as a foreign language. The differences in structure and sounds and in the cultures reflec . . .
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    Masters Thesis
    Arlen, Linda.
    In the last few years educators have experimented with two innovative techniques: non-grading, so that a student never fails, and self-pacing, where a student is allowed to progress at his own rate of speed. These techniques have most often been e . . .
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    Masters Thesis
    Hendricksen, Laura T.
    The general morphology of Hidatsa has been studied extensively by a handful of scholars (Matthews, W. 1874; Robinett 1955; Matthews, G. H. 1965; Jones 1979, 1992; Boyle 2007, 2011; Gebhardt & Boyle 2012; Park 2012), but little work has been done on . . .
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    Masters Thesis
    Kim, Sam-On.
    Khmer is known as a member of the Mon-Khmer branch of the Austro-Asiatic family of languages, and is spoken by about eight million persons, not counting millions of Khmers living in some parts of Thailand and South Vietnam. The existing structure . . .