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    Masters Thesis
    Filippini, David.
    This project addresses the origins and effectiveness of the political party system in America. The major themes of the scholarly research included in this historiography are that political parties are and have been controversial, that political partie . . .
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    Masters Thesis
    Baer, Cheryl LS
    Rock & Roll burst upon the scene at the same time the Civil Rights Movement picked up momentum in the 1950s. While one might claim this was just a happy coincidence, it was actually a logical progression in music influenced by the same factors pushing . . .
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    Masters Thesis
    Hakenen, Ilza M.
    This thesis is a culmination of my research regarding one of California's early pioneers. He was a gold-seeker, a financier, a politician and a doting husband. Ephraim Willard Burr arrived in San Francisco in 1849 clad in New England virtuosity and an . . .
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    Masters Thesis
    Standish, Robert O.
    By the 1960s, parts of mainstream American culture had become so extreme and homogenous that a counterculture of completely opposite values and norms emerged. Although its mantra to ‘tune in, turn on and drop out’ was a call to retreat from the Americ . . .
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    Masters Thesis
    Crispin, Mercedes Sowko
    This thesis is comprised of two parts. The first part is a historiography concerning Carpatho-Rusyns in Europe and Carpatho-Rusyn immigrants in the steel mill towns and cities of Pennsylvania (1880-1920). The second part is a collection of several wee . . .
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    Masters Thesis
    Rosebrook, Jennifer.
    Jimmy Carter seemed to be the appropriate presidential candidate in the election of 1976 due to his personal characteristics of honesty, devotion to others and his incredible work ethic. He provided a type of possible salvation from the dual fiascos o . . .
  • S7526f88x?file=thumbnail
    Masters Thesis
    Buchner, Roseann Graves
    The Underground Railroad as a topic has the potential to teach students about moral, political, and economic issues of the past; and enable students to apply what they learn from those issues to existing situations in the present. This project include . . .
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    Masters Thesis
    Nelson, Helen C.
    Abstract, Navigating nineteenth century novels : linking historical and literary perspectives to explore the influence of dime novels in nineteenth century America. To set the context, this study will compare what has been written about three layers o . . .
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    Masters Thesis
    Jones, Lynn
    Using World War II as a pivotal period from which to view Japanese-American assimilation, this study will probe laws, attitudes and motives that led to the “military necessity” of Japanese internment in 1942. The controversies that emerged over the co . . .
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    Masters Thesis
    Perry, Ronald J.
    For the vast majority of Americans the history of Northwest California is little understood, much less appreciated. Likewise, for the vast majority of individuals in Humboldt County, our nation’s history seems distant; residing in far away places. The . . .
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    Masters Thesis
    Davies, Leslie T.
    This project will focus on the acquisition of Hetch Hetchy Valley, located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, as a municipal water source for the population of San Francisco, California. As San Francisco grew, it faced not only the problem of supplying w . . .
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    Masters Thesis
    Newby, Debra Alto
    There has been a recent resurgence in scholarly books about the Founding Fathers. One in particular, Benjamin Franklin, has been the subject of numerous books the past few years. Some of his recent popularity can be attributed to the tercentenary of h . . .
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    Masters Thesis
    Talty, Sinon J.
    This historiography focuses on the experiences of the Irish people who immigrated to America as a result of the Potato Famine in Ireland during the years 1846 to 1851. These immigrants arrived on the east coast of the United States, and many of them c . . .
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    Masters Thesis
    Clark, Julie D.
    Between 1880 and 1937, immigrants and minorities found new opportunity in company towns across the United States. In return, company town owners gained cheap labor. As these towns arose, so did many characteristics prevail in company towns: paternalis . . .
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    Masters Thesis
    Howard Mullan, Virginia Ruth
    Progressivism was a broad based social and political reform movement during the years from around 1890-1920. The depression of 1893 helped unify the “good government” movement of the 1870s and the “social welfare” movement that began before the Americ . . .
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    Masters Thesis
    Dukes, Deborah Malony
    The collective journals of the Lewis and Clark expedition have been objects of fascination and interpretation ever since the Corps of Discovery’s homecoming in 1806. Despite President Thomas Jefferson’s direction that Meriwether Lewis prepare the jour . . .
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    Masters Thesis
    Slusser, Shelly
    Many people think that the conservation-movement started in the twentieth century; but contrary to that belief, it started in 1847 when George P. Marsh, a U.S. Congressman from Vermont, called attention to the destructive impact that people were havin . . .
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    Masters Thesis
    Benbow, Michael.
    The 1920s was truly the first modern decade with the advent of new technology and wealth. Humboldt County had its own version of the prosperity of the 1920s and challenges of the ‘30s in the building and running of the Benbow Hotel. It became a region . . .
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    Masters Thesis
    Dean, Donald.
    To inoculate or vaccinate: that has been the question regarding the threat of smallpox. The scourge of smallpox has plagued mankind for centuries. Its effects, upon arrival in the New World, if anything, were magnified, especially among the native pop . . .
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    Masters Thesis
    Hartline, Anne.
    As a girl growing up in suburban Southern California in the 60’s, I learned about the horrors of American slavery as part of my studies of American history. I learned about the cruelty, indignity, greed, inhumanity, and victims. I learned a bit about . . .
  • Gx41mk96b?file=thumbnail
    Masters Thesis
    Bush, Jamie L.
    Humboldt Bay is tucked away in redwood country at the northern end of California. Since its only entrance was hard to see and maneuver through, it was not explored nor used by anyone other than the members of the local Native American nations until 18 . . .
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    Masters Thesis
    Jordan, Joelle D.
    The family is an integral part of the human experience. It is where we gather our traditions, learn of our culture, and garner emotional and physical support as we grow. In American history, family has represented a segment of the successful American . . .
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    Masters Thesis
    Tarantino, Andrea.
    Artistic expression reflects and influences the time, place and culture from which it springs. Many artists were inspired by the revolutionary optimism prevalent in the early twentieth century and viewed their art as a tool for changing society. In th . . .
  • Dz010s58n?file=thumbnail
    Masters Thesis
    Cox, Janna K.
    On March 4, 1797, America's first orderly transfer of power occurred in Philadelphia when George Washington stepped down and John Adams became the second president of the United States. Immediately, Adams was faced with the threat of a foreign war and . . .
  • 3n204153j?file=thumbnail
    Masters Thesis
    Bareilles, Jack.
    During World War II, for the first time since the arrival of European Americans, the proximity to the war in the Pacific against Japan, and the threat, both real and perceived, of Japanese attack called local residents and the government to partake in . . .
  • M326m407q?file=thumbnail
    Masters Thesis
    Haller, Natalia J.
    Considering the amount of literature written on the Vietnam War, it is confounding that female war correspondents have failed to make a significant entry into historical accounts of the conflict. Part of the challenge when searching for literature on . . .
  • K643b3668?file=thumbnail
    Masters Thesis
    Pickering, Robin R.
    The Cuban Missile Crisis is thought by many to have been the most dangerous moment in the Cold War and perhaps, in human history. Historians’ ‘understanding’ of this event has undergone dramatic evolution. Continued study of this event remains valid a . . .
  • 1g05fd878?file=thumbnail
    Masters Thesis
    Brooks, Damon.
    The importance of Memphis, Tennessee in the history of popular American music cannot be overstated. If Memphis had produced just the Sun recordings of Elvis Presley in the fifties alone, its status as a city rich in musical tradition would be secure. . . .
  • Qr46r324g?file=thumbnail
    Masters Thesis
    Parker, Craig
    As Eureka city school students returned to begin the 1938-1939 school year, great changes were in the air. While the dark storm clouds of war brewed in Europe, the United States’ economy was continuing its recovery from the now decade-long Great Depre . . .
  • Xw42nb275?file=thumbnail
    Masters Thesis
    Nelson, W. Scott
    The Viking invasion : an historiography of Norwegian-American literature and its role in Norwegian immigration and the founding of Vesterheimen within America. This study examines what historians have written about Norwegian-American literature and it . . .
  • 6969z315r?file=thumbnail
    Masters Thesis
    Steffano-Davis, Stephanie S.
    This historiography addresses the impact of smallpox, influenza and yellow fever on selected events in American history. The consequences of the interactions between people and the microscopic world are very great, and there is a growing body of inter . . .
  • 70795b19v?file=thumbnail
    Masters Thesis
    Moore, Frederick
    This historiography will examine historical perspectives on the origin and nature of African-American Christianity, as well as its role at various stages of the Civil Rights movement. This work will address scholarly opinions on the nature of the blac . . .
  • Gq67jt67m?file=thumbnail
    Masters Thesis
    Moore, Barbara E.
    This historiography examines the scholarly literature about American childhood over a period of 300 years. It will focus on three distinct eras in American history: the Colonial Era, the 18th and early 19th centuries, and the Progressive Era. Each era . . .
  • 6t053j57h?file=thumbnail
    Masters Thesis
    Gross, Clover F.
    This thesis will examine the life and career of Margaret Sanger in her capacity as pioneer of the American birth control movement. The thesis will present divergent viewpoints from both an historic and legal perspective as to the strategies and effect . . .
  • 1j92gb19j?file=thumbnail
    Masters Thesis
    Baer, Stephen A.
    The men who explored, exploited, and wandered the American West during the first half of the 19th Century were a varied lot. Historians and fiction writers have romanticized the legends, lifestyles, and accomplishments of the first explorers and pione . . .
  • Xs55mf44k?file=thumbnail
    Masters Thesis
    Breyer, Lori J.
    This project summarizes the historical perspectives on childhood in Colonial America. The historiography includes discussions of home life, school life, discipline, manners, religious thought, clothing, and games, all examined within the context of a . . .
  • J67316090?file=thumbnail
    Masters Thesis
    Crandell, Joan
    In February 1860, a small group of anglo men virtually exterminated the Wiyot people of Humboldt Bay. While the act appeared to be unprovoked, and the victims were largely women and children, no one spoke out against the murders. When assistant editor . . .
  • Nv9355335?file=thumbnail
    Masters Thesis
    Dutra, Dustin.
    For my MA project, I have selected to analyze the impact that the Watergate incident had on the Richard Nixon presidency as well as its impact on today’s political climate. The four areas that I have chosen to examine include Presidential/Media relati . . .