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    Balcarek, Zdenek Robert
    The intention of my thesis work is to communicate the cultural and sociopolitical environment that existed in the later1960s Czechoslovakia and the function and relationship between the concepts of paradox and memory in this environment. My investigat . . .
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    Chavez, Carlos Jesus
    In order to serve a community that has been rattled by gang violence, bombarded with graffiti and has one of the lowest high school graduation rates in the city, I aimed to inspire social change while educating the youth on the importance murals serve . . .
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    Carrasco, Teresa Marie
    Trying to connect what seemingly is unrelated, I use juxtaposition in my work as a tool to address subjects of war, patriarchy, consumerism, marriage, capitalism, violence, motherhood, feminism, and rituals. This concoction is a monstrous circus fille . . .
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    Lemke, Alexander John
    My interest lies in the complicated relationship between fine art and the applied arts. In this paper I intend to shed light on the meanings generated by my art practice and how they are applied in my thesis exhibition "Universal Gym Machine." The tit . . .
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    Jaramillo, Beatriz
    Broken Landscapes is a sculptural work that invites the viewer to rethink their relationship with nature. Using porcelain topographic reliefs supported on paraffin, the work addresses the topic of land and the tensions produced by the artificial separ . . .
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    Kelly, Sean Daniel
    Mythic Landscapes is a multi-component sculptural installation of ceramic objects that operate together as imaginary environments. The sculpted forms within the work range from abstract plants to quasi-architectural geologic structures. The objects ar . . .
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    Lee, Wonho Frank
    Often, I get caught up in having control over everything, especially when it comes to photography. Line 33 is all about letting go of control and experiencing the process and result that comes with it. Even though I chose which bus and route to take, . . .
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    Blunt, Kelly
    Me and My Good Times is a video series which glimpses an era. In this work I examine experience, from the scope of the meditative, to the confessional. During this time of my life- as a dancer in Hollywood living in near downtown Los Angeles, I sought . . .
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    Berberian, Rouzanna
    I explore the relationship of culture and technology in my painting practice. I use the imagery from communication devices to underscore our daily interaction with analog and digital circuitry. Technological innovations and devices such as radio frequ . . .
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    Lopez, Michelle Lynn
    This work is the visual exploration of identity through memory. The project embraces the notion that the mind is the creator of our identity and the force behind the body; it is what drives the body. It has the power to alter our perception, create me . . .
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    Cao Ying, Alexandra
    I have produced visual artworks to analyze and interpret the notions of Reality, Truth and Self. Flower Power is the product of my project that consists of seven artworks including paintings and drawings. Each piece is developed independently that sta . . .
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    Adamczyk, Maria Milca
    Vestigiality is an evolutionary concept developed by Charles Darwin to explain the presence of non-functional human traits, essential for establishing a link with our ancient ancestors. Centuries later, vestigiality was proven to occur at the molecula . . .
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    Rojas, Raquel
    “Chicana feminism is in various stages of development...It is recognition that women are oppressed as a group and are exploited as part of la Raza people. It is a direction to be responsible to identify and act upon the issues and needs of Chicana wom . . .
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    Over, Lauren
    The title of my Thesis, ‘Re-Membering Us: Faces of the Unconscious,’ is inspired by a passage of the book, Projection and Re-collection: Reflections of the Soul, by M. Von Franz (169). The intention of this project is to materially and visually explor . . .
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    Stafford, Collin Michael
    <italic>Trick Answer</italic> is a cross discipline work and that utilizes with videos, performances and three-dimensional elements occupying a single space synchronously. The central piece of <italic>Trick Answer</italic> is <italic>Detritus Hall</it . . .
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    Kelly, Terence Gerard
    The concept for this thesis, supported by the paintings in my graduation exhibition, is the remarriage of the portrait and environment. Taking up where some of the modernists left off at portraiture’s decline, the exhibit combines traditional skill wi . . .
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    Touch, Stephinie
    I am a marginalized person. As an Asian American, I was deemed "too Asian" by others and not "Asian enough," "white-washed," or "too American" by other Asians. A marginalized person born from two/more different cultures might experience an internal co . . .
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    Arnold, Su Young Park
    Apperception is a sculptural work that engages viewers to connect the object presented. This transpires through their reflection of its meaning based on their own experiences in relation to the object. Philosopher Immanuel Kant (1724-1804) distinguish . . .
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    Ildefonso, John Manuel
    My paintings serve as contemporary interpretations of casta paintings and explore the impact and transfer of the Colonial class system in Mexico, as documented by the casta paintings, to contemporary class systems in the United States, specifically in . . .
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    Miranda, Bianka Lorena
    This project report explores my collection of paintings. I have been influenced by a number of literatures that I have encountered in my adult years. A few of the ones that I will be discussing include “Where the Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendak, “T . . .
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    Bresson, Toby Allan
    Totems function as balance and invite the viewer to consider the broader concepts of beauty through surface manipulation and the juxtaposition of materials. Each form strikes an emotional balance between the beauty that surrounds us and the ‘ugliness’ . . .
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    May, Leila Ruth
    The Pirate Steals a Bride is a series of photographs that depict a unique relationship between nature and society in the context of a traditional romantic heterosexual relationship. I use the genre of romance books along with seeds/plants to explore t . . .
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    Alarcon, Margaret Frances
    Urban Release is an exhibition of sculptural objects investigating the evolution of feminine identity and the impact of civilization. Cultural history and memory as process inspire this work and is designed to encourage dialog about the transformation . . .
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    Wedgeworth, Lisa Diane
    I am intrigued by relationships. I am mesmerized by storytelling. By mining personal and public memory, excavating narratives from my own experiences and collecting narratives gathered from gossip, oral history and popular culture, I examine the conne . . .
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    Vitela, Albert
    Distress Flag is a survey of the history of America as seen through the lens of art. In this Graduate Thesis Exhibition, I painted the politics of war and peace, of loss and hope and the fragility of the human psyche. Following John F. Kennedy’s visio . . .
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    Markarian, Ani
    Armenian identity is indelibly linked to a history of suffering. Armenians living in the post-genocide diaspora often cling to the somber idea of martyrdom and dwell on the past, fearing that future generations will forget the culture’s rich history. . . .
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    Starks, Brenda
    The artwork that I create shows and records the impermanence that inhabits our corporeality; this includes such things as aging, hardening and scarring. Through the process of entropy my work reveals the activity of material transformation, allowing u . . .
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    Palomar, Diana
    In a busy world, the ever-changing surroundings are constantly influencing our understanding of life. Similarly, the development of different cities unconsciously triggers different psychological responses. Seeing the architecture through the lens of . . .
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    Vargas, Carlos
    Cultural Collision is an exhibition investigating the fusion of religions and multicultural elements with emphasis on the Hindu Indian culture. My work combines my own past identity fused together with my new found cultural and religious identity. The . . .
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    Peralta, Anthony Vito
    Muscle development in the human body is accelerated by exposing the body to external forces of resistance. The physical exertion of the body as it resists causes damage to muscle fiber —the work tears and breaks down the muscle. New fibers grow, while . . .
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    Santana, Marina
    Sexual expression does not necessarily mean you are choosing to have sexual relations with a partner. Either alone or with a partner, there are many ways to explore and express sexual drives and desire. Without it, none of us would be here. Generation . . .
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    Ponomarenko, Olga
    This thesis project explores my interest in the function of identity within different times and places. Particularly, the project explores the changing relationship to my own developing identity. It focuses on the challenges of transitioning from Russ . . .
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    Macias, Julian
    ABSTRACT Segregation of Art By Julian Macias I make art that is primarily focused on craft and skill, abiding by the elements and principles of art. Although I am a student of Fine Art at the California State University, Los Angeles, I identify with t . . .
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    Sun, Jing
    The primary purpose of my research is to visually represent what can be regarded as a traditional Chinese thinking system and artistic style. This is to gain a deeper understanding of typical problem-solving processes of the Chinese culture. Through t . . .
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    Gutierrez, Jessica
    In order to observe and gain perspective we require distance - distance either physically or emotionally. Through the use of instant photography and video I am able to create this kind of distance which will allow for reflection. Undulation is a two-p . . .
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    Zhang, Sai
    The goal of this project is to design a series of unique and local “Souvenir Sets” which contain insight of a city’s local life, culture and food, in order to encourage young people to travel and keep the souvenirs as a timeless memory. In this projec . . .
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    Khan, Patrick D
    Although multimedia technology currently exists as an integral part of the educational curriculum in colleges across the United States, current multimedia techniques appear lacking and educational content is often less engaging for students. Research . . .