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    Anderson, James
    The Stand Up Historian is an original comedy web series that follows the fictional historian Martin Hill. A recent graduate, Martin has moved back into his parents’ home to pursue stand-up comedy by night while lecturing by day. Told in the style of a . . .
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    Khan, Patrick D
    Although multimedia technology currently exists as an integral part of the educational curriculum in colleges across the United States, current multimedia techniques appear lacking and educational content is often less engaging for students. Research . . .
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    Imagawa, Tomohisa
    This thesis project, Wake, towards the Master of Fine Arts degree at California State University, Los Angeles, is a short fictional film, which depicts the death of an old man and his last day before burial. The story was deeply influenced by the deat . . .
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    Zhang, Sai
    The goal of this project is to design a series of unique and local “Souvenir Sets” which contain insight of a city’s local life, culture and food, in order to encourage young people to travel and keep the souvenirs as a timeless memory. In this projec . . .
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    Kerner, Christopher Lee
    This project report describes my process in creating Breakup/Fixup, an original half-hour single-cam comedy pilot. Breakup/Fixup centers around two main characters, Chad Ryder and Jordyn Wells, who work for an online dating company. Chad and Jordyn me . . .
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    Zhao, Yadi
    “Chef’s Table” is an eleven-minute narrative series that goes inside the kitchens of two notable chefs——Phillip Frankland Lee and Satoshi Kiyokawa. This video focuses on their unique inner thoughts, talents and passion, which from their respective pie . . .
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    Gutierrez, Jessica
    In order to observe and gain perspective we require distance - distance either physically or emotionally. Through the use of instant photography and video I am able to create this kind of distance which will allow for reflection. Undulation is a two-p . . .
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    Lopez, Joaquin Miguel
    THE CREATION OF THE TELEVISION SERIES: LOS MUERTOS By Joaquin Miguel Lopez For my culminating thesis project towards completion of my MFA in Television, Film, and Theatre (TVFT) Writing Option, I will be writing a mini-bible, along with two full scrip . . .
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    Decker, Robert Glen
    On October 20-22, 2016, Master of Fine Arts candidate Robert Glen Decker presented the play Barrymore by William Luce as his thesis project at California State University, Los Angeles. In performing this dynamic theatre piece, he demonstrated versatil . . .
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    Manning, Evan A.
    Eldridge is a feature film screenplay based on a conspiracy theory known as The Philadelphia Experiment, a disastrous attempt by the United States Navy during World War II to render a combat vessel invisible to the naked eye. I've taken an interest in . . .
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    Pate, Gwendolyn Gabrielle
    The idea for Echoes was inspired by a lifelong fascination with the link between the physical brain, the conscious mind, and mental illnesses. While earning a bachelor’s degree in psychology, I was interested specifically in psychotic disorders, such . . .
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    Sun, Jing
    The primary purpose of my research is to visually represent what can be regarded as a traditional Chinese thinking system and artistic style. This is to gain a deeper understanding of typical problem-solving processes of the Chinese culture. Through t . . .
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    Lin, Ziwei
    The purpose of the report is to analyze the process of making my short film Taste of Love. It tells a story about Chinese food, love, and transformation. The purpose of this project is to explore the deep connection between food and humans on a spirit . . .
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    Macias, Julian
    ABSTRACT Segregation of Art By Julian Macias I make art that is primarily focused on craft and skill, abiding by the elements and principles of art. Although I am a student of Fine Art at the California State University, Los Angeles, I identify with t . . .
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    Miranda, Ricardo Pinheiro
    Tambatajá de Marrí is a movie that represents a desire to create, through an original cinematic language, an authentic portrait of Colares - a remote island that exists in the Amazon region of Brazil, my home. As the movie's narrative unfolds a true s . . .
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    Moss, Alicia Nicole
    The Device is a science-fiction, feature-length screenplay set on a post-apocalyptic, futuristic Earth. The main protagonist – a geo-biologist named Chaya Maat – is forced to locate the Earth’s damaged cloaking device after Earth is invaded by aliens . . .
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    DiGiovanni, Fanshen
    </italic> One Drop of Love: A Daughter's Search for her Father's Racial Approval</italic> is a solo-play incorporating filmed images, photographs and animation to examine how `race' came to be in the United States, and how it influences the relationsh . . .
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    Ponomarenko, Olga
    This thesis project explores my interest in the function of identity within different times and places. Particularly, the project explores the changing relationship to my own developing identity. It focuses on the challenges of transitioning from Russ . . .
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    Santana, Marina
    Sexual expression does not necessarily mean you are choosing to have sexual relations with a partner. Either alone or with a partner, there are many ways to explore and express sexual drives and desire. Without it, none of us would be here. Generation . . .
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    Peralta, Anthony Vito
    Muscle development in the human body is accelerated by exposing the body to external forces of resistance. The physical exertion of the body as it resists causes damage to muscle fiber —the work tears and breaks down the muscle. New fibers grow, while . . .
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    Santos-DeCure, Cynthia L.
    The objective of this project report is to document and examine the process of writing and performing my one-act play, Miss Quince, a story of Latina identity. I explore the motivations, advantages and challenges of writing and acting in my own play, . . .
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    Vargas, Carlos
    Cultural Collision is an exhibition investigating the fusion of religions and multicultural elements with emphasis on the Hindu Indian culture. My work combines my own past identity fused together with my new found cultural and religious identity. The . . .
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    Palomar, Diana
    In a busy world, the ever-changing surroundings are constantly influencing our understanding of life. Similarly, the development of different cities unconsciously triggers different psychological responses. Seeing the architecture through the lens of . . .
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    Suarez, Jason
    Viva is a television pilot meant for a cable network audience. The premise of the show revolves around three brothers and the different ways they deal with complications ensuing from the Cuban Revolution. In this project report I delve into the world . . .
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    Starks, Brenda
    The artwork that I create shows and records the impermanence that inhabits our corporeality; this includes such things as aging, hardening and scarring. Through the process of entropy my work reveals the activity of material transformation, allowing u . . .
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    Ellis, Natasha
    In my performance of Oleanna, I not only performed a role that is traditionally cast with Caucasian women, but I also portrayed my character from a contemporary African American woman's viewpoint. My depiction added a new layer of race to the storylin . . .
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    Markarian, Ani
    Armenian identity is indelibly linked to a history of suffering. Armenians living in the post-genocide diaspora often cling to the somber idea of martyrdom and dwell on the past, fearing that future generations will forget the culture’s rich history. . . .
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    Segesvary, Mercedes Katalin
    Between the Lines is a full feature screenplay presented as a dramedy that employs the style of live action and animation. Developed and written for this culminating project, the story delves into the world of Gaby Zeigler, a woman who is tasked with . . .
  • Cj82k908k?file=thumbnail
    Vitela, Albert
    Distress Flag is a survey of the history of America as seen through the lens of art. In this Graduate Thesis Exhibition, I painted the politics of war and peace, of loss and hope and the fragility of the human psyche. Following John F. Kennedy’s visio . . .
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    Sayers, Jared Daniel
    The objective of this thesis is to offer a new normative ethical theory that not only rectifies the problems inherent in the traditional theories of Kantianism, Utilitarianism, and virtue ethics, but that also help to find previously undiscovered comm . . .
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    Gao, Ya
    "Thai Elephant Home" is a seven minute short documentary that demonstrates factual information about domesticated Asian Elephants and how eco-tourism is being used to raise awareness for these endangered animals. Thai Elephant Home is also the name of . . .
  • Q811km48b?file=thumbnail
    Pagan, Jillian
    The purpose of this project, "A Doll Howls", was to create a full length, three-act play adaptation of Henrick Ibsen's play, "A Doll's House", by introducing werewolves into the plot with the goal of extending the current "mashup" trend of adding mons . . .
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    Guo, Guan Jr
    The Unexpected Guest: An Original Short Film By Guan Jr Guo The Unexpected Guest is an original short film that follows the fictional Asian character Wei Jing Lin (Vit Lin), a 27-year-old Taiwanese living in Los Angeles. Wei Jing’s working visa is rej . . .
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    Pes, Montica Lynn
    Although Ibsen argued self-determination for all and rejected attempts to categorize his work as specifically feminist, since its first performance in 1891 Hedda Gabler has become an important text for feminists. As I related to Hedda’s struggle to br . . .
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    Zika, Victoria Ellen
    <italic>Little Treasure</italic> is a low budget musical comedy short film that examines several contemporary issues in women's lives today through the life experiences, memories, fantasies and expectations of our protagonist. The film was a collabora . . .
  • H989r545c?file=thumbnail
    Wedgeworth, Lisa Diane
    I am intrigued by relationships. I am mesmerized by storytelling. By mining personal and public memory, excavating narratives from my own experiences and collecting narratives gathered from gossip, oral history and popular culture, I examine the conne . . .
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    Nabor, Kent
    The project discussed in this paper will go into detail to reflect the period of time during which I created a short film, from the script-writing to post-production, and everything in between. The film itself was shot at California State University, . . .
  • 2j62s688d?file=thumbnail
    Ross, Athena Marie
    This paper is a written account of the experience of directing and producing the short film, Bear. The purpose of this film is to explore the importance of forming a confident self-identity in cases of depression. I explore this concept through a post . . .
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    Alarcon, Margaret Frances
    Urban Release is an exhibition of sculptural objects investigating the evolution of feminine identity and the impact of civilization. Cultural history and memory as process inspire this work and is designed to encourage dialog about the transformation . . .
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    Alvarez-Trujillo, Gabriela Maday
    Patrons is a 13-episode web series created in collaboration with writers Yessenia Rivas (creator and writer), and Alicia Moss (writer), both members of the MFA in Television, Film and Theater – Writing cohort. Patrons tells the story of Beatriz Paige . . .
  • N296x089m?file=thumbnail
    Washington, Tiffany Dawnn
    For my culminating thesis project towards completion of my MFA in Television, Film and Theatre (TVFT) Production Option, I directed a self-written psychological sci-fi short film. The film is 12 minutes long and took three 12 hour days to complete. Ti . . .
  • Hq37vq43p?file=thumbnail
    Pitts, Marissa Wind
    Southern California Shakespeare Festival produced William Shakespeare’s As You Like It in September 2016. The production was located at California Polytechnic University of Pomona, along with touring at two high schools in Pomona and Pasadena. The rol . . .
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    Schultheis-Gerry, Hanna
    Being Me is Ridiculous is a one-woman play with music chronicling Schultheis-Gerry’s experience with brain surgery and beyond. The play explores before, during and after her diagnosis, how it affected her art, her mental health and her relationships. . . .
  • 5t34sm613?file=thumbnail
    He, Qiyu
    This thesis gives a written account of my short documentary Catchers in Beijing from its inception to completion. It is a documentary about a group of young, educated people living in Beijing, chasing their dreams – or about to give up on them. The ti . . .
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    Yi, James
    ABSTRACT Something About Lucy By James Yi Something About Lucy is an original short film that follows a nonlinear narrative in the psychological thriller genre. While traveling abroad, I became very interested in the use of story structure and plot im . . .
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    Johnson, Callie M Prendiville
    A report on the writing, producing, and performing of The Helenas, a one-act, one-woman play by Callie M Prendiville Johnson. The Helenas follows a young woman named Helena in modern day Los Angeles who examines her namesakes in Shakespeare's A Midsum . . .
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    May, Leila Ruth
    The Pirate Steals a Bride is a series of photographs that depict a unique relationship between nature and society in the context of a traditional romantic heterosexual relationship. I use the genre of romance books along with seeds/plants to explore t . . .
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    Home is a feature-length film in the suspense/horror genre that takes the classic haunted house motif re-envisioned with an Asian Pacific American story and protagonists. The film was shot under the Screen Actors Guild Ultra Low Budget contract with t . . .
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    Mellian, Kristin
    Across the US and abroad, voice training for the actor is a mandatory study. The actor needs to learn proper breathing, articulation, projection, and at times, develop the tools for character dialects and regional accents. However, this training is tr . . .
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    Moss, Alicia Nicole
    The Device is a science-fiction, feature-length screenplay set on a post-apocalyptic, futuristic Earth. The main protagonist – a geo-biologist named Chaya Maat – is forced to locate the Earth’s damaged cloaking device after Earth is invaded by aliens . . .