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    Davis, Deneta Y.
    College Ruled is an adult, animated television series. The show is a social satire. I discuss my journey developing this television series and how present day adult, animated television shows inspired me to create this animated series. Chapter one exp . . .
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    Touch, Stephinie
    I am a marginalized person. As an Asian American, I was deemed "too Asian" by others and not "Asian enough," "white-washed," or "too American" by other Asians. A marginalized person born from two/more different cultures might experience an internal co . . .
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    Arnold, Su Young Park
    Apperception is a sculptural work that engages viewers to connect the object presented. This transpires through their reflection of its meaning based on their own experiences in relation to the object. Philosopher Immanuel Kant (1724-1804) distinguish . . .
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    Ellsworth, Robert F.
    This project report explores the process of writing Life Line, an original play, and the production of the play for the John Lion New Plays Festival. The play originated from a traumatic incident from the playwright’s past and this project report expl . . .
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    Toledo, Marcela
    Silenced Screams is a play that shows how Mexican drug cartels, government and media companies have been annihilating of free speech and the indifference of the society to this social and cultural catastrophe.
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    Leiser, Todd
    This project report covers much of the process that went into making my Master’s thesis film Copy Control. The short film and following paper mark the culmination of my work as a production student in the Television, Film and Theatre MFA program at CS . . .
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    Madadi, Yasmin
    In the Name of Love: Absolving Criminals Through the Work of Sabreena Ahmadi documents the research, writing, and revision process while writing The Absolved— a one-hour television pilot that looks into the life of an Iranian-American lawyer as she re . . .
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    Arnold, Sean Robert
    I developed a story simultaneously as a comic book and as a play in order to examine how the differences between the mediums affected the development of the story. The story I told is called "Lately Something's Changed" and follows the last two males . . .
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    Urdrian, William Allen
    The following thesis describes and delineates the creative process of taking an original source material, Valor, from inception, to written play, to produced play, to adapted screenplay, to finished film. Valor chronicles a moment in the life of Bill . . .
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    Ildefonso, John Manuel
    My paintings serve as contemporary interpretations of casta paintings and explore the impact and transfer of the Colonial class system in Mexico, as documented by the casta paintings, to contemporary class systems in the United States, specifically in . . .
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    Kirstin, Kristina Ann
    Based on a true story, the film Dawn portrays one woman’s transition from cancer surgery to cancer survivor. Dawn returns home after emergency cancer surgery to recuperate, but is forced to confront the harsh consequences. The cancer has destroyed her . . .
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    Theodore, Marie-Francoise
    ABSTRACT Gila: One Hour Drama TV Pilot By Marie-Françoise Theodore My culminating Thesis project to complete my MFA in Television, Film and Theatre, Dramatic Writing Option is Gila, a one-hour drama Television Pilot. The central character, Gila, is a . . .
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    Trabitz, Randee E.
    I directed and collaborated with performance artist John Fleck on a performance piece entitled Blacktop Highway, which I directed for Redcat's NOW Festival in August, 2014. Using the structure of classic horror films, we explore mixing cinematic narra . . .
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    Burnam, Daniel Francisco
    My thesis project consisted of revising the pilot episode of “Getting Bi,” a one-hour television high school drama series and writing the storylines for the 10-episode first season of the show. “Getting Bi” is the story of a teen girl who searches for . . .
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    Stafford, Collin Michael
    <italic>Trick Answer</italic> is a cross discipline work and that utilizes with videos, performances and three-dimensional elements occupying a single space synchronously. The central piece of <italic>Trick Answer</italic> is <italic>Detritus Hall</it . . .
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    Mendelson, Jo Ann
    For my culminating thesis project towards completion of my MFA in Television, Film and Theatre (TVFT) Acting Option, I performed three separate roles in Loft Ensemble Theatre Company’s production of the swashbuckling comedy Long Joan Silver by Arthur . . .
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    Moss, Alicia Nicole
    The Device is a science-fiction, feature-length screenplay set on a post-apocalyptic, futuristic Earth. The main protagonist – a geo-biologist named Chaya Maat – is forced to locate the Earth’s damaged cloaking device after Earth is invaded by aliens . . .
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    Over, Lauren
    The title of my Thesis, ‘Re-Membering Us: Faces of the Unconscious,’ is inspired by a passage of the book, Projection and Re-collection: Reflections of the Soul, by M. Von Franz (169). The intention of this project is to materially and visually explor . . .
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    Pest, Matthew Ryan
    Beginning in January of 2015, I had the privilege of working with Deaf West Theatre and California State University, Los Angeles on a co-production of David Mamet’s critically acclaimed play, American Buffalo. After three years of intense actor traini . . .
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    Guerrero, Moses Israel Serna
    The thesis I set out to create is one that I wished to make during my first semester in the MFA program here at California State University, Los Angeles, while in my ‘Directing for Stage’ class. This film was adapted for the screen from a theatre prod . . .
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    Boccio, Erik
    Shooting an Elephant is a film that depicts the surrealistic fantasy of a man running from his troubled past. For the protagonist and author alike, it answers the question "If you could go anywhere, where would you go?" This thesis report describes th . . .
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    Decker, Robert Glen
    On October 20-22, 2016, Master of Fine Arts candidate Robert Glen Decker presented the play Barrymore by William Luce as his thesis project at California State University, Los Angeles. In performing this dynamic theatre piece, he demonstrated versatil . . .
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    He, Qiyu
    This thesis gives a written account of my short documentary Catchers in Beijing from its inception to completion. It is a documentary about a group of young, educated people living in Beijing, chasing their dreams – or about to give up on them. The ti . . .
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    Kelly, Terence Gerard
    The concept for this thesis, supported by the paintings in my graduation exhibition, is the remarriage of the portrait and environment. Taking up where some of the modernists left off at portraiture’s decline, the exhibit combines traditional skill wi . . .
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    Ortiz, Charles Rogers
    This MFA thesis project, entitled Chess & the Stranger, is a short dramatic surrealist film. It is a story that uses magical realism and turns into a psychological thriller. Chess & the Stranger focuses on the unstable emotional or mental states of it . . .
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    Ponce, Rocio
    My thesis paper examines the entire procedure involved when composing and presenting a punk rock opera/musical to the audience. It explores the simple steps practically used in the composition of a punk rock opera through a case study of personal expe . . .
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    Bennett, Naomi Petrea
    This paper looks at the creation of a sustainable collaborative theater practice through the development of Hold Me Tight, an original theatre-dance performance devised with the ensemble. Developed over a ten-month period, Hold Me Tight is inspired by . . .
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    Rojas, Raquel
    “Chicana feminism is in various stages of development...It is recognition that women are oppressed as a group and are exploited as part of la Raza people. It is a direction to be responsible to identify and act upon the issues and needs of Chicana wom . . .
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    Niu, Lin
    In this thesis report, I chronicle the production process of my film, The Dancing Class, for the completion of the MFA thesis. The Dancing Class is a fictional short film that depicts a dancer who studies at a top dance school and her intense desire t . . .
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    Xu, Yuanda
    The Unexpected Guest is a fictional Asian original short film that features the fictional character Wei Jing Lin as a Taiwanese national residing in Los Angeles. Disaster strikes Wei Jing when his former music industry job rejects his working visa and . . .
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    Clasby, Candice Marie
    This paper presents an exploration of my role as director for the show Bus Stop by William Inge presented in the Arena Theatre at California State University, Los Angeles in Winter 2015. The focus of this paper will analyze my work as a director, from . . .
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    Lopez, Michelle Lynn
    This work is the visual exploration of identity through memory. The project embraces the notion that the mind is the creator of our identity and the force behind the body; it is what drives the body. It has the power to alter our perception, create me . . .
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    This is the story of a comedienne who goes on a journey one summer driving her dad, who has dementia, from Kentucky to California. In the process she reflects upon the lessons she has learned throughout her life from her father, especially the fact th . . .
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    Ventress II, Joe R.
    This MFA film project was produced utilizing digital production tools for the three primary phases of its production, i.e., pre-production, principle-photography and post-production. Production utilized digital tools including scripting, scheduling an . . .
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    Compere, John Dunel
    The purpose of this project report is to evaluate my role as producer, writer, and actor on the short film, Intervention X. The film was produced to fulfill the thesis requirements for the Master of Fine Arts in Television, Film and Theatre at Califor . . .
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    Adamczyk, Maria Milca
    Vestigiality is an evolutionary concept developed by Charles Darwin to explain the presence of non-functional human traits, essential for establishing a link with our ancient ancestors. Centuries later, vestigiality was proven to occur at the molecula . . .
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    Cao Ying, Alexandra
    I have produced visual artworks to analyze and interpret the notions of Reality, Truth and Self. Flower Power is the product of my project that consists of seven artworks including paintings and drawings. Each piece is developed independently that sta . . .
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    Choi, Ye Ju
    My thesis performance project, entitled, Being an American, was a one-woman, autobiographical, devised theatre piece that was inspired by my experiences living in America as an international student. The performance was staged for an audience on Novem . . .
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    Schwartz, Benjamin MIchael
    This paper is in partial fulfillment for the requirements for the Master’s Degree of Fine Art in Dramatic Writing. This paper is a self-analysis of the process and purpose of writing and producing my full-length play, American Conspiracy. It will serv . . .
  • V692t8300?file=thumbnail
    Yu, Yao
    In this paper, the author will provide a comparative analysis of Beijing and Traditional Western opera. The rest of the paper is structured as follows: Chapter two highlights the origins and development of the two operas, Chapter three is an analysis . . .
  • Cz30pv57c?file=thumbnail
    Lee, Wonho Frank
    Often, I get caught up in having control over everything, especially when it comes to photography. Line 33 is all about letting go of control and experiencing the process and result that comes with it. Even though I chose which bus and route to take, . . .
  • Rb68xd75c?file=thumbnail
    Blunt, Kelly
    Me and My Good Times is a video series which glimpses an era. In this work I examine experience, from the scope of the meditative, to the confessional. During this time of my life- as a dancer in Hollywood living in near downtown Los Angeles, I sought . . .
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    He, Qiyu
    This thesis gives a written account of my short documentary Catchers in Beijing from its inception to completion. It is a documentary about a group of young, educated people living in Beijing, chasing their dreams – or about to give up on them. The ti . . .
  • Mk61rk00v?file=thumbnail
    Ishida, Barbara Ann Strand
    <italic>SCRIPTED.<italic> is a fictional dramedy pilot for television based on Underdog, a struggling Reality TV production company. Once at the top of their game, they've fallen from grace since their founder, Robert Pup, passed away. Brothers Jake a . . .
  • W6634545d?file=thumbnail
    Johnson, Callie M Prendiville
    A report on the writing, producing, and performing of The Helenas, a one-act, one-woman play by Callie M Prendiville Johnson. The Helenas follows a young woman named Helena in modern day Los Angeles who examines her namesakes in Shakespeare's A Midsum . . .
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    Vazquez, Juan Jose
    The aim of this thesis project is to inspire future students to push the boundaries of visual effects techniques through using consumer personal computers in order to expand the stories produced by university film students. I will explore how a short . . .
  • Hx11xh01n?file=thumbnail
    Brown, Leah
    Working Curls offers a humorous look at the movement in the Black hair community to return to their natural hair. This web series introduces misconceptions that both African-Americans and non-African-Americans have about black hair. Working Curls usin . . .
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    Pelaez, Jekyns
    Blind Justice is a short film based on a full-length feature script, which in-turn was derived from the classic Greek play, Sophocles' Oedipus Rex. The film uses F. Storr's century old English translation of the original Greek text, which dates to 430 . . .
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    Berberian, Rouzanna
    I explore the relationship of culture and technology in my painting practice. I use the imagery from communication devices to underscore our daily interaction with analog and digital circuitry. Technological innovations and devices such as radio frequ . . .
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    Torres, Marisol Lydia
    I have completed a script for a one-act theatrical work which I can produce and perform in the Los Angeles theatre community and nationally. My ambition was to creatively incorporate my background in Latin American Studies (B.A.), along with oral and . . .