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    Ramirez, Oscar
    Due to the limitation of natural resources where conventional energy can be obtained, other energies sources must be found without such limits. For this reason, we are trying to cut down the usage of conventional energy by using renewable energy sourc . . .
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    Rathod, Vinisha
    Spices were originally used in cooking to add flavor to dishes. Not much research had been conducted about its medicinal properties and the phytochemicals present in it. Every country has its own variation of using spices. In this project five spices . . .
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    Xu, Yuanlin
    Analyzing sentiments plays an attractive role on text mining, information retrieval, and natural language processing tasks. In this thesis, we start with a word vector representation and present a cluster-based method to classify Amazon reviews. Our p . . .
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    Janeke, Emilia
    The nutraceutical and herbal formulas are proposed for metabolic and eye health. The purpose of this project was to design a supplemental nutraceutical and herbal cocktail, taken in addition to a basic balanced diet, to prevent metabolic and eye disea . . .
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    Al Bahrani, Ahmad
    With the increasing growth of multimedia applications and the traffic load explosion on various network environments, the fidelity of media data has become one of the biggest concerns of producers, users and researchers. Digital watermarking is one of . . .
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    Short, Ezekiel Randall
    This study evaluated the pattern interpretation of contact transfer and airborne transfer bloodstains of samples that are submitted for casework analysis where the identity of the pattern type is unknown. It was to determine if a contact transfer coul . . .
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    Padilla, Armando
    With the recent adoption of smartphones and their use in composing emails, general notes, and communicating with friends/family using text messages, users have found creative ways to abbreviate words to speed up typing of messages on said devices. To . . .
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    Manasyan, Helen Alecia
    The purpose of this study was to investigate whether there are differences in the kinematic features of writing between baseline (zero BAC) and peak (maximum BAC) intoxication levels during a controlled drinking experiment. Determining the variation i . . .
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    Halaby, Steve L.
    Phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase (PEPc) is a key enzyme in algae, fungi, and plants. It has been established as a crucial regulatory enzyme in photosynthetic metabolism where it is responsible for the irreversible beta-carboxylation of PEP in the mesop . . .
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    Mandani, Garni
    The p53 protein is vital in multicellular organisms, where it functions as a cell cycle regulator and tumor suppressor, preventing cancer. Upon cell stress p53 inhibits cell cycle or promotes apoptosis, p53 is negatively regulated by mouse double minu . . .