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  • G445cg30c?file=thumbnail
    Sheikh, Sana
    ABSTRACT Interface Design for Memory Access in an FPGA-MIPS Datapath This thesis focuses on the design and implementation of memory access control on an Altera DE-1 System-on-chip (SOC) board. The board integrates a Hard Processor System (HPS) with a . . .
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    Ibrahim, Mohamed Elsaid Awad
    With the increase in technology, many developers have advanced their knowledge in improving road safety by designing various devices such as Vehicular AD Hoc Networks (VANETs). These VANETs are important in ensuring there is a continuous vehicle-to-ve . . .
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    Vo, Hau Trung
    This Thesis focuses on the design ARM architecture using Verilog, Vivado Design Suite IDE. There are three types of processors: M- series (microcontroller), R-Series (real-time), and A-series (Application) processor. The focus of research is mainly on . . .
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    Alhazmi, Mohammed Masad
    Penetration level of wind units in power systems is increasing rapidly. There are different topologies and configurations of wind units. The most famous configuration is called Doubly-Fed Induction Generator (DFIG). In this configuration, the stator o . . .
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    Borah, Kaustav Jyoti
    A state observer is a system in which we can model a real system in order to give an estimate of the internal state of the system. In the first part of the thesis, we discuss some of the design techniques and compare three different types of state obs . . .
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    Buck, Michael E.
    The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers' (IEEE) Standard 1100-2005 has defined power quality as a concept of powering and grounding sensitive electronic equipment in a manner that is suitable for the operation of that equipment (Institut . . .
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    Abbasi, Somayeh
    Microgrids are small power systems with diverse distributed generators with high reliability. With recent developments in the area of renewable energies and increasing concerns about environmental issues, microgrids are rising as excellent candidate t . . .
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    Saunders, Joshua
    In this thesis, an optimal control strategy to mitigate shock waves in traffic streams consisting of connected and autonomous vehicles is developed and compared against a that of a proportional controller. First, the formation of traffic shock waves i . . .
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    Ramirez, Oscar
    Due to the limitation of natural resources where conventional energy can be obtained, other energies sources must be found without such limits. For this reason, we are trying to cut down the usage of conventional energy by using renewable energy sourc . . .
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    Al Bahrani, Ahmad
    With the increasing growth of multimedia applications and the traffic load explosion on various network environments, the fidelity of media data has become one of the biggest concerns of producers, users and researchers. Digital watermarking is one of . . .