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    White, Carey Bennett
    This thesis aims to accomplish three goals. First, I will provide an explication and analysis of the traditional Marxist theories of ideology as they are presented in The German Ideology and Capital. This analysis will show that there are in fact two . . .
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    López, Leonard Paul
    Against critiques of identity-based legal rights, I argue for the progressive potential of hate crime legislation as a source of resistant translations of legal discourse. As a strategy, the progressive use of oppressive sources begins by understandin . . .
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    Orozco, Walter
    I hold that Lewisian style time travel is not consistent with the physical laws of Special Relativity (SR) and General Relativity (GR); but there are SR/GR possible worlds consistent with some non-Lewisian style of time travel. Lewisian style time tra . . .
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    Imai, Derek
    There are a host of philosophical assumptions that undergird the artificial intelligence project. One assumption is a reductionist view of the person wherein humans are considered nothing more than biochemical computers. This assumption generates some . . .
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    Gulick, Melissa Beth
    Today, a central debate exists about whether love is a bestowal of value upon the beloved or an appraisal of the beloved's inherent value. Harry Frankfurt takes the prior viewpoint and presents a view of love that is linked to the need and best intere . . .
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    Harkins, Evan James
    John Rawls believed that capturing our moral sense was the goal of moral philosophy. Deontology, Consequentialism, and Virtue ethics are the three main attempts at capturing our moral sense. Deontology, consequentialism and virtue ethics focus on the . . .
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    Dishmon, Charles J.
    Bioengineered meat has emerged as a viable scientific breakthrough, spurring activists to herald this development as a means of revolutionizing animal agriculture. Yet given the ideological divide within the activist community, between consequentialis . . .
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    Garcia, Robert Anthony
    The power imbalance between wage earners and the owners of capital is a fundamental feature of work in a capitalist economy. Historically, labor unions are the only mechanism that has offered a degree of protection and political power to workers. I ar . . .
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    Wang, Jianli
    George Berkeley's immaterialism and idealism are usually considered as wild because they are considered as counter-intuitive. The two different readings of Berkeley: the idealist reading and the phenomenalist reading, all have several problems. I will . . .
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    Goldstein, Rena Beatrice
    Testimonial injustice is an epistemic harm that occurs during testimonial exchanges. Miranda Fricker proposes a solution to this problem, the virtue of testimonial justice. A prerequisite to obtaining this virtue is a trained sensibility, which enable . . .
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    Hart, Matthew James
    In this thesis I offer an account of Spinoza’s epistemology that relies on Spinoza’s system as a whole. I approach the epistemology we find in the Ethics as being developed in the service of its project as an ethic. Spinoza’s epistemology is an ethics . . .
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    Sayers, Jared Daniel
    The objective of this thesis is to offer a new normative ethical theory that not only rectifies the problems inherent in the traditional theories of Kantianism, Utilitarianism, and virtue ethics, but that also help to find previously undiscovered comm . . .
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    Wang, Jianli
    George Berkeley's immaterialism and idealism are usually considered as wild because they are considered as counter-intuitive. The two different readings of Berkeley: the idealist reading and the phenomenalist reading, all have several problems. I will . . .
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    Lacey, Bree Alexandra
    Drawing on Robert McRuer’s concept of compulsory able-bodiedness and Adrienne Rich’s concept of compulsory heterosexuality, I argue that size normativity is an essential feature of compulsory sizeism. I locate my analysis of imbricated, compulsory sys . . .
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    Choe, Jae Won
    In this thesis I aim to offer an account of identity that explains and justifies our occasional resistance to identifying others, or being identified, as X. I begin with a brief taxonomy of identity and consider the normative aspects in acts of identi . . .
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    Wilson, Robert
    Chapter 1. The Empirical Foundations of Cognitive Phenomenology: Beginning with a 'bare Empiricist' account of the phenomenology of non-propositional thought, I propose a theory of 'emergent cognitions' - distinct higher-order species of thought which . . .
  • Cn69m583f?file=thumbnail
    Safari, Kourosh
    This thesis examines the section on logic in Ḥadā’iq al-anwār fī ḥaqā’iq al-asrār, (Garden of Lights in the Truths of Secrets), also known as Jāmi‘ al-‘ulūm sittīnī (Collection of Sixty Sciences). It is one of the earliest Persian encyclopedic texts w . . .
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    Laubach, Craig A
    The purpose of this paper is to explicate a phrase found in Deleuze and Guattari’s book Kafka: Towards a Minor Literature: “[W]here one believed there was the law, there is in fact desire and desire alone. Justice is desire and not law.” The authors a . . .