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    Tenney, Whitney
    The purpose of this project report is to outline my roles as producer, writer, and actor on the short film, <italic>Little Treasure</italic>, which was produced to fulfill the thesis requirements for the MFA in Television, Film and Theatre at Californ . . .
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    Seemayer, Zachary Wilson
    For my thesis project, I wanted to incorporate different aspects of filmmaking and film theory that I had learned and developed a passion for during my time in the MFA Program at CSULA. Namely, I wanted to combine my passions for Film Noir, web media . . .
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    Dunlap, Monica
    Juba is a screenplay and a thesis or report about the discovery and writing process of writing the screenplay. The protagonist, Juba, is a fictional Louisiana slave who upon Emancipation sets out to find her daughter who was sold away as a child. The . . .
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    This is the story of a comedienne who goes on a journey one summer driving her dad, who has dementia, from Kentucky to California. In the process she reflects upon the lessons she has learned throughout her life from her father, especially the fact th . . .
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    Davis, Deneta Y.
    College Ruled is an adult, animated television series. The show is a social satire. I discuss my journey developing this television series and how present day adult, animated television shows inspired me to create this animated series. Chapter one exp . . .
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    Morton, Monique Rachell
    Man and Wife is a feature-length romantic dramedy set in present-day New Orleans, Louisiana, that follows couples and singles in different stages of their lives who cross paths as they deal with relationships, infidelity, and alternative lifestyles. M . . .
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    Nelson, Nicole D.
    The purpose of this project was to create a web-series about three different women who share the comedic happenings of their lives with one another. All the lead women are reflective of my personal life experiences. I address my inspiration for choosi . . .
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    Nelson, Nicole D.
    The purpose of this project was to create a web-series about three different women who share the comedic happenings of their lives with one another. All the lead women are reflective of my personal life experiences. I address my inspiration for choosi . . .
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    Liu, Zheng
    This thesis project, entitled Love In Los Angeles, tells the story of a Chinese girl, Lila, who travels from China to Los Angeles with the goal of taking a sunset picture. In L.A., she gets help from her Chinese Internet friend, Manni. On her journey, . . .
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    Home is a feature-length film in the suspense/horror genre that takes the classic haunted house motif re-envisioned with an Asian Pacific American story and protagonists. The film was shot under the Screen Actors Guild Ultra Low Budget contract with t . . .
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    Pagan, Jillian
    The purpose of this project, "A Doll Howls", was to create a full length, three-act play adaptation of Henrick Ibsen's play, "A Doll's House", by introducing werewolves into the plot with the goal of extending the current "mashup" trend of adding mons . . .
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    Ellis, Natasha
    In my performance of Oleanna, I not only performed a role that is traditionally cast with Caucasian women, but I also portrayed my character from a contemporary African American woman's viewpoint. My depiction added a new layer of race to the storylin . . .
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    Suarez, Jason
    Viva is a television pilot meant for a cable network audience. The premise of the show revolves around three brothers and the different ways they deal with complications ensuing from the Cuban Revolution. In this project report I delve into the world . . .
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    Santos-DeCure, Cynthia L.
    The objective of this project report is to document and examine the process of writing and performing my one-act play, Miss Quince, a story of Latina identity. I explore the motivations, advantages and challenges of writing and acting in my own play, . . .
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    Tycer, Alicia Winsome
    In this report I look back on the process of pursuing a double option in dramatic writing and performance. Focusing on the performance option for this thesis, I highlight the central lessons I have learned in my coursework regarding collaboration, aud . . .
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    Miller, Shani
    YouTube has allowed the public to participate in debates about political issues beyond the purview and constraints of the mainstream broadcast and print media. This thesis will examine how user-generated videos acted as significant sites of engagement . . .
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    Manning, Evan A.
    Eldridge is a feature film screenplay based on a conspiracy theory known as The Philadelphia Experiment, a disastrous attempt by the United States Navy during World War II to render a combat vessel invisible to the naked eye. I've taken an interest in . . .
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    Imagawa, Tomohisa
    This thesis project, Wake, towards the Master of Fine Arts degree at California State University, Los Angeles, is a short fictional film, which depicts the death of an old man and his last day before burial. The story was deeply influenced by the deat . . .