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    Capstone project
    Buckler, Andrew
    Current underwater towing devices do not allow a diver to go above the speed at which the diver's mask will be taken off by the water flow past the diver or when they will no longer be able to hold on to the device. The goal of the project will be to . . .
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    Whitworth, Daniel
    The team will not be creating a solar powered boat from scratch but instead we will be optimizing the solar boat that was designed by the past year’s solar regatta boat team here at CMA. The aim of this competition is to put our engineering skills to . . .
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    Hart-McNeal, Levi
    With our team’s efforts marking the second consecutive year of Cal Maritime’s participation in the SAE Baja collegiate design competition, our goal was to expand the competition team’s size and resources as well as generate interest in continuing Cal . . .
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    Eilering, Austin
    For this year's Senior Project Design, we will be inheriting last year's Alpha Stirling Engine with the intention of improving upon the design to have a functional prototype. With that, this will incorporate several design changes and different testin . . .
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    Vargas, Andres
    The goal of this senior design project is to design and build a wind turbine for the US Department of Energy’s 2020 Collegiate Wind Competition. The design of this turbine will be broken down into five sections: Aerodynamic design, control design, ele . . .
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    Terral, Aldric
    The California Solar Regatta includes three different races to test the agility and speed of each vessel. The sprint race places two teams head to head on a 150 yard dash. The race is the equivalent of a drag race, where both boats drive in a straight . . .
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    Ryan, Thomas
    Our project consists of creating an autonomous sailboat system that can navigate the Napa River. We will be turning a Cal 20 sailboat into an autonomous boat using a pixhawk controller, an electronic winch, and a linear actuator. The system will be te . . .
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    Research Paper
    Janssen, Amber
    Do the type of sources used by students in their lab reports relate to their comprehension of theory? The objective of this research project is to investigate the connections between student selection of information sources and the comprehension of th . . .
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    Capstone project
    Kissman, Jeffrey
    In fulfillment of the requirements of E-316 Project Design, a Centrifugal Pump Cavitation Demonstrator was designed and implemented. Through the use of knowledge that has been gained from many years of pump testing, we are able to calculate the param . . .
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    Capstone project
    Vronay, John
    In fulfillment of the requirements of E-316 Project Design, a high speed data acquisition system was designed and implemented. The project involved conducting an evaluation of the data acquisition needs of the department in order to generate the syste . . .