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    Capstone project
    Daniels, Daija M.
    Shipping is known for its effectiveness and safety in its transportation of goods. However, sometimes marine accidents occur, thus, having an effect on the environment. Though there has been an improvement in technology and maritime safety regulations . . .
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    Capstone project
    Kissman, Jeffrey
    In fulfillment of the requirements of E-316 Project Design, a Centrifugal Pump Cavitation Demonstrator was designed and implemented. Through the use of knowledge that has been gained from many years of pump testing, we are able to calculate the param . . .
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    Capstone project
    Vronay, John
    In fulfillment of the requirements of E-316 Project Design, a high speed data acquisition system was designed and implemented. The project involved conducting an evaluation of the data acquisition needs of the department in order to generate the syste . . .
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    Capstone project
    Kadarman, Halim
    In this system, a solar water heater includes a solar collection array that absorbs solar radiation and converts it to heat. The heat is then absorbed by a heat transfer fluid in which water will be used and passed through the collector. The heat tran . . .
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    Capstone project
    Lind, R. Paul
    The wind testing tunnel and airfoil described in this report are for use in experiments to demonstrate the basic principals of fluid motion and lift as they pertain to the aerodynamics of a simple airfoil. Contained within are the designs, data and in . . .
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    Capstone project
    Stewart, Robert
    The purpose of this project is to design how the Yanmar diesel generator set must be set up in order to use it as a backup power supply for the California Maritime Academy. This has been accomplished. Among other things completed in this project, the . . .
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    Capstone project
    Spain, David, O.
    The Integration of Computer Control project is possible due to the LabView program with its acquisition and control capability. The computer control project utilizes LabView in an effort to accomplish data acquisition and control. Our project is capab . . .
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    Capstone project
    Mrla, Don
    In order for the modern merchant marine officer to get a grasp of the ever-evolving field of automation, it is necessary to actually see a working example. By being exposed to one possibility of automation, an interest can be stirred for the further r . . .
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    Capstone project
    Washington, Steve
    Misalignment of couplings is a major cause of machinery vibrations. It is very critical to have all shaft couplings aligned in order to minimize machinery vibration as much as possible. It is also very critical for modern engineering graduates to know . . .
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    Capstone project
    German, Chris
    The following is a proposal to design and construct an electronic simulator. The simulator would demonstrate the engine control logic for a Sulzer RTA Slow-Speed diesel engine. The control logic diagram would be shown graphically on a 6'x 8' wood pane . . .