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  • Rj4307909?file=thumbnail
    Capstone project
    Fiala, David, W.
    Many people are burned by hot water, while showering. Even when someone is showering at a comfortable temperature, they may still be burned if the cold water supply pressure is cut off or reduced. Reductions in pressure are caused when the cold water . . .
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    Capstone project
    Hart, John,
    A problem faces today's modem automobiles, the damaging effects of heat generated by the sun. During the summer months, the interior temperature of an automobile can reach a dangerous level. Animals or small children left in the vehicle can be serious . . .
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    Capstone project
    Martin, Kevin L.
    The extent of this design project is to examine the use of permanent magnets as thrust bearings in centrifugal pumps and other possible applications. The main objective of this project is to use the magnetic thrust bearings in pumps to complement the . . .
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    Capstone project
    Taneyhill, Brady
    We set out to achieve several objectives, among which was extending the life of ordinary lube oil. decrease the frequency of oil changes, and lower the costs to the consumer. Oil changes are made necessary due to particulate matter in the oil. If this . . .
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    Capstone project
    Harris, Alexander, H.
    The objective of this report is to outline the increasing need and design solutions for fiber optic data telemetry equipment in oil drilling applications. The offshore oil drilling industry demands dependable and accurate control and measurement equip . . .
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    Capstone project
    Smith, Russell
    The project that we proposed consisted of designing an automobile air conditioning system that does not require increased fuel consumption or take power away from the engine. The system that we found that could satisfy this need is the absorption refr . . .
  • Vd66w295k?file=thumbnail
    Capstone project
    Jones, Jeremy
    Battlebots are remotely controlled vehicles designed to "fight" each other in competition with the goal being to disable the other robot. This senior design project deals with the design and construction of one of these robots. There are a variety of . . .
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    Capstone project
    Nelson, Mark
    The FDA rules, in a general sense, say that you must be able to prove that the processes you use are identical each time you use them so the end result is always the same. To achieve this goal, each system is "validated" as to equipment and performanc . . .
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    Capstone project
    Quinn, Hope
    The initial plan is to install an incinerator (existing or new) on the 04 deck in the starboard intake plenum or in a already existing container on the deck. The incinerator will require that pipes be connected from the incinerator to the waste oil an . . .
  • Pg15bj10q?file=thumbnail
    Capstone project
    Ferguson, Tom
    For my senior design project I decided to take an existing drum dolly that was meant for warehouse use only and convert it into a drum dolly that was capable of being used in any location. This was done to make the job of drum retrieval easier over ro . . .