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    Capstone project
    Owens, Kenon
    I designed, built, tested, and presented a "Flat-Bed Plotter." I designed a computer program that allows an operator to either draw a picture, or have a picture randomly drawn which may then be edited to his liking. The picture can have either lines, . . .
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    Capstone project
    Wainscott, Jeff
    A good teaching aid can provide an invaluable resource for a teacher attempting to introduce a new subject to a young class eager to learn. To this end a lab has been created that will aid the teacher in showing new students about solar heat gain, and . . .
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    Capstone project
    Lind, Jeff
    At present there is a limited amount of playground equipment for handicapped people, and most of the items are boring. The goal of this project was to design a playground slide to be used specifically by people (children and adults) who are wheelchair . . .
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    Capstone project
    Murray, William A.
    Increasing cost of electrical power has led to an increased interest in the way structures are cooled. In air conditioning, a large amount of heat has to be removed from a space. Previously this has been by using a vapor compression refrigeration cycl . . .
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    Capstone project
    Howland, Heathcliff
    To assess a pre-combustion chamber (PCC) design using thermal stress and fatigue life analysis. The pre-chamber design was designed as a retrofit application to the Nordberg FSE-1316 Supairthermal series engines. These engines are operated by the Tran . . .
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    Capstone project
    Lim, Edward
    The objective of the project was to check the feasibility of using finite-element models in the design of cast stainless steel pump parts. A finite-element model of a centrifugal pump bracket (Price Pump Company part number 4010) intended to be used t . . .
  • 3197xp82b?file=thumbnail
    Heng, Khieng
    Expenses for electricity have increased steadily for years. The old electric resistance heater consumed large amount of energy. The heated air is not distribute evenly throughout the building. These cost increases can be reduced through the use of he . . .
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    Capstone project
    Luong, Chau
    The vibration demonstrator was intended to be used as a desk top demonstration device. The Supporting Structure was built from aluminum. Aluminum was not only chosen for its strength and light weight, but it was also chosen because it was an easy met . . .
  • 1j92gb47q?file=thumbnail
    Capstone project
    Muller, Michael J.
    The purpose of this project was to design and build a laboratory apparatus which would permit the measurement of velocity profiles in boundary layer flow. Boundary layer flow is one particular type of external flow (as opposed to an internal flow) tha . . .
  • B2773z31g?file=thumbnail
    Capstone project
    Koral, Arthur, I.
    As future engineers it is important that we understand the fundamental principles of fluid flow so we can design and operate power plants, refrigeration plants, propulsion plants, and any other system that uses the energy of fluid. We must be able to . . .
  • M900nx12w?file=thumbnail
    Capstone project
    Hennings, Craig A.
    Water is always a commodity that is in demand. Man has always dreamed of finding a cheap, endless source of water. The runoff from the mountains and well water are good sources, but even they are being taxed due to the ever increasing size of the popu . . .
  • Jd473001j?file=thumbnail
    Capstone project
    Rouse, Jeremy
    The goal of our design project is to present a functional and optimal design that reflects the applications of engineering principles in the realm of Energy System Design. A functional design, in the sense that, it can be transformed into practical ut . . .
  • Sq87bx27r?file=thumbnail
    Capstone project
    Harrier, Eric J.
    Our objective was to design and build a smoke tunnel that will provide a facility for visual investigation of airflow phenomena occurring in the study of fluid dynamics and aerodynamics. The tunnel will be used as part of the fluid mechanics lab. Ev . . .
  • 44558h25z?file=thumbnail
    Capstone project
    Tran, Phong, L.
    The purpose of this report is to determine the most suitable air-cooled enclosure for the ship service generators aboard the Training Ship Golden Bear. Also, it is a necessity to validate our recommendation to the engineering department. The driving f . . .
  • Sq87bx24x?file=thumbnail
    Capstone project
    German, Chris
    The following is a proposal to design and construct an electronic simulator. The simulator would demonstrate the engine control logic for a Sulzer RTA Slow-Speed diesel engine. The control logic diagram would be shown graphically on a 6'x 8' wood pane . . .
  • 2b88qf83r?file=thumbnail
    Capstone project
    Washington, Steve
    Misalignment of couplings is a major cause of machinery vibrations. It is very critical to have all shaft couplings aligned in order to minimize machinery vibration as much as possible. It is also very critical for modern engineering graduates to know . . .
  • Mw22v8235?file=thumbnail
    Capstone project
    Mrla, Don
    In order for the modern merchant marine officer to get a grasp of the ever-evolving field of automation, it is necessary to actually see a working example. By being exposed to one possibility of automation, an interest can be stirred for the further r . . .
  • Ms35tc17s?file=thumbnail
    Capstone project
    Spain, David, O.
    The Integration of Computer Control project is possible due to the LabView program with its acquisition and control capability. The computer control project utilizes LabView in an effort to accomplish data acquisition and control. Our project is capab . . .
  • 7w62fb92z?file=thumbnail
    Capstone project
    Stewart, Robert
    The purpose of this project is to design how the Yanmar diesel generator set must be set up in order to use it as a backup power supply for the California Maritime Academy. This has been accomplished. Among other things completed in this project, the . . .
  • Ms35tc16h?file=thumbnail
    Capstone project
    Lind, R. Paul
    The wind testing tunnel and airfoil described in this report are for use in experiments to demonstrate the basic principals of fluid motion and lift as they pertain to the aerodynamics of a simple airfoil. Contained within are the designs, data and in . . .
  • Ks65hf55b?file=thumbnail
    Capstone project
    Kadarman, Halim
    In this system, a solar water heater includes a solar collection array that absorbs solar radiation and converts it to heat. The heat is then absorbed by a heat transfer fluid in which water will be used and passed through the collector. The heat tran . . .
  • 2b88qf76b?file=thumbnail
    Capstone project
    Vronay, John
    In fulfillment of the requirements of E-316 Project Design, a high speed data acquisition system was designed and implemented. The project involved conducting an evaluation of the data acquisition needs of the department in order to generate the syste . . .
  • 3t945t14d?file=thumbnail
    Capstone project
    Kissman, Jeffrey
    In fulfillment of the requirements of E-316 Project Design, a Centrifugal Pump Cavitation Demonstrator was designed and implemented. Through the use of knowledge that has been gained from many years of pump testing, we are able to calculate the param . . .
  • 2b88qf752?file=thumbnail
    Buonsignore, Brendan
    Many surfers have gone beyond the sport to realize a need to reciprocate for all the mental, physical and spiritual or emotional traits they have derived from the oceans. Scuba divers find themselves alone in the deep blue surrounded by the effect’s . . .
  • Wp988n246?file=thumbnail
    Silva, Tami
    This project will begin with background insight into the disputed territory of Western Sahara, with a focus on the particular region of Laayone and El Marsa where there is a heavily guarded phosphate mine. Phosphate as is well known, is a necessary el . . .
  • Sf268766n?file=thumbnail
    Brown, Jasmin J.
    The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is a governmental institution that funds assistance projects in areas that are susceptible to manmade and natural disasters. However, the assistance projects, rather than being based on ne . . .
  • 79408085z?file=thumbnail
    Garrard, Eric V. Jr
    This paper will take a deeper look into the failures the United Nations has encountered while conducting peacekeeping operations in the post-Cold War era and why ceratin operations failed while others are hailed as successes. The paper will also discu . . .
  • 7h149s385?file=thumbnail
    Crawley, Arlen
    The rise of ideologically-motivated “lone-wolf” active shooter attacks constitutes a new phase of terrorism like nothing seen before. The perpetrators of these attacks are radicalized through the Internet, via digital communities with an environment s . . .
  • Bg257h66m?file=thumbnail
    Hernandez, Christopher E.
    This paper will be working on the topic of the role of globalization and the growing national sentiment around the world that has begun with a handful of states and a few who are amongst the top three superpowers. It will dive deeper into understandin . . .
  • G445cg90t?file=thumbnail
    Barnhill, Bryler
    The Arctic has become an emerging region of importance on the international stage. Climate change in the region has led to the diminishing of perennial ice, opening up the Arctic for nations to capitalize on the untapped resources held in the area. Wa . . .
  • Vd66w233k?file=thumbnail
    Mendenhall, Tatyana
    The One-China Policy and the One Country, Two Systems policy are policies that were implemented by the People’s Republic of China. The One-China Policy pertains explicitly to the relationship between the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and the Republ . . .
  • T722hc19c?file=thumbnail
    Foster, Travis
    The United States Special Operations Forces have done an excellent job in the war on terrorism and piracy and have evolved in many ways since the 20th century. These forces must now shift to a stance of readiness in dealing with the rise of China and . . .
  • 00000282w?file=thumbnail
    Mena, Sydnee
    This paper is written to assess the network of systems and assets that are essential to daily life. Describing the sectors of critical infrastructure as defined by the Unites States Department of Homeland Security and outlined by Presidential Policy D . . .
  • 5q47rr27r?file=thumbnail
    Pietrucha, Nicholas J.
    Since its founding in 1775, the United States Marine Corps has been the premier amphibious warfare branch of the United States and has operated in the air, on land, and at sea. Unfortunately, for the past twenty years, the Marine Corps has found itsel . . .
  • 2z10ws701?file=thumbnail
    Vega, Michael
    Socialism, as a term, is solely contextual. As an ideology, it has different variants that are associated with the role of the state working alongside and against the market. It also involves the ideological skepticism of the capacity of the market, a . . .
  • 9c67wq31g?file=thumbnail
    Humphrey, Michael
    The United States currently faces a significant threat in the form of white supremacist extremists, who exist in multiple different forms ranging from lone wolfs whose attacks are impossible to predict, to neo-Nazi terrorist organizations that are wil . . .
  • Fx719q03w?file=thumbnail
    Foster, Katherine
    The North Atlantic Treaty Organization, also known as NATO, is an essential tool in United States foreign policy and has been since the end of World War II. NATO provides unwavering military partnerships for the United States and defends all of its me . . .
  • K643b373p?file=thumbnail
    Meyer, Jacob W.
    This thesis will be focusing on the current stance of illicit drugs in America. The thesis will also include the current opioid crisis and the shifting laws on marijuana. This directly ties into the war on drugs that has been going on since President . . .
  • 9593tx57v?file=thumbnail
    Alfaro, Joshua
    Despite the history of a strong and prosperous U.S. maritime industry, today’s U.S. merchant fleet is characterized by inadequacy. Through dwindling numbers as a result of mismanaged legislation as well as shifting global politics, U.S. maritime polic . . .
  • H989r6139?file=thumbnail
    Schmidt, Harry
    The IMO will be introducing new regulations in 2020 that will require ships to reduce emissions of certain greenhouse gases and combat climate change. A promising yet radical alternative to fossil fuels and other renewable energy is the use of nuclear . . .
  • 9880vt65s?file=thumbnail
    Rosales, Felipe I.
    The Syrian Civil War is one of the most devastating conflicts of the 21st century and the cause of the worst humanitarian crisis in recent history. It stems between the ruling Al-Assad Regime and a series of opposition rebel groups. The Assad Regime h . . .
  • 4j03d214g?file=thumbnail
    Hollis, Delaney
    For the greater part of the twentieth century the United States and the Union of Soviet Socalist Republics (USSR) were the two superpowers governing the world’s agenda. Due to vastly differing political and ideological agendas a war unlike any seen be . . .
  • 02870z35t?file=thumbnail
    Pavlik, Alexander
    The relationship between governments and their people has significantly evolved over the centuries. The 20th and 21st centuries have seen incredible advances in technology, public health, and behavioral norms which have dramatically recharacterized th . . .
  • 76537376r?file=thumbnail
    Lomeli, Albert
    The developments in the shipping industry have grown significantly in past decades. California's ports are responsible for over fifty percent of the nation’s container cargo volume. The ports must quickly advance to maintain their role in the global s . . .
  • Hm50tt97g?file=thumbnail
    Kim, Alec
    This thesis discusses the current trade war between the United States and China, and the real implications that are underneath the surface. It focuses on what exactly the core issue is of this “bigger picture”. Rather than specifically discussing what . . .
  • 79408083d?file=thumbnail
    Jacob, Andre
    As political dynamics continue to shift everyday Vietnam will continue to stick to side by those countries that are helping Vietnam grow in the present and the future. Vietnam is trying its best to be noticed and valued by the international community. . . .
  • N870zt46b?file=thumbnail
    Garcia, Angel
    Climate Change has the sea-levels rising and threatens coastal states around the globe. The North Sea Flood of 1953 devastated the Netherlands. As a result, the Delta Works Commission was created and set up dams, storm surge barriers, and flood gates. . . .
  • Z603r0911?file=thumbnail
    Batoon, Andre
    The United States has one of the largest international land and maritime borders. Although characterized by thousands of miles of unforgiving desert terrain, the Southwest Border of the United States serves as the entry point for unauthorized migrants . . .
  • 4x51hm65s?file=thumbnail
    Sammler, Katherine G.
    Spaceport America, a spectacle to see with curvilinear geometry that itself looks like a spacecraft rising out of the desert near Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, conveys a hope of the everyman astronaut. Yet this private-public project, spending ov . . .
  • M039k732t?file=thumbnail
    Smith, Tyler
    A project submitted to the Department of Mechanical Engineering in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the B.S. degree. Department of Mechanical Engineering ME 494