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    Sammler, Katherine G.
    Spaceport America, a spectacle to see with curvilinear geometry that itself looks like a spacecraft rising out of the desert near Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, conveys a hope of the everyman astronaut. Yet this private-public project, spending ov . . .
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    Smith, Tyler
    A project submitted to the Department of Mechanical Engineering in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the B.S. degree. Department of Mechanical Engineering ME 494
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    Kiani, Cameron
    Since the first internal combustion engine was built the design has required a rotating camshaft to mechanically actuate the valve timing. The problem with actuating the valves on an engine with a camshaft is there are many added losses. Turning the c . . .
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    Book chapter
    Sammler, Katherine G.
    While relatively little is known about the deep sea compared to land, data are being collected that fundamentally change how ocean spaces are thought about and engaged with. Beneath the surface of our planet’s expansive oceans lies the prospect of a n . . .
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    Sammler, Katherine G.
    Aotearoa New Zealand has taken the lead in constructing legislative frameworks for governing emerging activities within the offshore territories granted under the UN Law of the Sea treaty. Passing the Foreshore and Seabed Act in 2004, the government c . . .
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    Sammler, Katherine G.
    A review of Seascapes: Shaped by the Sea. Edited by Mike Brown & Barbara Humberstone,
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    Gutierrez, Josh
    A capstone project submitted to the faculty of the California Maritime Academy in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies and Maritime Affairs.
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    Gomez, Noelle
    GMA 400L - Senior Seminar Research Lab
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    Duran, Gideon
    The following document is the writer’s capstone for the Master’s of Science Degree in Transportation and Engineering Management, offered from California Maritime Academy. For the capstone, the author has decided to develop a feasibility analysis for H . . .
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    Lange, Robert O.
    Sea level rise is one of the most pressing concerns for coastal communities in the world today. It does not respect borders, and the effects of sea level rise will vary depending on location and the natural terrain of the area in question. In some cit . . .