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    Bhurawala, Huma Khurshid
    Comparisons of two contemporary models used to analyze bicultural identity; the UDM (unidimensional model) and BDM (bidimensional model) show that conceptualization is not clear in the field. Thus, it is suggested that a third model, the TDM (tridimen . . .
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    Levin, Gay R.
    The existence of the learning disabled child is often unrecognized and his numbers underestimated. He is often characterized by antisocial behavior, psychological dysfunction, and school failure. The conferene, "A Multi-disciplinary Approach to Learni . . .
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    MacDonald, Beau
    Biogeography is a fundamental component of conservation biology, the synthetic discipline that guides biodiversity conservation. Detailed ecological data analyses and syntheses over multiple spatial scales and models of actual and potential geographic . . .
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    Busco, Julie A.
    This mixed-method graduate project sought to examine interrelationships among the components of oral reading fluency: prosody, accuracy, automaticity, and reading comprehension, by considering these elements from the perspective of the listener. A res . . .
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    Rietmann-Grout, Clarie
    This documentary is a personal account of my own journey from a nationally ranked pitcher, forced off my American college team to being a part of a sports club in Switzerland. It is common in the United States for athletes at the college level to lose . . .
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    Marpaung, Indra Pardamean
    Almost thrown in to jail for money laundering, Zim decided to work with the FBI to get one of their deep undercover agent out of Pelican Bay. However, he was a setup. Now, the real FBI agents are going after Zim for helping a convict out of prison. Zi . . .
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    McConnell, Brian J.
    This study will explore the circumstances surrounding the attacks and seizures of three United States vessels: The Liberty and the Pueblo, two naval intelligence gathering vessels; and the Mayaguez a civilian cargo ship. The purpose of this study is t . . .
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    Corning, Christopher William Francis
    Does language function to bring people closer together, or does it distance them from one another? Can a person ever truly get from here to there, or does "there" simply become "here" once a movement has taken place? To what extent does the label we p . . .