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    Mangal, Frshta
    "Yama," a forty-page chapter from an ongoing project, is a graphic memoir that blends images and words in order to tell a story of memory and mourning within an Afghani American Muslim family that loses their eldest son. As such, "Yama" joins a growin . . .
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    Lim, Sharon
    The emergence and popularity of digital writing spaces and multimodal texts have led to discussions on changing notions of rhetorical practices. However, scholarship has yet to fully address viral internet memes as complex, rhetorical situations. My p . . .
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    Schulz, Hart Frank
    Freedom of choice is a predominant theme in modern literature, and it is a vital concern in twentieth century living. Molestation and Seduction: An Essay the Modern Time-Shift Technique describes an effective twentieth century narrative technique that . . .
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    Keshishyan, Mary
    This futuristic "cli-fi" play explores an exaggerated dependency on electricity, with a superimposing purpose of bringing awareness to climate change. Ultimately, the play is my attempt to effectively incorporate climate change into a fictional work. . . .
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    Smith, Eric
    What I propose to write for this project is a substantial piece of speculative narrative fiction in the style of a noir. Am I writing some sort of detective story? I don’t believe I am, but I identify with the noir figure. I feel similarly disconnecte . . .
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    Fowler, Ruth Gwedolyn
    The concept of grace permeates every short story and the two novels of Flannery O'Connor. This doctrinal truth belongs in the context of Roman Catholic teaching and can be specifically related to the writings of Jacques Maritain, a theologian and phil . . .
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    Shahmiri, Sanam
    Tongues is a collection of feminist ekphrastic poetry dealing with themes of power, voice, agency, and sexuality. The majority of the poems which comprise this collection are written in response to art by women and of feminist themes. These poems delv . . .
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    Brummet, Joyce
    Kim Stanley Robinson's epic Mars trilogy tells the story of a long-term and large-scale terraforming mission to render the surface of Mars habitable to human beings. Critics have pointed out what fertile soil the motif of terraforming provides in Scie . . .
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    Simonyan, Hudit
    Among and Between is a collection of dramatic works - two one-act plays and a comic solo performance piece. Although the individual pieces do not explicitly connect thematically, stylistically, or otherwise, they share a fascination with language. The . . .
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    Garcia, Joel
    This creative endeavor represents the culmination of three years of theoretical study on the art of creative writing. Through my years at CSUN, I have been gifted with an understanding of theories on gender, sexuality, marginality, and freedom. This c . . .