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    Gravelle, Jessica Spike
    While many critics note the numerous musical allusions in Ishmael Reed's Mumbo Jumbo, Jack Kerouac's On the Road, and Maxine Hong Kingston's Tripmaster Monkey, this thesis examines the appropriation of jazz in particular to these three American texts. . . .
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    Bates, Rebecca Joyce
    To become part of any literary tradition is to call upon the classics while inventing new and individual ideas and concepts. In my writing I strive to find a balance between the old and the new . I have been heavily influenced by authors in the litera . . .
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    Henry, Lorelei Lee
    My thesis will focus on three of O'Brien's Vietnam War novels: The Things They Carried, Going After Cacciato, and In the Lake of the Woods. I will show how O'Brien develops these stories in terms of individual, social, cultural, and historical aspects . . .
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    Theriault, Jennifer Marie
    This thesis explores the moral evolution of Joseph Conrad's protagonist, Marlow, in Heart of Darkness and Lord Jim. Marlow appears uniquely in literature as the omnipotence of cloistered Victorian moral ideals began to fade and just as the shattering . . .
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    Siegel, Stacey Beth
    Women today are taught to believe that mothering is instinctual and that when they have children they are supposed to love taking care of them. This notion perplexes many women who give birth without immediately feeling kinship with their baby. Some, . . .
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    Caruth, Elissa S.
    Two Trees explores writing from a post-modern, post-sturcturalist perspective and experiments with form. Some of the works include elements of conventional poetry and fiction. Other poems combine the two genres of writing to create a poetic-fiction th . . .
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    D'Andrea, April Lynn
    A teenage girl grows up in the early nineteen eighties. Her parents are divorced, she rarely sees her father, and she doesn't get along with her stepfather. She moves to a new town and makes friends with popular kids. She meets an older boy and has a . . .
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    Kolarek, Tara
    As a writer I have positioned myself within the framework of lesbian writing. The term 'lesbian writing', however, is varied and constantly in a state of definition. Yet, both in spite of, and because of this, I must construct a framework of lesbian w . . .
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    Maechler, Julie L.
    The plays of Lanford Wilson have interested scholars, critics and playgoers for more than three decades . Among other things, critics have focused on Wilson's use of language. Some assert that Wilson's evocative language has captured the voice of the . . .
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    Saunders, Judith
    This thesis suggests that Bertolt Brecht's play, Round Heads and Pointed Heads, has been underserved both critically and theatrically. Although it evolved from a previous attempt Brecht made to adapt Shakespeare's play Measure for Measure, there has b . . .
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    Babayeva, Syuzanna
    This thesis explores the manifestation of closed and open consciousness in conventional rhetoric of persuasion and the rhetoric of the rhizome. The rational mode of the Western discursive tradition has determined a pragmatic mode of consciousness, whi . . .
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    Garcia, Mario Steven
    This thesis contains the first seven chapters of a novel in progress. The novel is set in the present. The protagonist and narrator is an engineer working at an aerospace company in the San Fernando Valley. The narrator is a remarkable figure in that . . .
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    Grigorian, Masha
    This thesis is concerned with analyzing the characters of Harry Potter, Lord Voldemort, and Professor Severus Snape from the sensational children's book series, Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling through the perspective of literary and critical theory. Alth . . .
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    Chukhadarian, Lucin
    This thesis brings together three shorter plays, "Reverse Intimidation," "Collectors," and "Chandra," each of which I've been working for some time. Each play explores the courage and the fragility of women. "Reverse Intimidation" is based on personal . . .
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    Freeman, Daniel
    A comedienne clasping a manly-man hand to her face-that's the sight gag splashed across the cover of Tina Fey's bestselling memoir Bossypants, a joke and title with centuries' worth of setup. A subversion of expectations is reflected in the cover desi . . .
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    Elisara, Unai
    In this grant I will be addressing the need for an expansion of Feleti Barstow Public Library of Pago Pago, American Samoa. This Library is the only library on the island and houses many of the island's cultural and historical artifacts. I am requesti . . .
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    Narayanamurti, Krishna
    Late in Jane Austen’s "Emma," a peculiar scene of harrowing adventure disrupts an otherwise realistic novel. On an early morning walk, Harriet Smith takes a wrong turn into the woods outside the posh village of Highbury. A “gang” of young “gypsies,” p . . .
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    Lee, Ambre
    Establishing and maintaining a professional teacher blog enables teachers to publish, reflect, share, collaborate, and enrich their professional presence. While publishing has long been the standard for university professors, secondary teachers do not . . .
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    Farrukh, Sawsan
    This paper is an investigation of the widows found in Jane Austen’s Lady Susan and Sanditon, two unpublished works during her lifetime. The paper presents a careful close read of both Lady Susan and Lady Denham and their methods of manipulation in ord . . .
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    Beckman, Donna S.
    The creative portion of this thesis is The Girl Who Loved Gable, a psychological detective novel. Set in Los Angeles in the present, the novel is a first person narrative. The central character is Leda Swann, a 30 year old female detective who is assi . . .
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    Zumstein, John
    This essay enters the ongoing disciplinary debate regarding the place of literature in the composition classroom, with special emphasis on first-year college college composition courses. Drawing on the work of past scholars, as well as on my own field . . .
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    Postal, Caitlin
    King Horn, like many verse poems of the thirteenth century, is interested in courtly culture and what it means to be king. The poem follows the development of Horn, heir to Suddene, through his exile-and-vengeance plot before he takes back the throne . . .
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    Kellenberger, Anne Elaine
    Pearl, a twelve hundred line poem, is recognized as one of the most important products of the Alliterative Revival which took place in England during the fourteenth century. Yet, its obscure dialect and the changes that have occurred in the English la . . .
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    Morrill, Bethany
    This paper explores and examines Katniss Everdeen, the star of Suzanne Collins' hit trilogy, as a modern interpretation of Judith Butler's "Drag Queen" as discussed in Gender Trouble: Feminism and the Subversion of Identity. Through the analysis of th . . .
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    Roche, Jason
    In recent years, hip-hop has propelled its way into the mainstream. The genre has produced some of the most commercially successful albums of the 21st century namely from artists such as Kanye West, Jay-Z, Eminem, Rihanna, and OutKast. Despite this ri . . .
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    Arellano, Alejandro
    Fighting the Mindset By: Alejandro Arellano Masters of Arts in English This project introduces the collision of a character, Leandro Montejo, with an illness he's been fighting his whole life. Unfortunately, given his upbringing, his family is dismiss . . .
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    Maki, Gary A.
    Richard Boleslavsky, in his Acting: The First Six Lessons, details two conditions necessary to the conception of art: "You suffered just now; you felt deeply. Those are two things without which you cannot do in any art." According to Boleslavsky, an a . . .
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    La Joie, Kathleen Joyce
    It is virtually impossible to survey George Gissing's novelistic ideas on women and feminism without occasionally introducing biographical data. The data of his literary thoughts and his marital difficulties are so heavily intermingled that it is nece . . .
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    Hasholian, Taleen Sandra
    Jane Austen is often simultaneously placed under two conflicting areas of thought. Scholarly research views her novels as indicative of either a woman whose main concern is marriage or an early feminist who refused to submit to the conventions of her . . .
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    Lee, Richard
    The educator's portfolio is seen by most as both a tool for reflecting on one's teaching practice and as a marketing tool to prospective employers. In the past, an educator's standard portfolio consisted of a three-ring binder that included lesson pla . . .
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    Poduje, Jennifer
    An inaccessible truth does not negate the existence of truth. My relationship to writing is an ontological investigation of the lack (derived from Lacan). My writing process typifies the investigative process of finding patterns in seemingly disparate . . .
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    Arabian, Shoushan
    Between scrambling to piece together the all-star, standards-savvy curriculum, grading piles of papers, and attending more meetings than one can count, it's no wonder that teachers rarely have to time to pause and reflect on...well, anything! The purp . . .
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    Altman, Dylan
    In this Dystopic Factory-Dickensian setting, Naifi, the protagonist, is at the bottom rung of the social order. Naifi is an orphan and therefore property of the state; within this world, the Factories are workhouses where children are forced to contri . . .
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    Sotelo, Emilio
    This project consists of experimentation in form, legibility, hybridity, and challenges the notion by which poetry is to be understood. Ranging from poems with unreadable text to images of artwork being substituted in place of language, the work in th . . .
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    Levi, Neda
    As a poet, the one thing that I find the most redemptive is the power of confession that language affords me, even though within that power lies a struggle of bittersweet magnitude. My poetic confessions speak to the torrential downpour of an unpleasa . . .
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    Vasquez, Robert Joseph
    The Heart of the Hawk is a novel about a young American Indian named Tom Red Hawk who returns from the Viet Nam war to attend college in Vermont at Bartlett University. Red Hawk is a complex person, and aspires to be a writer. He begins a novel about . . .
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    Solis, Enrique
    This paper argues that genre awareness can be taught more effectively by challenging the boundaries of genre by genre blending. This approach exists to supplement and augment the current ways in which genre is taught in a first year composition class . . .
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    Fernandez, Sandra
    Public education and the university have stricter, more basic rules and forms of self-expression when it comes to literature and language, usually neglecting creative empowering ways of communication and representation. For my culminating project, I w . . .
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    Blake, Lesley King
    In Family Justice, I take the reader on a rollercoaster of exploration which seeks the answer to which instinct is more dominant when combined with the societal gender expectations of being a "woman": nature or nurture. Even growing up and becoming a . . .
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    Goldowitz, Michael Daniel
    Throughout his lifetime, Dickens was fascinated by the nature of evil. I believe there is a distinct pattern of development in his portrayal of evil. In order to show this, I treat four novels spanning over twenty years: Oliver Twist (1838), David Cop . . .
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    Millstein, Bruce
    My Graduating Project is a one-act theatrical play, entitled The Writer vs. the World. To situate and categorize the performative text historically, theoretically, and aesthetically: it is a hybrid creative and academic postmodern amalgamation of surr . . .
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    Petrosyan, Anna
    The title character of Anna Karenina represents a resentment and hypocrisy from 19th century Russian traditionalists as well as a severe resistance to an ever-growing globalized Victorian cosmopolitanism. Commonly referred to as a negative breaching o . . .
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    Noh, Miguel
    A compilation of poems, The Deviant and the Divine is an explorative piece from a single, queer speaker scrutinizing the relationship between Catholicism and self-identity. Being born and raised int the Catholic Church condemning homosexuality, the sp . . .
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    Brummet, Ross
    In Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, the creature learns of inequality and social injustice, “the strange system of human society was explained to me. I heard of the division of property, of immense wealth and squalid poverty, of rank, descent, and noble b . . .
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    Mathews, Barbara Anne
  • X346d7902?file=thumbnail
    Mitchell-Askar, Kathleen
    This project combines a lyric essay on Bunraku Japanese theater with "staged" poems that explore the mother-daughter relationship. The lyric essay sections seek to provide a theory for the relationship between the body and spiritual mind and its posit . . .
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    Kufs, Eric
    The sociologist Erving Goffman's theory from over a half a century ago suggests that all communication between one or more individuals is essentially a performance. Considering the many critical arguments made that socio-political norms such as gender . . .
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    Martin-Rowe, Scott
    For my master's thesis, my intent was to craft a story for the students who come in my classroom and proclaim their disdain for reading. While I take great joy in the students who walk from classroom to classroom with their nose in a book, it is those . . .
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    Fragoso, Robert
    Richard Wright's novel, Native Son, published in 1940, has seen itself adapted to a stage drama directed by Orson Wells in 1941, and various film adaptions--one of them starring the author himself. Most recently, an HBO film was released in 2019 direc . . .
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    Nowell, Trevor
    This piece will be a series of short stories in the sci-fi speculative fiction genre exploring what crime looks like in the year 2072. The sci-fi author and creator of the “cyberpunk” genre, William Gibson, described cyberpunk as being “high tech meet . . .
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    Hild, Kurt Lynn
    John Milton’s hermeneutics developed over a period of years. He embraced the Protestant position that accepted the Bible as the sole arbiter in issues affecting man’s relationship to God and other men. However, a study of Milton’s Biblical interpretat . . .
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    Valente, Leticia
    The following compositions of work are meant to examine how grief is viewed through all point of views, as well as the structure of literature. The First piece, A Body of Work, is a long prose poem representing the stages of grief through the structur . . .
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    Xu, Louise
    This collection was an experiment to push the boundaries of my comfort zone to explore what I can create. Many of these works are created in new and different formats to seek a different way of expression. I decided to play with innovative ideas and c . . .
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    Rodrick, Jennifer
    When contemplating the entering of the academic arena as a professional, one must rely on both the pedagogical theory learned as a student and the application of said scholarship. While not everything can be covered in the course of a semester, the pr . . .
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    Spaccia, Gina
    Character Development is a non-fiction collection of vignettes in which each chapter focuses mainly on one person or topic that is influential to the author's life. The purpose of this piece is to illustrate how each of the subjects are significant to . . .
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    Levenson, Shirley Eleanor
    This study examines the psychological meaning behind the addiction to alcohol of Geoffrey Firmin, the hero of Malcolm Lowry's novel, Under the Volcano. The investigation centers on the motives which lead Firmin on a compulsive search for drink on the . . .
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    Dominguez, Tania
    The documents contained herein are professional materials which are necessary to achieve a position within the publishing industry. Each document is specifically designed to market academic skills which can be applied towards a career in editing. Thes . . .
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    Sever, Kirk
    The Labyrinth of the Mancuto, Part One is the first of three parts of a novel that follows the Arthurian wizard, Merlin, as he tries to escape from a medieval labyrinth. Part One details Merlin's initial struggles as he fumbles and crawls through the . . .
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    Barr, Louise Glynn
    While unforgettable characterizations of thoroughly destructive anti-mothers have proliferated in twentieth century American novels, the constructive mother has been rather neglected in American letters. Her portrayal has most often been marred by a s . . .
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    Zavaleta, Rebeca
    Cat husbands. Alien ghost ants. Misplaced sisters. My cumulating project embraces experimental fiction as a genre that destabilizes common conceptual categories readers typically expect. By colliding the familiar with an uncanny nuance or marked diffe . . .
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    Berns, Michael
    John Guillory in his article "Preprofessionalism: What Graduate Students Want" in The journal of Modern Language Association of America discusses the seemingly problematic nature of the current status of the curriculum within graduate programs. Guillo . . .
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    Lipton, David Allen
    Auger's Adjustment, a comic novela, is a purely fictional account of an American success story and therefore its characters are not intended to resemble any particular persons, living or dead. Even so, the writer must always remain true to his dream o . . .
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    Fuentes-Chung, Mildred
    Gloria Anzaldúa writes about individuals who are composed of many cultures and ethnicities (p. 37). Her concept of choosing to live on Borderlands to embrace all the differences in oneself, is the foundation of my research. My project focuses and expl . . .
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    Ugalde, Zuleima
    The path to an academic career and the career of an academic is long. Throughout that journey, an academic’s interests and goals develop and change. While scholarly interests, projects, and even one’s academic position may evolve, maintaining an intel . . .
  • 5d86p353r?file=thumbnail
    O'Neill, Hope Franklin
    Based on the view that a major source of English language writing difficulty is the influence of the student's own language or dialect, this study explores in detail the influence of Spanish language forms and stylistics on the written sentence struct . . .
  • W9505381q?file=thumbnail
    Eldridge, Marnie Denise
    This collection of poetry reflects the feminist tradition of re-vision, a tradition wherein poetry, with its myth and language, affords the female writer the genius to confront established texts so as to unpin all fixed perceptions and in their unpinn . . .
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    Croell, Alexandra
    Current scholarly work has focused on commercial success, or on themes related to the relationships among the wizards. Among these topics, the issue of blood purity (for example, if one is a pureblood wizard of the upperclass or a mudblood, a wizard b . . .
  • Ww72bf68r?file=thumbnail
    Swanson, Janice Bowman
    The idea of beauty in Gerard Manley Hopkins’ poetry can be said to derive its spiritualizing force from a sacramental view of nature. That view, confirmed in his reading of Dans Scotus, enabled Hopkins to pursue beauty in the distinctive nature of eac . . .
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    Hawkins, Caitlin
    In Truman Capote's seminal work Other Voices, Other Rooms Joel's character arc is highly lauded by scholars as a quintessential element of the queer bildungsroman. While many critics exalt his journey of self discovery, the parallel journey of his fem . . .
  • Ft848v23b?file=thumbnail
    Kragthorpe, Ila Jean
    Because the literature of a people is as much its creator as its creation, those images within literature which are especially powerful in forming societal values and mores should not be accepted without scrutiny and evaluation. This is especially tru . . .
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    Provisor, Joseph Victor
    This thesis uses a Jungian archetypal perspective to analyse a sample of the poetry and poetics of Robert Bly. For Jung, the archetypes are not simply scaffolding, but they are living, changing energies. This view is developed with reference to the wo . . .
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    Airlie, Tricia
    Joseph Conrad's works have been studied extensively for the past 80 years. For each major work there is now a large body of criticism. This is particularly true of Heart of Darkness, which has been viewed both as a major cultural document, an imaginat . . .
  • Hm50tv890?file=thumbnail
    Schiro, Aurora M.
    When Hawthorne’s ancestors came to America, they, and the other English settlers, brought with them all their superstitions and traditions. It was from this Puritan background, rich in the ideas of the supernatural, that Hawthorne drew much of the mat . . .
  • Mk61rm291?file=thumbnail
    Cook, Karen Virginia
    The creative portion of my thesis, Itala: A Woman Young and Old, is an attempt to reconstruct and celebrate the rich inner life which my maternal grandmother hid so well from most of her family. The introduction, “Nonna,” includes background material . . .
  • N296x2424?file=thumbnail
    Mandelberg, Joseph
    In this thesis I interpret The Dynasts as a work of realism and argue against perceiving it as a product of deterministic idealism. Thus the Immanent Will stands as metaphor for a collective unconsciousness--the political, social and moral unconscious . . .
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    Grigorian, Masha
    This thesis is concerned with analyzing the characters of Harry Potter, Lord Voldemort, and Professor Severus Snape from the sensational children's book series, Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling through the perspective of literary and critical theory. Alth . . .
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    Chukhadarian, Lucin
    This thesis brings together three shorter plays, "Reverse Intimidation," "Collectors," and "Chandra," each of which I've been working for some time. Each play explores the courage and the fragility of women. "Reverse Intimidation" is based on personal . . .
  • F1881q263?file=thumbnail
    Covino, William A.
    The thesis concentrates upon the nature and function of dark comedy in the fiction of Joseph Conrad, focusing primarily upon his novels, especially Heart of Darkness, Lord Jim, The Secret Agent, and Nostromo. The first chapter presents the comic tradi . . .
  • 6969z410k?file=thumbnail
    Rose, Judith Traub
    This thesis will discuss the basic assumption held by the Elizabethans that the physical and moral universe constituted a rational hierarchical order of degree under the reign of Divine Law and its instrument, the Law of Nature. The foundation of all . . .
  • D791sk67t?file=thumbnail
    Malvin, Melisa
    It is one thing to write poems in a journal or diary, but to take that step to transform private thoughts into art that is revealed in a public setting where one may be exposed to scrutiny or even just embarrassment, possibly shame, at revealing too m . . .
  • 7w62fc658?file=thumbnail
    Siefke, Elisabeth Ruth
    Despite vast differences in their cultural backgrounds, T. s. Eliot and Flannery O'Connor share a remarkable similarity in the way they view their contemporary world. This paper explores the similarities between the wasteland visions of Eliot and O'Co . . .
  • 7h149t18w?file=thumbnail
    Dunlap, Laura G.
    This collection titled, "Buch für die U-Bahn," (Book for the U-Bahn) is comprised of three short stories that are structured to explore themes of identity, migration, and loss in the context of post-Wall Germany. The three stories, "Berlin Circuitry," . . .
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    Osuna, Cesar
    The idea of what translation actually is and does has become incredibly vague not just in academia, but also outside of it. It has become an all-too-popular opinion that because an "exact" or "perfect" translation is not possible, then the translators . . .
  • Pr76f6873?file=thumbnail
    Schultz, Maseri
    Marvel's comic Ms. Marvel: No Normal and Sony's film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse depict multi-ethnic superheroes who discover themselves through agency in their costume design. Ms. Marvel protagonist Kamala Khan attempts to reject her Pakistani . . .
  • 9w032632c?file=thumbnail
    Lewis, Patrick
    This is a compilation of a minimum of six documents (professional and scholarly) designed to help me find a job and/or figure out what I’m going to do with all of my free time after graduating in May. Potential items include: a statement of profession . . .
  • 3b591d120?file=thumbnail
    Avaness, Kristina
    Although Disney's Cinderella (1950), the Brothers Grimm version of Cinderella (1812), and the modernized reincarnation, A Cinderella Story (2004) are expressed differently, with distinct environments, genres, settings, and time periods, they all conve . . .
  • B5644v90w?file=thumbnail
    Skertic, Rose Marie
    John Fowles is a writer who is consistently willing to take risks. While he pays tribute to the novel's past forms with his considerable narrative skills, he expands the tradition of the novel as an art form with his experimental narrative technique. . . .
  • Mw22v906q?file=thumbnail
    Zapata, Abraham
    The idea for the play Borracho: Spanish for Drunken Bum was sparked by a promotional image of the 2018 Broadway revival of Mart Crowley's play The Boys in the Band. In this image, seven White men stood next to one Black man and one Puerto Rican man. T . . .
  • Kk91fp85h?file=thumbnail
    Svolos, Christina
    My Graduate project follows the path of four millennials throughout their last two years of college. As soon-to-be graduates, they are faced with several obstacles and fears to overcome, including trying to find a career after college (Don’t hire me b . . .
  • 6682x755d?file=thumbnail
    Bowman, Antione
    This hybrid novella / critical text examines the intersection(s) between blackness and writing as something that both creates (structures) blackness and as something that is created (structured) by blackened individuals. This novella explores what hap . . .
  • G445ch75x?file=thumbnail
    Manheim, Sarah
    The purpose of this paper is to explore the different representations of pituitary and achondroplastic dwarfism as both plot device and symbol within mythology, children's literature, and fiction as a whole. I feel that by exploring the different inst . . .
  • 8k71nm13c?file=thumbnail
    Goli, Samantha
    After the passing of their last living grandparent, the narrator of Tiny Portraits faces the reality that, in addition to their grandmother, they have also lost what remained of their family history, stories, and perhaps even the antidote to the poiso . . .
  • M900nx87z?file=thumbnail
    Adajar, Christopher
    In the pursuit of my third degree and first Masters, I feel as if I have developed or produced, at least personally, far less than what such an education might suggest. Far be it for me to raise the flag of the millions of millenials like myself, but . . .
  • 0z7090359?file=thumbnail
    Alexander, John
    This paper will be an examination of Jane Austen's use of axioms, particularly in light of her distinct employment of free indirect discourse. I will begin with an explanation of free indirect discourse/speech, its history and function in literature. . . .
  • Fn1072463?file=thumbnail
    Break, Linda Louise
    This paper examines the thematic use of clothing in Charles Dickens' Great Expectations. Emphasis is placed on the subtle and various ways Dickens used his characters' choice of, and attitudes toward clothing to support and convey the themes of the no . . .
  • Pc289n19z?file=thumbnail
    Munoz, Edgar
    This thesis argues that the superhero comic book is a genre that constitutes a body of provocative types of discourse worthy of serious study. Far from being inherently flawed or subordinate to what are considered more "literary" comics, widely unders . . .
  • K930c148s?file=thumbnail
    Adame, Neftali
    Building upon Claire Kim’s (1999) racial triangulation theory, this article examines how the yellow peril model minority dialectic is amplified through the concepts and equivocation of stereotypes through contemporary popular culture narratives. By ex . . .
  • Wp988p099?file=thumbnail
    Gureghian, Sahag
    My Name is Siroun is a coming-of-age novel set in the 1980s. After her abusive alcoholic father abandons them, an Armenian mother and daughter move from Los Angeles to Midwest USA in an effort to start a new life. While her mother relishes in her newf . . .
  • Fb494c763?file=thumbnail
    Hymes, Jaclyn
    In "The Laugh of the Medusa" Hélène Cixous argues, "woman [...] must write about women and bring women to writing" and through this "women return from afar" and "break out of the snare of silence." This collection of poetry serves to give agency to th . . .
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    Schulweis, Malkah Muriel
    This thesis traces the development of the self in four of Bellow's major novels: “The Adventures of Augie March”, “Seize The Day”, “Henderson The Rain King” and “Herzog”. The opening chapter traces the radical change in the view of the self which deve . . .