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    Bezerra, James
    Black Market Heart is a collection of writing. It includes fiction, non-fiction, flash fiction, plays, poems, and some stuff that isn't any of that. It is the sort of bizarre and anarchic collection of writing that I have always wanted to produce, but . . .
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    Gatenby, Bruce Maurie
    Postmodern American fiction differs from the Modernist tradition of Faulkner, Joyce, Woolf, and Fitzgerald in that it deals with “multiple realities.” While Modernist writers questioned the reliability of a narrator's perceptions, an underlying realit . . .
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    Beckman, Donna S.
    The creative portion of this thesis is The Girl Who Loved Gable, a psychological detective novel. Set in Los Angeles in the present, the novel is a first person narrative. The central character is Leda Swann, a 30 year old female detective who is assi . . .
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    Hymes, Brett
    "The Only Language To Describe..." enters the spaces of familial relationships, existence and decreation as if these extenstions of identity were mathematical problems. Each line contains it's own equation trying to understand and answer uncertainty a . . .
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    Swanson, Hunter
    This final project is my attempt to step away from the confines of my genre box and explore a different type of story. I have always considered myself a horror writer, but over the time I have spent at CSUN, I have realized the value in exploration. S . . .
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    Robinette, David
    In the middle of the night, Mary breaks into the home of her former lover Kirk. Mary's desire to rekindle a memory of a night they shared together while in college was squelched by his inability to fully recognize her. However, in the dead of the nigh . . .
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    Farrukh, Sawsan
    This paper is an investigation of the widows found in Jane Austen’s Lady Susan and Sanditon, two unpublished works during her lifetime. The paper presents a careful close read of both Lady Susan and Lady Denham and their methods of manipulation in ord . . .
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    Cox, Sharron Kollmeyer
    The White Peacock is D. H. Lawrence's first novel and as such has generally been ignored by critics. It contains, however, what is quintessential in Lawrence's work and, in fact, possesses a striking similarity to Lawrence's masterpiece, Women in Love . . .
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    Mouron, Daniel
    The Bible must be read historically. In the words of Dr. Baucham, "The Bible is a reliable collection of historical documents written by eyewitnesses during the lifetime of other eyewitnesses. They report supernatural events that took place in the ful . . .
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    Garcia, Joel
    This creative endeavor represents the culmination of three years of theoretical study on the art of creative writing. Through my years at CSUN, I have been gifted with an understanding of theories on gender, sexuality, marginality, and freedom. This c . . .
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    Simonyan, Hudit
    Among and Between is a collection of dramatic works - two one-act plays and a comic solo performance piece. Although the individual pieces do not explicitly connect thematically, stylistically, or otherwise, they share a fascination with language. The . . .
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    Brummet, Joyce
    Kim Stanley Robinson's epic Mars trilogy tells the story of a long-term and large-scale terraforming mission to render the surface of Mars habitable to human beings. Critics have pointed out what fertile soil the motif of terraforming provides in Scie . . .
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    Shahmiri, Sanam
    Tongues is a collection of feminist ekphrastic poetry dealing with themes of power, voice, agency, and sexuality. The majority of the poems which comprise this collection are written in response to art by women and of feminist themes. These poems delv . . .
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    Fowler, Ruth Gwedolyn
    The concept of grace permeates every short story and the two novels of Flannery O'Connor. This doctrinal truth belongs in the context of Roman Catholic teaching and can be specifically related to the writings of Jacques Maritain, a theologian and phil . . .
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    Smith, Eric
    What I propose to write for this project is a substantial piece of speculative narrative fiction in the style of a noir. Am I writing some sort of detective story? I don’t believe I am, but I identify with the noir figure. I feel similarly disconnecte . . .
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    Keshishyan, Mary
    This futuristic "cli-fi" play explores an exaggerated dependency on electricity, with a superimposing purpose of bringing awareness to climate change. Ultimately, the play is my attempt to effectively incorporate climate change into a fictional work. . . .
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    Schulz, Hart Frank
    Freedom of choice is a predominant theme in modern literature, and it is a vital concern in twentieth century living. Molestation and Seduction: An Essay the Modern Time-Shift Technique describes an effective twentieth century narrative technique that . . .
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    Lim, Sharon
    The emergence and popularity of digital writing spaces and multimodal texts have led to discussions on changing notions of rhetorical practices. However, scholarship has yet to fully address viral internet memes as complex, rhetorical situations. My p . . .
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    Mangal, Frshta
    "Yama," a forty-page chapter from an ongoing project, is a graphic memoir that blends images and words in order to tell a story of memory and mourning within an Afghani American Muslim family that loses their eldest son. As such, "Yama" joins a growin . . .
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    Metcalf, Bobbie
    Jane Austen's Mansfield Park exposes her critical thoughts regarding Britain's social and economic structure in relation to slavery, gender, and social class. Sir Thomas Bertram's selfishness and position as an aristocratic, absentee-plantation owner . . .
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    Kane, Robert Michael
    Illustrating the maxim that the more things change the more they stay the same, my thesis, Kindling, focuses on two outsiders, a Swiss vagabond and a traumatized Slavic peasant woman, who seek refuge in an abandoned German church from the chaotic worl . . .
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    Lawrence, Eric
    For this essay I will examine a number of works from 20th century American author Upton Sinclair that reflect his vision of how socialist thought fulfills the core humanist message of the Christian Gospels and serves as a welcome model for American so . . .
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    Hayden, Charla
    A strong anti-democratic theme appears in both Mardi and Moby-Dick. The central character in each book assumes a natural and consciously self-affirmed elitism which sets him outside the boundaries of normal social role expectations. Taji and Ahab do n . . .
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    Gouger, Lesley
    Alfred is an elderly playwright in declining mental and physical health. His inner voice, Anima, a trickster-esque young woman, is haunting him day and night. As his unhealthy lifestyle begins to take its toll on him, his play starts to become more an . . .
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    Kane, Richard
    This essay examines Edith Wharton's integration of the then-developing science of anthropology in her novels. Wharton's innovation here is to apply an anthropological lens not to a foreign culture but to America itself. Through this technique, Wharton . . .
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    Kaz, Kristin
    Where the teaching of First Year Writing is concerned, developing coursework that students find valuable is a daunting task. Considering that many students in these courses are neither interested in pursuing writing after the completion of their compu . . .
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    Kozai, Gina Ann Kikumi
    Each of these short stories is told in first-person narrative perspective and explores the arbitrary and relational nature of language and how language functions in narratives. Although each piece aims to establish a distinct voice from the other stor . . .
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    Brummet, Ross
    In Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, the creature learns of inequality and social injustice, “the strange system of human society was explained to me. I heard of the division of property, of immense wealth and squalid poverty, of rank, descent, and noble b . . .
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    Richards, Maya
    While the Vietnam War has been extensively chronicled, the majority of the material produced has privileged the American experience with little attention paid to the enormous costs suffered by the Vietnamese people. In his novel The Sympathizer, Viet . . .
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    Ung, Ty
    In this thesis I closely examine the trilogy of U.S.A. by John Dos Passos, and demonstrate that it is a significant literary text of American Modernism. Modernism was an aesthetic movement of radical change in response to the transformation of social . . .
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    Clark, Dorothy G.
    This thesis examines the direct influence of the French Symbolists upon the poetry and aesthetics of W.B. Yeats. The first part defines French SYmbolist theory and includes a discussion of the major poets and words of the movement, from Baudelaire to . . .
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    Gazaryan, Tatevik
    The Armenian Genocide of 1915 is an ongoing scandalous issue for many political reasons regarding the Turkish government. While it has received recognition from 28 countries and 45 out of 50 of the United States, there is continued denial from the Tur . . .
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    Birke, Rachel
    Following Richard Slotkin's reading of the mythology of the West in American culture, I argue that Frederick Jackson Turner's 1893 thesis "The Significance of the Frontier in American History" was a critical moment in defining the West as a primarily . . .
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    Stotter, Kathy
    In my early twenties, I dropped out of a Ph.D program at Columbia University in New York. The ghost of Ph.D past has haunted me ever since. As a result, when I reached my fifth decade, I decided to return to school to start the process of making up fo . . .
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    Rauch, Paul S.
    Set in 1919 during the Great Migration, William Attaway's 1941 Proletarian novel, Blood on the Forge, a text too often overlooked by the mainstream of literary studies, follows the three Moss brothers from their experience tenant farming in the agrari . . .
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    Edsell, Ralph James, III.
    The fiction writer's choice of a particular point of view must reflect the needs of the plot. Just as the poet has various forms to work in, so does the prose writer. For example, just as there are certain thoughts and feelings perhaps better suited f . . .
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    Carrelli, Bari
    A person lives and then dies, but our memories of a life swim in and out of time and space. In this one-act play I present a family as they prepare for a memorial service. The characters are a matriarch, two adult children, a grandchild and significan . . .
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    Stewart, Jessica
    W. E. B DuBois's theory of "the veil" explores the concept of Black relegation as a matter of course. Symptomatic of the experience of "the veil" is a hyperawareness of physical blackness, a white nationalist resentment of black identification as an " . . .
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    Seyer, Agmes Mary
    This essay will study George Eliot's three major heroines, Maggie Tulliver in The Mill on the Floss, Dorothea Brooke in Middlemarch, and Gwendolen Harleth in Daniel Deronda. All three women undergo dramatic disillusionments, brought about by their fai . . .
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    Street, Ruth Roberta
    The fiction of Flannery O'Connor reflects a tradition of American humor established by a group of 19th Century American writers known as the frontier humorists. The work of these writers often involves violence which they are able to treat with humor . . .
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    Payte, Trista
    This collection consists of eighteen pieces of independent, stand-alone writing, that, when joined together, form a larger, cohesive narrative. The larger link between the pieces is thematic, as they explore, among other things, domesticity and mother . . .
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    Khachooni, Leon
    This narrative constitutes the present form of a work in progress, a novel that tells the story of a man rediscovering himself through the various social contexts he encounters following a decade of drug addiction. This project is an attempt to show r . . .
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    Phillips, Stephanie
    I have constructed a thesis, which amalgamates monologues and stand-up comedy to form a one woman performance piece. Victoria hosts the Women's Conference of Unemployed Nurses and Teachers at the Metropolitan State Hospital and introduces seven guest . . .
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    Reed, Karen Jessa-Lee
    At its core, Joie de Vivre; or, A Play with a Dead Man is about people coming to terms with their individual connections with both life and death. Joie de Vivre is a Cajun term meaning "the Joy of Living," and signifies the Cajun obsession with both l . . .
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    Cheresh, Catherine
    The following novella is meant to expand upon the genre of science-fiction while simultaneously delivering a compelling narrative of young-adult romance. The piece is meant to explore rampant problems present within the popular genre of science fictio . . .
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    Chambers, Susan
    "Memoirs of a Life Before Taking the Globe" presents the muddled realities of human relationships through the vibrant memoirs of a false, self-proclaimed king. Human faults such as greed, pride, and miscommunication are often embodied in non-human cha . . .
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    Brummet, Ross
    In Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, the creature learns of inequality and social injustice, “the strange system of human society was explained to me. I heard of the division of property, of immense wealth and squalid poverty, of rank, descent, and noble b . . .
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    Hunter, Patrick Byron
    This thesis demonstrates how roles, or the facades which human beings project when interacting with others, provide an approach for understanding the characters and themes in Dickens's fiction written after 1857, from Little Dorrit to The Mystery of E . . .
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    Penglase, David
    The film Get Out, written and directed by Jordan Peele, analyzes racism in liberal America. In this paper, I examine the parallels of Get Out with Richard Wright's novel, Native Son; a seminal work on the struggle of young African American men in Amer . . .