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    Sobel, Jay
    The drinking of alcoholic beverages is an increasingly accepted part of contemporary life. Wide societal acceptance of alcoholic beverages have led to some severe problems. As societal restrictions on the use of alcohol lessen, the need for more posit . . .
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    Morrigan, Eryn
    The Coast Horned Lizard (Phrynosoma coronatum blainvillii) is a native species of special concern in California. One of the major threats to Coast Horned Lizards, particularly in southern California, is habitat loss and fragmentation. Studies have sug . . .
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    Harriman, Susan Goyer
    This study examined the level of impact an alcoholic family environment has on the development of communicator style in adult children of alcoholic parents. Utilizing self-report measures (the Norton Communicator Style Measure, and a family health his . . .
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    Habschmidt, Joan
    The major health threats facing the American public today are largely the result of unhealthy habits. Six of the ten factors associated with America's number one killer, cardiovascular disease, are clearly the result of lifestyle. In addition, health . . .
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    Downing, Jacqueline Victoria
    The use of mirror imaged controls within functionally equivalent control panels has been questioned in various applications, including aircraft control layout, machinery controls, and control room design. The mirror image research has indicated that i . . .
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    Isaacson, Shirley
    There will come a time, I know, when people will take delight in one another, when each will be a star to the other, and when each will listen to his fellow as to music. Then free men will upon the earth, men great in their freedom. They will walk wit . . .
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    Siriyodhin, Suleeporn
    My art pieces are extensions of my personality and values. They reflect my philosophy on life; a philosophy which honors the timelessness of Nature’s beauty. Time itself cannot eclipse Nature’s wonders, and my purpose as an artist is to capture but a . . .
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    Altschuler, Diana Lynn
    The purpose of this project is to facilitate the selection of self-help books by members of the mental health profession. All of the books reviewed were selected to be used as an adjunct to therapy. Professionals in this field usually have insufficien . . .
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    McIver, Ann Britton
    This study proposed that an individualized, self-instructional reading program be devised to provide assistance to university students and that counseling interviews be developed to advise and place students in the program. It further proposed that th . . .
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    Anderson, Ute
    Previous literature assessed the prevalence of student sex work at five (Sagar, Jones, Symons, Bowring, & Roberts, 2015) to six percent (Roberts, Jones, & Sanders, 2013). Universities should be interested in the well-being of their students and refrai . . .
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    Goffredo, Michael Anthony
    Eleven male volunteer subjects age 20-48 years were tested for physiological responses during three modes of incremental exercise; sitting bicycle ergometry, standing bicycle ergometry, and treadmill running. Each subject was tested for maximal oxygen . . .
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    Goldstein, Rosalind C.
    The purpose of this study was to determine whether people who seek counseling help show characteristics of hypoglycemia. A search of the literature supports the hypothesis: People in counseling could exhibit the characteristics of people with hypoglyc . . .
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    Hipp, Veloris
    Forty-five highly test anxious college students participated in a pre-test, post-test, follow-up test, comparison group design. Thirty volunteers comprised the treatment groups and 15 participants, who viewed a short film, comprised the comparison gro . . .
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    Gonzalez, Jesus
    Break dancing exists in most people's minds as a dance craze from the 1980', but the phenomena is far from dead. How is it that a popular culture survived its perceived death and actually reconstituted itself in an attempt, although conflicted, to ret . . .
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    Sigler, Lora Ann
    This study will focus on the symbols for chastity contained in the Madonna of Jan Vos. While the painting contains several allusions to this virtue, the discussion will concentrate on just two of those motifs, the tower and the crown. A third motif wi . . .
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    Taube, Timothy Walter
    Past research has indicated that attributing outcome to internal factors (e.g. ability and effort) results in greater affect than attributing outcome to external elements (e.g. luck and task difficulty). Further, attribution research has found that as . . .
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    Thomas, Gerald Sanders
    Central place studies have often identified relationships between functional complexity and population of urban places. Additionally, hierarchies have been found, and threshold populations for various functions identified. This thesis, based on survey . . .
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    Radin, Nancy Faith
    The decision for an M.A. thesis project in directing came to me as a combined result of the following several factors: my present position. as a teacher in the Performing Arts Department at Beverly Hills High School, my appreciation for the direction . . .
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    Karkau, Virginia
    The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship of the probability of perceiving common visual stimuli normally, for normal subjects, to the proportion of the stimulus available for perception and the effects of certain other variables o . . .
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    Alshibli, Rami
    In this paper, I will discuss the historical context with musical analysis of the form, texture, and the style of each work performed on my master’s recital. The works under consideration are: Lute Suite BWV 996 by Johan Sebastian Bach (1685-1750), Gr . . .
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    White, Tina
    This research examine patterns of visitation to Death Valley National Park (DVNP) from 1990 through 2011 to determine if changes have occurred, what those changes are, how they reflect upon DVNP and the U.S. National Park System, and if they mirror tr . . .
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    Bezerra, James
    Black Market Heart is a collection of writing. It includes fiction, non-fiction, flash fiction, plays, poems, and some stuff that isn't any of that. It is the sort of bizarre and anarchic collection of writing that I have always wanted to produce, but . . .
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    badri, Namier
    Despite the religious and social insecurities that Iraqi Christians have faced in their homeland, theater has always been part of their triumphs over persecutions. Iraqi Christians use theater to bring together their community by sharing their experie . . .
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    McCarter, David Frank
    In 1961, a new form of music was created in Orange County, California that swept across the United States in a fervor before it was finally wiped out by the monstrous wave of The British Invasion groups. This form of music was "surf music." Surf music . . .
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    Carrillo, Verisha
    The transition from elementary school into middle school can be a very challenging time for students. This is a time of great change; mentally, socially, emotionally, and physically. Most students whom move into middle school look forward to this chan . . .
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    Gatenby, Bruce Maurie
    Postmodern American fiction differs from the Modernist tradition of Faulkner, Joyce, Woolf, and Fitzgerald in that it deals with “multiple realities.” While Modernist writers questioned the reliability of a narrator's perceptions, an underlying realit . . .
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    Gilbreath, Pamela
    This abstract summarizes the written portion of an "acting thesis." The major component of the thesis involved the author's acting of the title role in Preston Jones's "slice of life" study of West Texas, Lu Ann Hampton Laverty Oberlander. The written . . .
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    Zeff, Angela Otis
    This study investigated the California Master Plan and the attitudes and expectations among regular classroom teachers toward integrating individuals with exceptional needs into the regular classroom. A questionnaire was designed to statistically anal . . .
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    Mitchell, Judith Marie
    This study investigated the perceptions generated toward the quiet and verbal group member as an outcome of group leader statements of positive, negative, and neutral content. This study also investigated the results of incongruent labels placed on th . . .
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    Prusak, Lyuba Durdakova
    Introduction: This collection illustrates the result of more than two years of experimentation in sculpture with materials and techniques that I have never used before. Prior to my arrival in the USA in 1968, I had been involved with traditional mater . . .
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    Diehl, Emilie Mae
    The following thesis has been prepared in the form of a design project which illustrates two possible solutions to the problem of presenting the visual aspects of the Inca play Ollantay in today’s theaters. To demonstrate the possibilities of using al . . .
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    Charnofsky, Norene M.
    This handbook has been written to be used as preparatory background for parents working with children in early childhood education programs, pre-kindergarten programs and adult education child-observation classes. Noted are recent changes in our schoo . . .
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    Greer, John
    The concern of this study is with a portion of a system of beliefs possessed by Lubavitcher Hassidim. The core of the study consisted of many hours of taped interviews with three Lubavitcher informants. Following Redfield's distinction between "cosmol . . .
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    Wheeler, Rebecca Lee
    The contribution of the granule cell layer to the generation of hippocampal slow waves (theta) has been controversial due to the technical difficulty of isolating the contribution of this layer from that of the pyramidal cell layer in the hippocampus. . . .
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    Hartwig, Danielle
    First semester graduate students are expected to write with technical proficiency; yet many do not have the necessary skills and writing competency to achieve this expectation (Singleton-Jackson & Lumsden, 2009). Over the past five years, students enr . . .
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    Batten, Joyce
    The purpose of this study was to investigate the counseling needs of community college students as perceived by the students themselves, assuming that a needs assessment can provide valuable input in planning counseling programs to meet the needs of t . . .
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    Lupo, Michael
    I feel a creative impulse. That mystical, often mythic, motivation, that some say, sets the artist apart. Lucy Lippard, in “Six Years and the Dematerialization of Art” says …”They (artists) are such in that they choose to effect". Though the source of . . .
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    Mischel, Marion Phyllis
    Since paraprofessionals have begun to be used in many schools to augment the educational programs on a fairly large scale, this pilot study was initiated to investigate the effects and possible benefits of the participation of parents as paraprofessio . . .
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    Jenkins, Mary Christina
    This study was undertaken to investigate the donors who participate in artificial insemination using donor semen. Thirty-nine questionnaires completed by men who had donated semen between January, 1981 and January, 1982 were collected from three ferti . . .
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    English, Crystal Y.
    Atlanta, Georgia experienced a spike in its residential burglary rate in 2008, peaking at nearly twenty-four and a half percent above the rate of 2007. This study identifies clusters of residential burglaries in Atlanta, temporal frequencies of the cr . . .
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    Katchard, Penporn
    Educators in Thailand urgently require skilled manpower for national development so the vast body of students may be trained rapidly in a limited number of educational institutions and by a limited number of qualified teachers. A closed-circuit televi . . .
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    Borock, Stacy Ann
    This graduate project is a handbook developed to assist people in choosing toys for children up to 4 years of age. A review of the literature associated with proper toy selections for children is followed by criteria and procedures which will enable a . . .
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    Faivus, Jean
    During the last few years, more and more of the students enrolled in the Master's program in Guidance and Counseling at California State University, Northridge have been using their degree as a stepping stone to a Marriage, Family, and Child Counselin . . .
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    Lindley, Edythe M.
    The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between self-esteem and locus of control on achievement motivation in women. The hypotheses for the present study were that there would be a positive relationship between self-esteem and ac . . .
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    Meisenholder, Christopher
    This study investigates Southern Californian Native English Speakers' (NES) perceptions of two different Non-Native English Speakers' (NNES) accents with the goal of demonstrating that the more familiar variety (Spanish) will be ranked higher in terms . . .
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    Bernard, Gayle Joy
    Meditation, which was developed millenia ago, has become of current interest in a world searching for ways to live harmoniously with nature. Many of the c1aims about meditation are made in terms of a philosophical system which is unfamiliar to the Wes . . .
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    Churilla, Jacqueline Anne
    This is a study of Antelope Valley (AV) and Santa Clarita Valley (SCV) residents' attitudes toward economic integration. In response to the question of how low income housing should be handled, the largest percentage of respondents in both AV and SCV . . .
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    Rapson, Ira John
    Interpenetrations is a twenty minute, continuous work for five solo strings and prepared piano that attempts to use a series of sound-mass, “mother” chords interrupting and permeating each other in time and spacial sequences. There are no themes and h . . .
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    Thorsen, Linda Diane
    General educators, unprepared by preservice instruction to teach handicapped and bilingual students, are resisting federal law mandates, P.L. 94-142 and the Bilingual Education Act. In service programs set up to help teachers learn to understand and u . . .
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    Clarke, Victoria Ann
    The designer's objective in Playboy of the Western World was to have the set and lighting convey the same kind of feeling for the play which John Tedesco, the director, was getting in his directing. Everything was to look well-worn, stained, old, fami . . .