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    Carrillo, Verisha
    The transition from elementary school into middle school can be a very challenging time for students. This is a time of great change; mentally, socially, emotionally, and physically. Most students whom move into middle school look forward to this chan . . .
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    McCarter, David Frank
    In 1961, a new form of music was created in Orange County, California that swept across the United States in a fervor before it was finally wiped out by the monstrous wave of The British Invasion groups. This form of music was "surf music." Surf music . . .
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    badri, Namier
    Despite the religious and social insecurities that Iraqi Christians have faced in their homeland, theater has always been part of their triumphs over persecutions. Iraqi Christians use theater to bring together their community by sharing their experie . . .
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    Bezerra, James
    Black Market Heart is a collection of writing. It includes fiction, non-fiction, flash fiction, plays, poems, and some stuff that isn't any of that. It is the sort of bizarre and anarchic collection of writing that I have always wanted to produce, but . . .
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    White, Tina
    This research examine patterns of visitation to Death Valley National Park (DVNP) from 1990 through 2011 to determine if changes have occurred, what those changes are, how they reflect upon DVNP and the U.S. National Park System, and if they mirror tr . . .
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    Alshibli, Rami
    In this paper, I will discuss the historical context with musical analysis of the form, texture, and the style of each work performed on my master’s recital. The works under consideration are: Lute Suite BWV 996 by Johan Sebastian Bach (1685-1750), Gr . . .
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    Karkau, Virginia
    The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship of the probability of perceiving common visual stimuli normally, for normal subjects, to the proportion of the stimulus available for perception and the effects of certain other variables o . . .
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    Radin, Nancy Faith
    The decision for an M.A. thesis project in directing came to me as a combined result of the following several factors: my present position. as a teacher in the Performing Arts Department at Beverly Hills High School, my appreciation for the direction . . .
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    Thomas, Gerald Sanders
    Central place studies have often identified relationships between functional complexity and population of urban places. Additionally, hierarchies have been found, and threshold populations for various functions identified. This thesis, based on survey . . .
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    Taube, Timothy Walter
    Past research has indicated that attributing outcome to internal factors (e.g. ability and effort) results in greater affect than attributing outcome to external elements (e.g. luck and task difficulty). Further, attribution research has found that as . . .