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    Sobel, Jay
    The drinking of alcoholic beverages is an increasingly accepted part of contemporary life. Wide societal acceptance of alcoholic beverages have led to some severe problems. As societal restrictions on the use of alcohol lessen, the need for more posit . . .
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    Morrigan, Eryn
    The Coast Horned Lizard (Phrynosoma coronatum blainvillii) is a native species of special concern in California. One of the major threats to Coast Horned Lizards, particularly in southern California, is habitat loss and fragmentation. Studies have sug . . .
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    Harriman, Susan Goyer
    This study examined the level of impact an alcoholic family environment has on the development of communicator style in adult children of alcoholic parents. Utilizing self-report measures (the Norton Communicator Style Measure, and a family health his . . .
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    Habschmidt, Joan
    The major health threats facing the American public today are largely the result of unhealthy habits. Six of the ten factors associated with America's number one killer, cardiovascular disease, are clearly the result of lifestyle. In addition, health . . .
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    Downing, Jacqueline Victoria
    The use of mirror imaged controls within functionally equivalent control panels has been questioned in various applications, including aircraft control layout, machinery controls, and control room design. The mirror image research has indicated that i . . .
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    Isaacson, Shirley
    There will come a time, I know, when people will take delight in one another, when each will be a star to the other, and when each will listen to his fellow as to music. Then free men will upon the earth, men great in their freedom. They will walk wit . . .
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    Graduate project
    Jacobs, L. Ronald
    Post-secondary educational opportunities for hearing impaired people in the United States are limited in quantity and scope. There are presently three institutions functioning to educate hearing-impaired people eat the undergraduate college level on a . . .
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    Parsons, Patrick Robert
    The thesis applies Marxist economic precepts to the function of the newspaper industry, thereby explaining the industry's economic growth and daily operation. Topics from employment to chain ownership are considered and analyzed in terms of their role . . .
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    Siriyodhin, Suleeporn
    My art pieces are extensions of my personality and values. They reflect my philosophy on life; a philosophy which honors the timelessness of Nature’s beauty. Time itself cannot eclipse Nature’s wonders, and my purpose as an artist is to capture but a . . .
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    Altschuler, Diana Lynn
    The purpose of this project is to facilitate the selection of self-help books by members of the mental health profession. All of the books reviewed were selected to be used as an adjunct to therapy. Professionals in this field usually have insufficien . . .