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    Minasyan, Sevak
    Abstract Strategic Analysis for Marketing Graduate Education By Sevak Minasyan Master of Business Administration The purpose of this analysis is to assist the client in understanding the lead generation activities it is currently involved in. In doing . . .
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    Feldman, Kevin
    The development of a business plan for a battery and jewelry parts wholesaler was a challenging and rewarding learning experience. It allowed our team to apply the theories and techniques learned in the program to an unfamiliar industry. After the ini . . .
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    Janousek, Matthew
    Abstract Contributing to the Strategic Development of a Nonprofit Foster Care Service Provider By Matthew Janousek Master of Business Administration The strategic development of a nonprofit foster care service provider provided the team with a challen . . .
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    Qureshi, Nasir
    When we think of drones, we picture automated devices that are propelled by fans or jet engines. Drones can be used for military purposes or they can be used for leisure. What we don’t typically think of is how drones can be used to help deliver aid t . . .
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    Honore, Kimble
    This business plan represents the culminating experience for our degree in the Masters in Business Administration program at the David Nazarian College of Business and Economics. Our Graduate Consulting Project encompasses our team’s analysis, finding . . .
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    Teamtad, Patoo
    This project has been an opportunity to enrich the skills and knowledge acquired in the MBA program. We were able to gain invaluable hands-on consulting experience working for the client, a beverage accessory start-up, which needed help launching a ne . . .
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    Larry, Julie Michelle
    This study seeks to evaluate the moderating role of age on consumer's brand attitudes and sexual orientation. Tolerance for homosexuality has drastically increased, however its acceptability in mainstream media is still questionable. Research shows th . . .
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    Curtis, Kevin
    The graduate project to develop a business plan for a battery and jewelry parts wholesaler was an amazing experience of teamwork and application of knowledge and skills learned throughout the MBA program. Our team began by meeting with the client to i . . .
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    Zhang, Xuan
    Developing a business and marketing plan for our client exposed our team to the business of personal, on-demand stretch therapy services and provided us with an insightful learning experience. The team conducted both primary and secondary research. Th . . .
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    Melkonian, Nicole
    This paper presents a growth plan for a specialized restaurant. Developing a successful strategy involves addressing challenges while maintaining feasibility. The study begins with an overview of the restaurant industry in which the client operates, i . . .