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    Hendrickson, David
    My paintings recombine, repeat, redact, and crop elements, materials, and objects to elicit a sense of absurdist absence and alienation. Digitally manipulating and collaging appropriated images, especially those that acknowledge the body, allow me to . . .
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    Mathewson, Christine
    Icarus explores the ethics behind one's will to survive when chaos slowly trickles into a community that's created away from society. After a space expedition brings an extraterrestrial disease to Earth and wipes out 74% of humanity, a space ship of i . . .
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    Land, Morgan
    DOM is a first grade teacher who decides to escape the torpor of her suburban life by becoming a dominatrix by night. ANTI-SOCIAL follows the exploits of social worker Marty Katz who must keep his patients sane while negotiating his own love life and . . .
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    Delate, Tirsa
    Time is a fundamental parameter in my practice, and it denotes the spontaneity and transience of events. Interactive performance and video works explore the connections between loss and sanctuary, acknowledging subjective perceptions of time and memor . . .
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    Canty, Kathryn
    "Legacy", is a one-hour drama that explores the lives of those who die alone, and the investigators in the Los Angeles Public Administrator's office who attempt to piece together their stories and try to find any next of kin.
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    Nunes, Michelle
    This paper is an attempt to explain the conceptual underpinnings of my work while simultaneously serving as a work within itself. It seems only appropriate to have a paper as malleable in meaning as my work intends to be, otherwise the idea of fluid m . . .
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    Raggs, Talicia
    "Ceoulman" is an original one-hour pilot about Jimmy Ceoul, popular Chicago radio personality of the 70's. The pilot follows him as he must learn to juggle his work life in the destructive music industry with his normal family life at home. All while . . .
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    Curtis, Adquanita
    A drama-driven suspense about a traveling nurse who, with the help of her sister and pill addicted recruiter, go to great lengths to keep her husband and children from finding out about her secret second family.
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    Cisneros, Ricardo
    Born and raised in South Los Angeles, I was raised in a culture of street crime and poverty. Growing up in an environment that lacked financial resources and educational opportunities, I would study pop culture and marketing. Poverty can become a psyc . . .
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    Mckendry, David
    Kevin Brooks returns to his small App alachian hometown of Elk Horn, Kentucky after his discharge from the Army. Suffering from severe PTSD and concussive brain injury, Kevin struggles with his pain and the memories of his time in Afghanistan. Once ho . . .