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    Marron, Mary
    Youth unemployment is a growing concern. Youth are in a critical stage in their lives where they are transitioning from school to work. For youth that are not able to find employment soon after high school, it may have detrimental impacts on future em . . .
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    Valle, Jacqueline
    The current health care system in the United States (U.S.) is one of the most inefficient and ineffective systems in comparison to most other high-income countries (Sanders, n.d.). The U.S. currently spends more money on health care than other high-in . . .
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    Isayan, Diana
    In the global business environment, multinational corporations (MNCs) operate under different labor laws. These regulations govern the industrial relations (IR) systems within MNCs. This research seeks to explore the impact of IR policies on commitmen . . .
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    Molina, Jonathan
    The paper reviews the mentally ill prison population and their growing prison rate in California's criminal justice system. The mentally ill prison population in California is currently lacking adequate mental health care and policies that can shape a . . .
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    Sanders, Tracey
    Taking away Planned Parenthood's access to Medicaid funding requires a change in the federal law providing most Medicaid patients with a choice to use any qualified provider. The Department of Health and Human Services has warned states that have trie . . .
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    Khachatryan, Mariana
    This paper presents the proposal of a research study to examine ways of enhancing California's current prison legislation to help inform additional ways in which the County of Los Angeles can address the large gap in recidivism among the mentally ill . . .
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    Matus, Xiomara
    Abstract The Impact of the California Parent Leave Act on Female Los Angeles Police Officers: A Qualitative Study By Xiomara Matus Master of Public Administration in Public Sector Management and Leadership The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), a p . . .
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    Sanchez, Cynthia
    Health care in the United States is shifting away from fee-for-service payment methods and beginning to embrace value-based initiatives. Prices charged for health care services have been lucratively hidden from public view in the past and have caused . . .
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    Escandon, Eugenia
    Ethics in Public Administration is a growing interest for researchers interested in the future of government and the public sector. This study is conducted to explore and expand the subject of ethical leadership in the public sector using past finding . . .
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    Mosley, Angelica
    Examining the government and society's goals is difficult when considering the many facets of penal policy and its overarching objectives. The public's expectations, along with delivering highly effective penal policies, can be complicated considering . . .
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    Phillips, Kelei
    This study will examine the consequential effects of parental incarceration in association to a child’s healthy development. Increasing rates of incarceration in the United States have prompted a need to further explore these effects, as children pose . . .
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    Galarza, Maricela
    This policy analysis focus is to determine how Proposition 64: Adult Use Marijuana Act (AUMA) implemention is efficient to benefit the State of California. The vision for legalizing marijuana in California is to collect revenue, allocate funding, crea . . .
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    Ramos villares, Daniel
    The Millennial generation is America's largest, shadowing the current size of the baby boomer generation. This generation of individuals born between 1980 and 1994 is soon to move into managerial and upper management positions within nonprofit organiz . . .
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    De La Cruz, Larissa
    This paper examines leadership styles at the local city level and how they impacts communication and performance. The study will examine the various leadership styles of directors within two city organizations and how they impact communication amongst . . .
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    Santoscoy, Heather
    Maintaining employee motivation in the public sector has been considered vital to the success of organizations. A fundamental factor for a public sector organization is its effort to cultivate a positive work culture that encourages innovation, fairne . . .
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    Geragoosian, Angine
    Abstract Disaster Preparedness in the Public Sector By Angine Geragoosian Master of Public Administration in Public Sector Management and Leadership Disasters can cause major damage to life and property and public administrators have a responsibility . . .
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    Safa, Lina
    Public administrators are entitled to a certain extent of discretionary authority while implementing laws, but are limited by the expectation that they interpret them with good intentions, comply with the legislature, and exercise them ethically to av . . .
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    Truong, Vilong
    This graduate project seeks to determine whether millennials in the public sector prefer transformational or transactional leadership styles. This project proposes to survey millennials on different leadership characteristics to see if they would pref . . .
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    Cruz, Teresita
    Employees at the Department of Public Social Services (DPSS) are union members through SEIU Local 721, which represents them through written contracts that deal with issues like wages and benefits, working conditions, and the right to grievances again . . .
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    Peltier, Jamie
    The coastal zones in California support biological resources, natural ecosystems, and substantial human populations and the problem is ensuring there is adequate protection of the coastal zone through the existing governmental framework in place. The . . .
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    Delgado, Alby
    Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in the United States create inclusion through the provision of essential supplies and services to some of the world's most vulnerable populations. To achieve their global missions, they are reliant on external fun . . .
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    Aranda, Jaqueline
    Financial scandals and fiscal mismanagement have become commonplace in the nonprofit sector. There are several factors that contribute to the nonprofit sector's financial woes. Overhead ratio perception, accounting errors, lack of structure, and inacc . . .
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    Gant, Ambra
    Abstract The Importance of the Implementation of Public Policy and Utilizing Assessable Means to Protect Society Against Sexual Assaults By Ambra Gant Master of Public Administration in Public Sector Management and Leadership The goal of this research . . .
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    D'Rozario, Seanna
    In the United States, the most common drug attributing to overdose deaths are primarily synthetic opioids. Drug overdose mortality rates related to opioids have increased by more than 44% in recent years according to the National Institute on Drug Abu . . .
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    Vardanyan, Heghine
    Purpose: The purpose of this study is to explore the U.S. government's response in addressing epidemics throughout recent history. Infectious diseases are an ongoing threat to the livelihood of the population and public health. With the rise in the em . . .
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    Flores, Brenda
    Public agencies undergo organizational changes that impact organizational functions, processes, and staff. This study highlights organizational change approaches and examines the impacts that changes have on employees, particularly employees at the Lo . . .
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    Ngo, Julia
    Motivation plays a major role in whether an employee intends to leave or stay in an organization. As far as distinguishing key motivational factors impacting employees within the public sector, there are many gaps. This study will analyze intrinsic an . . .
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    Lavey, Charity
    College retention rates for minority students have become a relevant issue for administrators in the last few decades. Compared to White students, Hispanic students experience a 12-percentage point gap in college graduation and Black students experien . . .
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    Vargas, Carolina
    This paper examines the association between Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) and utilization of conventional medicine within the U.S health care system. The Donabedian’s model is used to analyze the structure-process-outcomes measures that . . .
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    Ruiz, Wendy
    Retail health clinics and urgent care clinics - generally known as walk-in clinics - have represented a large and rapidly growing sector in the landscape of the delivery of health care. These clinics aim to relieve the excess amount of utilization of . . .
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    Centanaro, Gardenia
    This research paper supports literature review that suggests core values of an organization play an important role in the formation of its culture. The aim of this research paper is to answer the question "How do organizational values impact organizat . . .
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    Norwood, Lindsay
    The purpose of this exploratory study is to discuss two leadership theories and what principles of those theories are taken and applied to an individual's leadership role to show how gender and leadership have evolved in its implementation in Public A . . .
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    Alvarez, Crystal
    After a review of the current literature on the use of technology in the public sector, questions on the current state of e-government at the local level arise. The rate at which technology is developing is at a speed that is far too fast for public o . . .
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    Blkhoyan, Arpine
    When an individual is labeled as an inmate, society automatically brands the individual as a criminal. Even though they are not prisoners, they are still prisoners within our society. Meaning, that even if an inmate serves his/her time for the crime t . . .
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    Radillo, Irma
    Managers at the Department of Public Social Services and labor union representatives of these employees are traditionally thought of as separate entities which are independent of each other. Although not always obvious, they do in fact they have a wor . . .
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    Robinson, Briana
    The competency and the ability to effectively aid the targeted populations served by a public organization rely on the professionals who are put into leadership positions to implement policies. Implementing theories into practice will improve the over . . .
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    Leong, Monica
    Management is a professional task that is carried out by an individual who is required to have rank or power. The main purpose of the manager is to carry out the responsibilities of the organization, practice discipline and follow up on the organizati . . .
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    Randolph, Mary
    As factors such as structure, culture, and management and leadership shift within the realm of public service there will be a requirement to analyze what motivates people to work. As the needs of the incumbent workforce change it will become essential . . .
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    Maggard, Woodrow Wilson, Jr.
    This study focuses on the transfer of computer technology to a local assessment jurisdiction and the impact on the professional appraisers involved in the transfer. The Ventura County assessor's office, one of the first counties in the nation to adapt . . .
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    Karchikyan, Andranik
    This research paper identifies various benefits and consequences technology has in the public sector. To gain an understanding, the research paper identifies how public administrators in the Department of Public Social Services (DPSS) in Los Angeles C . . .
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    Mercado, Steven
    The concept of accountability and Public agencies or bureaucracies go hand in hand. Public agencies at their core exist to serve the people, which also means they should be held accountable to the people. This research will try to measure the level of . . .
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    Zapata, Danielle
    Despite both federal and local government policies implemented, the issue of wage disparity among genders in the workplace persists. This phenomenon, known as the gender wage gap, can be found throughout the public sector and amid all levels of govern . . .
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    Serna, Javier
    The project will identify current dysfunctions in the Lanterman-Petris-Short conservatorship process and how managed care affects this process for severely mentally ill individuals. Currently, severely mentally ill individuals face significant barrier . . .
  • Dn39x4738?file=thumbnail
    Gluvna, Elizabeth
    In response to more Americans turning to social media for news, an increasing number of public sector organizations are using these channels to disseminate information, engage citizens, and improve transparency, trust, and compliance. This shift has p . . .
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    Karaguozian, Jozette
    Abstract The Long-term Impact of Social Media Screening in the Public Sector By Jozette Karaguozian Master of Public Administration in Public Sector Management and Leadership The current technological advances such as social media screenings have chan . . .
  • Pc289n032?file=thumbnail
    Ramirez Pico, Maria
    ABSTRACT Vulnerability Caused by COVID-19 in Emergency Management in Public Administration By Maria Ramirez-Pico Master of Public Administration in Public Sector Management and Leadership Pandemics can cause a significant loss of lives and economic lo . . .
  • Tm70mx994?file=thumbnail
    Avakian, Katya
    The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) approved the use of Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) to deliver high quality care for beneficiaries while lowering costs. The voluntary program first began in January of 2012 and was directly co . . .
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    Alob, Sean
    The purpose of this study was to identify actions on how to address the need for nonprofit leadership in charter schools to positively influence employee motivation and student outcomes. The central problem is the effects of leadership on program desi . . .
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    Diaz, Vanessa
    In California, public schools must abide by the Education Section code 51210. The Education Section Code 51210 requires two hundred minutes of physical education every ten school days for children in grades one through six. This equates to three and a . . .
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    Robinson, Estella
    This project will discuss the infant mortality disparity among African Americans and how public policy changes regarding non-physician providers' (NPPs) role in the American healthcare system can improve birth outcomes for this vulnerable population. . . .