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    Gilbertson, Max L.
    In the last century photography has been recognized as a media for recording visual stimuli. Photographers such as M. Brady (11), T. O'Sullivan (12), and D. Hill (17) have concentrated on taking pictures of social events or natural phenomenon. More re . . .
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    Hattier, Charlene
    Abstract Art as a Tool for Communication: The Importance of Social Justice Art Curriculum By Charlene Hattier Master of Art in Art, Art Education The general question to be investigated is, “How do educators address difficult, controversial topics of . . .
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    Escalante, Danny
    Personal mythology perceived through adolescent desire, and quotidian events inform my work. Through a variety of media, I explore themes of mark making, identity and environment. By dissecting and reassembling the elements that comprise a painting in . . .
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    Karr, Crystal
    This document is about my transformative teaching experience. Through my own teaching and research I have discovered that art becomes more meaningful when it contains both technique and content. I found that students become more engaged when the art c . . .
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    Abers, Marilyn
    Burdens and supports is the beginning idea--amorphous organs of clay, bound, supported and pierced by ribbons of steel. The clay reacts to the steel which is constructed first, like the feminine dancer following the masculine lead. The clay harmonizes . . .
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    Costa, Geneva
    My work explores the relationship between the female body and contemporary cultural, political, and societal manifestations of gender. Autobiographical in their genesis, these representational paintings use allegory to illustrate my experience as an A . . .
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    Gilliland-Swetland, Tanner
    At the core of my work is the question, what constitutes a community? My interdisciplinary practice, centered around three-dimensional object making, often uses forms that reference minimalism, urban design, and do-it-yourself construction. I am inter . . .
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    Arthur, Michael Douglas
    The camera is one of the most precise instruments available to the artist for visual expression. Together with the artist's good sense for composition, the camera lens format helps in the elimination of distracting elements in the environment. By its . . .
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    Kern, Peggy Kroto
    The purpose of this study was to research art experiences of an expressive nature appropriate for the mentally retarded child at the elementary school level. The research was conducted in a public elementary school for trainably retarded children and . . .
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    Burt, Donna
    The four series presented in this abstract represent the development of a simple idea, that of a landscape etching, into a technically complex serial image expressing some of the many changes which constantly occur to the landscape. Through a combinat . . .
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    Gottlieb, Joyce R.
    The purpose of this study is to demonstrate the survival and celebration of the classical myth of Phaëthon in the visual arts of sixteenth-century Italy, with particular attention to the meaning and function of this myth for patron and artist. The ear . . .
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    Jones, Bonnie Lynne
    The "Egg and Rope Series" evolved as a synthesis of ideas, conscious and unconscious, molded into an expression through a conceptual and physical act, involving materials, space and time. My intention was to utilize two seemingly unrelated objects, th . . .
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    Hannah, Gerald D.
    In searching for a subject that would be both stimulating in appearance and provocative in imaginative response, I selected the Carrousel. In justifying this choice one could reflect on the romantic vision of a baroque menagerie frozen in an eternal p . . .
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    Evans, Joan Linda
    Art education has had a low priority in elementary school curriculums. The average elementary classroom teacher's lack of training and experience in art education causes dependence on stereotype approaches, dittos, copying, and tracing in place of ori . . .
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    Trethewey, Mary Richardson
    I have chosen to work with clay and metal to fulfill a dream of warmth, grace, and simplicity which speaks to primary human emotions and reinforces that which we have in common with one another. Paradoxically, I have been conditioned by a highly speci . . .
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    Smith, Richard Michael
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    Mendez, Xavier R.
    The study of the world forces me to realize that our common language is not only inaccurate, but totally inadequate to describe reality. The illusion lies in our point of view if we think that shapes and structures, things and events around us are rea . . .
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    Ornitz, Marguerite
    PREFACE The continuum of time has been a constant preoccupation of humankind. The opening verse of Ecclesiastes reads: The earth abideth forever; and there is no new thing under the sun. Aristotle writes: Since the "now" is an end and a beginning of t . . .
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    Castillo, Katrina
    My work is inspired by personal observations and experience. I am interested in how people choose to express and present themselves to others, either through clothing, things they collect or how they choose to display their home. Shelter culture also . . .
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    Sixbey, Michael C.
    It seems to me there are two basic categories into which one could place information on craftsmen or artists: philosophy and technique. And so, perhaps I should divide this abstract into, first, a statement on my philosophy, and second, a statement on . . .
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    Gerber, Elizabeth Leighton
    My thesis project, LA: Observing the Urban - Rural, is a series of monuments I have installed in various locations throughout Los Angeles County, in particular sites where urban and rural environments meet. While each monument varies depending on the . . .
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    Cortez, Beatriz
    My work explores the human condition at the intersection of issues such as war and immigration, where race, class, ethnicity, and culture contribute to the complex portrayal of human experience. As human beings we are vulnerable to the violence that w . . .
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    Golchin, Frough
    The labors of vision create the view of a world in which persistence and change act as eternal antagonists. Changes are perceived as mere accidentals of underlying persistent identity, but perception also reveals constancy as the shortsighted look of . . .
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    Mattis, Nadia
    When photographing, I am drawn to abandoned places, and I make a variety of photographs at each site. Like the medium of photography, which documents subjects that no longer exist, the remnants of these once populated, vital spaces acknowledge a simil . . .
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    Genovese, Maria
    The intention of this project was to research and compile, information about innovative tour programs for children, including the author's own museum experience working in an Art Gallery which uses innovative touring methods. The author participated i . . .
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    Brown, Marion Louise
    Metal is not a spontaneous medium. Creating a form is a cooperative venture between the artist and the material. It requires time, much planning, patience and sensitivity to the response of the metal to the touch of the tool. With the complementary te . . .
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    Gawalis, Nichole
    My photographic practice embodies the concept of the flâneur. I seek out new but strangely familiar places and experiences, and this quietly adventurous mood informs the work. I am drawn to the narrative possibilities of photography and I use analogue . . .
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    Jones, Emily
    My mixed media paintings and sculptures draw on an archive of photographs, ephemera, and oral documentation inherited from my Midwestern family. My current body of work focuses on exploring specific memories from this history. Working with the archive . . .
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    Gilbertson, Max L.
    In the last century photography has been recognized as a media for recording visual stimuli. Photographers such as M. Brady (11), T. O'Sullivan (12), and D. Hill (17) have concentrated on taking pictures of social events or natural phenomenon. More re . . .
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    Kimble, Cythia Lee
    The romantic preoccupation with the ruin in the graphic arts can be traced back to its tentative beginnings at the end of the fifteenth century. In spite of the sixteenth century's emphasis on Renaissance perspective and exactitude, the growing intere . . .
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    Deardorff, Dale Scott
    "Personal Expressions" is the culmination of approximately three years work and effort split between California State University, Northridge and Otis Parsons School of Design. As an artist I tend to appreciate the photographic image and chose long ago . . .
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    Gibbs, Priscilla S.
    This thesis will trace the iconographic transformation of the mythological Greek poet and musician, Orpheus. As one of the most complex and versatile of the Greek mythological figures, Orpheus has been a favorite subject for both art and literature th . . .
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    Mealiffe, Karen Ring
    The Sea when viewed by the naked eye offers forth a grandeur that has tempted the creative instincts of many artists. That part of the sea visible under a microscope provides an additional realm of form, texture, and color largely unknown to most huma . . .
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    George, Daniel
    My body of work deals with nostalgia for a bucolic upbringing by melding a fusion of past aesthetics and present experiences and techniques. Life is an adventurous journey that I am constantly amazed with and this work shows my pure inspiration for th . . .
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    Fischer, Rochelle
    The focus of this thesis is the relationship between Chicana/o Art and multicultural art education, which specifically addresses a growing Hispanic student population and evolving definitions of Chicana/o multicultural art and artists. The significanc . . .
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    Read, Jack A.
    Following the completion of my undergraduate work I spent I five years handcrafting jewelry, using the lost wax casting technique. My interest in sculpture resulted from the' dissatisfaction of working on a small scale. Because of the desire to work d . . .
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    Lucas, Ronald Dexter
    Have you ever, when in the process of working with clay, created a ball for wedging and then cut this ball in half with wire? Upon doing this, did you observe the beautiful relationship of the halves to each other, and the spherical shape of the plane . . .
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    Starr, David Whelpley
    The hardware associated with aerospace equipment has been treated largely from an illustrative point of view by most artists. The unique environment in which this material functions suggests an entirely different type of portrayal which is neither abs . . .
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    Yoerger, Ronald Anthony
    While studying environmental art, I reflected upon my own experiences related to the environment and its impact upon me. Largely, these experiences were gained while growing up on our family farm in Iowa, where the environment played an important role . . .
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    Freed, Nadia
    Durer's 1504 Adoration of the Magi was commissioned by the Elector Frederick the Wise of Saxony for his private chapel in the Schlosskirche at Wittenberg. The painting has been in the Uffizi collection since the eighteenth century. Best known today fo . . .
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    Sandoval, Monica
    ABSTRACT The Mirror By Monica Mancilla Sandoval Master of Arts in Visual Arts My work explores the social constructs of the "ideal" body. Through video performance, installation, and object making I examine perceived "weaknesses" associated with my ow . . .
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    Wieseneck, Despina
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    Keedy, Patricia Moore
    This is a study of the 38 heads painted by the artist Alexei von Jawlensky which are contained in the Galka E. Scheyer Collection at the Norton Simon Museum of Art in Pasadena, California. These paintings were executed between 1910 and 1937 by the Rus . . .
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    Ross, Richard S.
    As an artist, one of my interests has been the observation and documentation through photographs of textures and surfaces. This interest has often brought me to photograph walls because they are rich and varied in texture. In the course of photographi . . .
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    Peter, Richard Clark
    Nearly all woodwork consists of joining pieces of wood together to create something. Every joint can therefore be considered as a solution to a specific problem of how to hold wood together. It is also possible, however, to consider joinery as a solut . . .
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    Weber, Joan Margery
    Most events and paintings have a beginning, middle, and end -- or if not that -- they have some kind of order, even if it be only cause and effect. My type of order is based on what is immediate to me. I can't see something "in the round" until it is . . .
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    Hendrickson, David
    My paintings recombine, repeat, redact, and crop elements, materials, and objects to elicit a sense of absurdist absence and alienation. Digitally manipulating and collaging appropriated images, especially those that acknowledge the body, allow me to . . .
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    Wood, David Laurence
    Involvement in art eventually encounters the question of: why create; what is the purpose of art? Perhaps the solution is brought to light while focusing on the phenomenon of change and constancy. It is strange how every physical thing is in a state o . . .
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    Ahal, Sahara
    Abstract Waste and Want By Sahara Ahal Master of Arts in Art, Visual Arts What is a beginning or end, right or wrong, dirty or clean? My work explores the ideas of appropriateness and familiarity. The link between the man-made and natural worlds trigg . . .
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    Chapin, Susan Enid
    Sculpture installations from the Master's Show have much to do with both visual and psychological factors dealing with conscious and unconscious layers of perception. The presentation was considered in terms of a total room environment and involved a . . .
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    Stewart, Cynthia Anne
    The work I have produced is the result of my psychological exploration of myself and consequently, a revelationary selfportrait. The content is derived from my close personal involvement with a murder victim and the effect it has had on me. The focus . . .
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    Dovitch, Dana Anne
    The purpose of this project was to determine the extent to which the artistic expressiveness of fifth grade children of white middle-income families could be changed by introducing a series of treatments displaying an ethnic heritage different than th . . .
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    Salazar, Selina
    I use ceramics to recall and record memories and new knowledge that shape my understanding of home. As a first generation Mexican-American, I reconnect with ancestral knowledge and heritage that was lost when my family migrated to the United States. T . . .
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    Bell, Jonathan
    By means of material manipulation and adverse messaging, my work exhibits a critical response to the maleficent control and reliance businesses impose over employees and consumers alike. Through graphic representation and typographic expression I util . . .
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    Joubert, Juliette a.
    "Friends of a new understanding, new philosophers, we can finally smile with pleasure on the graces of our art." Giorgio de Chirico, On Metaphysical Art 1919. In the traditional sense, artists painted landscapes as they viewed them. The arrangement of . . .
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    Zuniga, Guillermina
    My profound connection to trees functions as the subject of my two- and threedimensional work. Using collage, drawing, installation, painting, sculpture, and video, I explore humanity's interdependence with and disconnection from nature. The lifecycle . . .
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    Anderson, Lucy
    The self-referential nature of abstract painting, its utter lack of need to be about anything except its own surface, may be equated with our century's questioning of supposedly absolute physical yardsticks. Scientists have come around to the view tha . . .
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    Garcia, Annette Selena
    The purpose of this descriptive study was to compile research exploring the process of visual imagery as it relates to cognitive learning. Two major modes of processing information include verbal coding and visual imagery. Verbal coding involves symbo . . .
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    Klein, Vera McHenry
    The objective of this study is to provide a background for an evaluation of the contribution of Charles Dana Gibson to the history of American art as well as to the social history of America through the medium of graphic art. The paper gives an accoun . . .
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    Solval, Janet
    The mail subscription project, Bloom, exists within the discourse of Mail Art and reaches an audience beyond the literal and virtual gallery space. Photography, poetry, video, and painting comprise the varied approaches I use in order to engage the vi . . .
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    Loree, Christopher
    Art comes from the art that came before us and from culture. I believe that the most effective way to transmit formal concepts in my teaching is to use strong visual examples from the past, that show specific concepts for achieving success in figurati . . .
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    Smenner, Edmund Ray
    The purpose of this abstract is to bring the intents of the artist into the realm of the viewer, to clarify these intents, and to answer any questions the viewer might raise concerning the work itself. It is hoped that, having read the abstract, the v . . .
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    Sharar, Gene
    The project contains two audio-visual units. These units are designed as teaching aids for the instruction of high school photography. The teaching aids are concerned with the photographic image of motion or subject movement. Visual material on 35 m s . . .
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    Kaminsky, Kathleen
    The vagaries, the vicissitudes of my life, and of others, are the predominant ideologies of my art. I see the human condition as a serious middle-class inquisitive ego-centric humorous sensitive caring level-headed poorly disciplined disillusioned dem . . .
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    Cormack, Robert Linn
    This series of paintings demonstrated horizontal configurations of interrelating bands of color. The problem is to present a composition, within a rectangular framework, allowing for maximum color juxtaposition within a severely non-representational f . . .
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    Wilson, Rochelle
    This excerpt from an inscription found in Old St. Paul's Church in Baltimore, dated 1692, serves well to describe the content I hope to communicate in my painting have aimed at an expanded pictorial space that has continuity beyond the canvas. An emot . . .
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    Castaneda, Victor H.
    Boredom, intuition, and my experiences inform my sculpture, drawings, and photographs. I create otherworldly images by combining found and forgotten objects such as mannequins, street signs, toys, and trash cans. By activating sensory experience throu . . .
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    Botts, Carroll Lynn
    It is my intention to illustrate the interrelationship of architecture and politics in Fascist Italy through an analysis of the 1934 and 1937 competitions for the design of the Palazzo del Littorio in Rome, Italy. These competitions were among several . . .
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    Hodson, Dorothy Jean Hosford
    This study is essentially a survey of existing resources available to Southern California art teachers in the realm of the non-European arts: i.e,the arts of Africa, Asia, the Pre-Columbian Americas and Oceania. It is intended to serve as a resource m . . .
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    Kopitz, Cynthia J.
    I see ideas as shapes, patterns or dynamic forms. The intent of my graduate course in sculpture has been toward weaving a matrix between the work of art, the system which creates the work of art and the system which observes the work of art. The final . . .
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    Edwards, Betty W.
    Art educators genera1y agree that adolescents often experience anxiety in connection with classroom art work. The anxiety is particularly linked to figure drawing, because the student’s self-criticism is especially harsh in regards to his inability to . . .
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    Flavin, Anna Marie
    The complex language of food subtly communicates volumes. "Tell me what you eat, and I shall tell you what you are,"declared the acclaimed gastronome Jean Antheleme Brillat-Savarin in 1825. Alimentary interaction is not only an indicator of individual . . .
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    Splane, Robson Lindsay
    Through my graduate studies, my intent has been to broaden my field of experience in applied design, and to develop a methodology applicable to many forms of design. By my election to expand from Wood design to include Industrial design, I am not limi . . .
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    Gaughan, Michael James
    I created a total art/environment about the parking lot apartment life that makes up a major portion of the city of Northridge, California. It is for this reason that this artistic performance took place in apartment setting. To represent this concept . . .
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    Freeman, Vida
    Because my Master's show does not follow a traditional craft format, I think it is necessary to preface its physical description with a brief explanation of my influences and present thinking. I have been involved seriously with ceramics for about fif . . .
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    Zwerg-Hickey, Doris Lynn
    My fascination with quilts began in childhood. I have an extraordinary mother, who allowed me to use (and wear out) a gold satin quilt. The quilt had been exquisitely stitched in the “all white” technique by my grandmother and aunt in about 1920. It w . . .
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    Lovette, Sylvia Carroll
    Through the application of twentieth century concepts in art, this artistic performance relating two levels of conceptual and visual reality is made possible. The nucleus of the work involves an object used ambiguously, first for its objective express . . .
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    Segatta, Bruno
    ... "The combination of individual requirements and technology is recognizable in the shape of old buildings, and determined the planning of cities. When observing a medieval village in remote parts of central Italy, we are intrigued by how the irregu . . .
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    Harvey, Barbara
    I have long been interested in the provocative nature of everyday items that tend to be taken for granted. These are throwaway things that are compelling because of their omnipresence and utilitarian nature. Paper bags epitomize what Daniel Douke has . . .
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    Parkins, Alice Baird
    Minimal Art is strongly appealing to me; I'm drawn to it as well as its predecessors as iron fillings are drawn to a magnet. I feel that my work is a variant of this movement, In my search for simplicity and a feeling of spaciousness, I work large for . . .
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    Isaacs, Marcia Garfield
  • Qv33s092v?file=thumbnail
    Forsyth, Randall Scott
    My work is a search for visual equivalents--in form, color, line, and scale--to my inner experiences. I fear being the perennial drop of water, following the path of least resistance. My working process, as reflected in my work, is a series of persona . . .
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    Hayles, Mona L.
    When I began writing about my work originally, I had an idea of what it should be like: A factual record of my show. It would be informative, professional, businesslike. I started writing. I outlined, organized, correlated, corrected and rewrote… I le . . .
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    Chappell, Robert Donald
    The purpose of this study is to suggest a mythological origin for the funerary architecture of the Eighteenth, Nineteenth and Twentieth Dynasties in ancient Egypt. This is done by establishing that the tomb in the Predynastic, Archaic, Old Kingdom and . . .
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    Bird, Annette Rose
    In this emphasis on form and the subordination of the parts to the whole, I believe I move away from the mainstream of assemblage as a style. Assemblage, during its relatively short existence as a media or technique, lying somewhere between collage an . . .
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    Hazama, Karen Naomi
    Terumi is a Japanese name meaning shining and beautiful, and although my heritage is not something I consciously attempt to include in my work, the elegance, harmony and quiet beauty of Japanese art and craft are qualities I value and do try to emulat . . .
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    Ker, John
    The Project TOM STEEL CERAMICS: This project consists of a film and sound track. It is intended to explore the Fine Arts approach to the audio-visual production of educational materials. This presentation assumes that either a competent instructor is . . .
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    Hellbusch, Judy Ann
    The Akan peoples who inhabit most of Ghana and some territories in the Ivory Coast, have a long-standing metal tradition, particularly in the manufacture of gold and brass items. The subject of this discourse is the multitude of animal motifs which oc . . .
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    Abukurah, Hazar M. Hijazi
    The purpose of this thesis is to study the need for a manual of creative arts and crafts that can be used by pediatric nurses for hospitalized children and by families and friends of sick or disabled children at home or in other facilities. This manua . . .
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    Delate, Tirsa
    Time is a fundamental parameter in my practice, and it denotes the spontaneity and transience of events. Interactive performance and video works explore the connections between loss and sanctuary, acknowledging subjective perceptions of time and memor . . .
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    Leib, Linda Ellen
    The show in its presentation is intended to reveal that medical illustration not only encompasses anatomical or other physical representation related solely to medico-surgical fields, but also any and all graphic work related to the hospital and/or re . . .
  • Gm80hz65r?file=thumbnail
    Creighton, Lynn Goldsmith
    Philosophy Through my art work, I seek to reawaken man to the power of nature and his relationship to it, because, through my actions as an artist, I become more and more aware of this interconnection. The force of nature as it sculpts its contours ha . . .
  • Dv13zx46p?file=thumbnail
    Sorenson, Donald Craig
    Since the beginning of the twentieth century the style termed "Modernism," seems to have rapidly depleted itself, and we now have what some critics have termed "post--Modernism. This situation particularly affects painting, in which forms, methods, an . . .
  • V405sd90f?file=thumbnail
    Blume, Gloria
    During the Roman Empire elite patrona, middle-class freedwomen and working-class women were honored by art images reflecting a range of statues with the same social ambition as Roman men. These women commissioned architecture, monuments and public and . . .
  • Jh343w345?file=thumbnail
    Klinger, Carol J.
    Painting is the visual means. by .which I express the experiences of my life and what I feel while I am creating the work. The work itself is an object which holds upon its surface the physical evidence I have put there—paint applied to canvas. The pa . . .
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    Lytle, Lawrence Lee
    SECTION I “ “…there are three hundred and sixty-four days when you might get un-birthday presents---“ “Certainly,” said Alice. “And only one for birthday presents, you know. There’s glory for you!” “I don’t know what you mean by ‘glory,’” Alice said. . . .
  • 5t34sp22t?file=thumbnail
    Valentine, Karen J.
    My main concern is space, but not in the more formal terms that are generally dealt with in an art context. I am concerned with space in a way that relates more directly to people and their feelings about themselves and their environment. These I defi . . .
  • T435gh72v?file=thumbnail
    Carrie, Evaline
    These etchings are the result of research of many aesthetic possibilities that are available to the contemporary printmaker. After working in the traditional printmaking methods for many years, this effort was a challenge and a search for a new imager . . .
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    Dayley, Heli Arja Sairanen
    Subject: For the work I have chosen an often observed, but seldom painted subject, the California freeways. They have always held my respect and admiration. The massive network of asphalt and concrete, sometimes very dreary and ugly, yet sometimes ver . . .