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    Jordan, Susan
    As I near the completion of my formal education, I would certainly be a fool if I did not arrive at a theoretical basis from which I can put into practice what my education has helped me learn. This principle applies to all areas of counseling which I . . .
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    Osborn, Janice Marie
    The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of two different teaching methodologies on the sight vocabulary and reading comprehension of first grade children. The subjects in the experimental group learned sight vocabulary through the use o . . .
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    Solberg, Dorothy L.
    [Purpose of Study] This research was conducted to investigate a statement made by John R. Bormuth. He indicates that when the student regards material as too easy for him, he exhibits avoidance behaviors claiming that the materials are "childish" and . . .
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    Graduate project
    Rapier, Mary K.
    This paper attempts to demonstrate by reviewing the history of and the periodical literature on deaf-blindness in the United States, the need for a journal for professionals working with persons who are deaf-blind. The review was conducted by research . . .
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    Graduate project
    Stump, Joanne Mary
    The purpose of this paper is to provide a guide to be used by non- English-speaking parents of deaf children who are educated in schools that conduct classes in English, The lack of a set of guidelines for �now English-speaking parents of deaf childre . . .
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    Graduate project
    Laughna, Robert J.
    Communication is the greatest problem of the deaf and significantly hearing-impaired. Deaf and hearing-impaired persons feel that many services and benefits that governmental agencies offer are not accessible to the deaf and hearing-impaired because o . . .
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    Graduate project
    Morris, Eloise McKay
    This paper discusses the past and present plight of persons who rightly or wrongly are diagnosed and labeled as being deaf with additional handicaps. It is indicated that a process evolves from this labeling. The labeling induces certain stigmatizatio . . .
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    Ghazarossian, Seta A.
    Both students and teachers need to know of the occupations wherein a knowledge of foreign languages is advantageous. This project offers guidelines to both audiences as they seek to learn about specialized and non-specialized uses of foreign languages . . .
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    Ricci, Geraldine Marie
    A need for improved communication between the director of secondary education and secondary reading teachers in Ventura county and inservice education which could be provided for them resulted in this study. A questionnaire was mailed to 57 reading te . . .
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    Zeff, Deborah Bricklin
    The objective of this thesis is to analyze the prevailing concepts regarding ritual, setting forth suggestions which may help form a more adequate understanding of ritual and its underlying symbolism. Under the impetus of Piaget, Bruner, and others, h . . .