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    Dopps, Orville Lloyd
    The purpose of this report, is to provide some insight into the so called “Black Magic” world of Reliability Engineering. How does an engineer predict the reliability of a system? Can a systems reliability be improved? How many hours of tests are requ . . .
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    Cable, Vaughn Paul
    The scattering of a non-uniform plane surface wave by an arbitrarily tilted thin metallic strip located near a dielectric coated ground plane is investigated both theoretically and experimentally. Two of the scattering coefficients, s11 and s22, are c . . .
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    Hinze, Lee Roy
    This report describes in detail the work performed to develop a computer model of an in-flight artificially produced icing cloud. A primary feature of the model includes the calculation of the trajectories of evaporating droplets as they move in the f . . .
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    Opperman, Daniel Charles
    This thesis is an evaluation of a least squares algorithm developed by North American Rockwell (NAR). The NAR algorithm was previously implemented for locating radar emitters in airborne data collection systems, and was considered for implementation b . . .
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    King, Robert I-Fang
    This graduate project represents the initial phase of a research and development effort to design a fiber optics local area network capable of handling up to 50 million bits per second data transfer rate. The network consists of 16 nodes connected to . . .
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    Atmeh, Elias M.
    This project includes the design and implementation of a floppy disk drive exerciser. The design consists of two main parts: Hardware and software. The hardware allows control of drive selection, head loading, track seeking, formatting as well as read . . .
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    Dergham, Samara A.
    The objective of this project is to study the comfort of occupants in high-rise buildings in normal wind conditions. Chang's (2) recommendations for comfort limits were used. In his methodology the comfort stage is classified as: not perceptible, perc . . .
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    Zaharov, Eugene
    The concept of Management Information System (MIS) as used within this thesis refers to a defined set of procedures accomplished manually or with the aid of automated equipment whereby data is collected and processed to provide the management of an or . . .
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    Alber, Eileen Ann Cartwright
    This project consists of the structural analysis of a universal joint suspension system used to provide a frictionless, torqueless, disturbance free support for the spinning mass of a tuned rotor strapdown gyro. The analysis assumed 10 G accelerations . . .
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    Karlsten, Keith Karl
    The problem investigated in this thesis is the optimum orientation and sizing of the structural members within a given structural configuration. The synthesis is accomplished by a combination of parametric component results with mathematical programmi . . .
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    Visco, Louis Emil
    This project describes a method of reducing integrated range sidelobes in hi-phase encoded pulse compression radar by using multiple codes during integration. It describes a Code Generating Algorithm (CGA) to find candidate pseudo-noise codes that sat . . .
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    Bircsak, Garin Sandford
    Power division can be realized in many ways but the method suggested by Chapell lends itself to wide bandwidth microstripline techniques and is closely examined here. The fundamentals of N-way power dividers are briefly reviewed and broadband 2-way po . . .
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    Hamilton, Steven Eugene
    This thesis presents the development of a new type of I~ATT diode power accumulator. The design has twice the capacity of similar accumulators of the same size. The circuit offers high combining efficiency, reduced thermal interaction and broad tuning . . .
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    McMaster, Michael Alan
    I was employed at the Pacific Missile Test Center as the Flight Test Engineer on the SHRIKE missile between July 1975 and June 1976. During this period I conducted a Navy Technical Evaluation and an Initial Operational Test and Evaluation (NTE/IOT&E) . . .
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    Patel, Kantilal M.
    The purpose of this project is to study optimum weight design for the nonprestressed structure, using “compatibility analysis”. The result is then compared with the determinant case. A structural system is described by a set of quantities, some of whi . . .
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    Goudey, Dale Alan
    The problem of processing measured data for use with the Kalman filter is considered. Specifically, the problem is that of tracking an airborne target with measurements obtained by radar. The direction observation and filtering processes are investiga . . .
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    Valentino, Michael John
    In a conventional bearing one race is fixed, while the other race rotates. However, in a contra-rotating bearing the inner race rotates in one direction and the outer race rotates in the opposite direction. The advantages of the contra-rotating bearin . . .
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    Lucic, Roger Alan
    This graduate project presents guidance subsystem deficiency investigations performed on the PHOENIX missile. The PHOENIX missile, an air-to-air radar guided missile, was tested in an especially prepared laboratory test bench. A side-lobe clutter stud . . .
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    Chilese, Francis Charles
    A transient heat sink using a phase change material as the storage medium, and heat pipes as the transfer media, was designed and then analyzed using a numerical methods solution routine. The on-time of the amplifier was primarily limited by the maxim . . .
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    Ginocchio, Enrique Daniel
    A computer simulation model has been developed to aid in determination of the quantity of products and components that should be manufactured in order to achieve minimum costs. The simulation model is directed mainly for products, components and commo . . .
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    Kloss, Dale Eugene
    This project attempts to extend the capabilities of input processors for digital computers by adding an additional set of specialized registers specifically for block transfers of data between the input-output processor and peripheral devices. The spe . . .
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    Martin, Gregg J.
    The objective of this project is to illustrate the disadvantages of using measured vibration data from the attach point of a substructure during system level vibration as input base excitation levels in a stand alone vibration test of the substructure . . .
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    Stone, Loren Ronald
    Cold drawn type 316 stainless steel round tubes, and drawn tubes which were subsequently explosively formed into a hexagonal shape were tested by three experimental stress analysis techniques: deflection, strain gage, and local strain. The purpose of . . .
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    Manoogian, Michael E.
    Exact analytic procedures for large space truss structures are generally restricted to computer methods. Though use of computer methods is desirable to obtain an exact model of a structure, use of such methods during the design process can be an arduo . . .
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    Seltzer, Eric N.
    The purpose of this thesis is to analyse and compare three structural systems: the built-up column, the single-bay platform, and the multiple-bay platform. A weight function for each shall be determined and plotted (structure weight versus applied loa . . .
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    Rabah, Mohamad Chafic
    In this project the design and implementation of an 8085 microprocessor based telephone controller is presented. The system consists of an automatic telephone dialing system, a digital timer and a remote control system. The automatic dialing section a . . .
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    Casler, David Charles
    The question is posed: Do digital matched filtering techniques offer a viable method for machine-based decoding of International Morse code in a noisy environment? The history of the Morse code is explored to provide motivation for the structure of th . . .
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    Gadomski, Stephen Alan
    The finite element method has, in recent years, proved to be an increasingly powerful tool for the engineer. The finite element method may be defined as a process whereby a continuum with infinite degrees of freedom may be approximated by an assemblag . . .
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    DiFonzo, Daniel Francis
    An analysis of polarization and pattern effects is presented for parabolic and spherical reflectors which are either symmetrically or offset fed by "point source " antennas such as electric and magnetic dipoles, rectangular waveguides, and dual mode c . . .
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    Laub, Michael Edward
    CAIR III (Countermeasures Airborne Infrared III) is an IR (infrared) countermeasures system which is designed to protect the F-4 Phantom jet from attack by IR seeking missiles. This project report documents the test and evaluation of the CAIR III coun . . .
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    Stemke, Lawrence Fredric
    This project presents the SMALL FUNCTIONAL TEST SYSTEM (SFTS) for decreasing test time and improving reliability of digital logic modules. They system is designed and built around the NETRONICS ELS 1802 COMPUTER SYSTEM. An additional hardware module ( . . .
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    Dopps, Orville Lloyd
    The purpose of this report, is to provide some insight into the so called “Black Magic” world of Reliability Engineering. How does an engineer predict the reliability of a system? Can a systems reliability be improved? How many hours of tests are requ . . .
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    Schilken, Robert Donald
    This report deals with the design, development, implementation and results of a laboratory simulated reliability test of the Navy AIM 9L (SIDEWINDER series) Air-To-Air Missile. General facts of the missile and of Navy Test and Evaluation are presented . . .
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    Dalcher, Alfred Wilhelm
    Definitive procedures for the comprehensive evaluation of structural components subjected to high temperatures (to~ 1200 degree F) and high fast neutron fluence (to ~2-10-23 degree neutrons per square centimeter, E>1, Mev) have not previously been for . . .
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    Bergen, Mark James
    The following publication documents work accomplished in the areas of (1) designing a program to store and retrieve launch data for the PHOENIX missile and (2) preparing a Flight Test Plan, monitoring the test, and writing the Final Launch Report for . . .
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    Mahjouri, Sadreddin
    The purpose of this design is to test an analog chip on a general purpose digital tester. This design which is a custom design will only provide instruments to test a particular analog chip in an automated environment. After the test engineer develops . . .
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    Bretz, Glenwood Jr.
    The Navy began development of the Single Point Mooring (SPM) fuel buoy because of shortfalls in the ability of the Naval forces to supply fuel to the Marines ashore, during amphibious operations. The increased Marine Corps fuel consumption rates coupl . . .
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    Lai, Edmond Yinghsi
    A design procedure of roller bearings for power transmission is proposed. Equivalent load, speed, and life equations are included. New design of cylindrical roller bearing to maximize axial load is described. An example of application on final drive s . . .
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    Oda, Henry Minoru
    Problems encountered with bearings operating in very high DN values (bearing bore in millimeters times shaft speed in rpm) have led to experiments on several types of hollowed ball bearings which improve bearing fatigue life due to mass reduction and . . .
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    Santana Davila, Miriam
    This paper presents the adaptive array statement and discusses the most popular adaptive array algorithms used for interference signal reduction. The principles of the Least Mean Square algorithm and the Howells-Applebaum algorithm are introduced usin . . .
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    Finch, Michael Douglas
    The goal behind this graduate project was to design and develop a digital interface system that would allow communication between an EPI-118 minicomputer and the eight pairs of lab benches in Engineering room 140 at California State University, Northr . . .
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    Zahn, Victor
    This document presents a linear stability analysis of a coupled amplitude/frequency control system. The purpose of the system is to maintain the correct frequency and amplitude of a signal which drives a control element. The stability analysis is base . . .
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    Van Pelt, Donald
    This paper shall consist of two parts, each having two sections. This first part shall be concerned with Inertial Navigation (IN) and the equipment to do the mathematical computation needed for solving the problem of position, course, and system biasi . . .
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    Ovnick, John Louis, Jr.
    Several techniques for calculating the response of a network to variable - frequency excitation is examined and their suitability for computer automated problem solving are discussed. The dynamic or operational approach is shown to have several disadv . . .
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    Bell, James L.
    The subject of this report is the design of a servo-controlled positioner for the simulation test and evaluation of a missile seeker section. A seeker section is the part of a missile which guides and maneuvers the missile to the target and includes t . . .
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    Loegering, Gregory Scott
    Due to the invention of the micro-processor, the computations required in a strapdown inertial system can be done in real-time. This project describes a strapdown inertial measurement unit and the associated errors of such a system. In addition, a sim . . .
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    Kantirattanawong, Sansanee
    In order to achieve a separation of chemical species, a potential must exist for the different species to partition between the two phases to different extents. This potential is governed by equilibrium thermodynamic. When volatilities between differe . . .
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    Crooks, John Richard
    A class of binary and quaternary codes was introduced by Welti in 1960. These codes possess several characteristics which make them attractive for application to spread spectrum communications, including: (1) an aperiodic autocorrelation function that . . .
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    Keshava, Balaji Iyengar
    This report presents the basic concepts, design procedures and an example as applied to a twelve-story building. Mild steel is used extensively as a structural member. This material has the property of supporting loads beyond its elastic limit until i . . .
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    Phan, Hoa Nhu
    Although continuing cost and performance improvements of the new bipolar and MOS RAM devices are providing strong incentives for their greatly expanded use in mainframe memory and other storage applications, these components have not yet reached the d . . .
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    Lipa, Jacob
    A stress analysis of a Gusset Joint using a computer program SAP IV is presented. The purpose of this project was to analyze and to delineate the stress distribution through joint gusset plates. A preparatory computer model was constructed using truss . . .
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    Hawkins, Richard W.
    Technological advances in digital hardware have resulted in a transition from logic design with SSI to logical design with MSI. This project investigates a technique for representation of MSI logic designs by an equation format. It is based on the inh . . .
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    Shoemaker, Mary
    PCTFE is a semi-crystalline fluorocarbon polymer which is used as a seal material in dynamic cryogenic applications. Internal melting of these seals has been observed under some high frequency vibration modes. This has been attributed to absorbed vibr . . .
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    Poon, Anthony Kwok-Kuen
    Productivity is concerned with how well objectives are achieved and the total resources required to achieve them. These determinations cannot be made without some mechanism for measuring the changes in productivity. Several models for productivity mea . . .
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    Aintablian, Hrair
    Instrumentation has been developed to measure the electrical resistance of plants' leaves under various environmental conditions and stimuli. From the results of the experiments performed en various leaves, it was found that the resistance of the leav . . .
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    Schindler, Barry Scott Schindler
    In the construction of structural steel buildings, a commonly used technique for fastening parts together is the "friction type connection". This connection functions by maintaining a constant frictional force between connected parts, sufficient to tr . . .
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    Luschen, James Robert
    This graduate project makes use of the principles of distributed amplification in the design and fabrication of a microwave amplifier which operates over a decade of bandwidth. The relationship between a lumped transmission line and a distributed ampl . . .
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    Shaw, Wayne Michael
    The Frequency Management Division at the Pacific Missile Test Center is responsible for controlling the military use of the electromagnetic spectrum in Southern California. This is accomplished in two ways: (1) Scheduling the usage of the spectrum to . . .
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    Chu, Kan-Sen
    The ever-increasing complexity of IC technologies has given rise to premature obsolescence of troubleshooting methodology. A promising solution to this problem is to design the equipment so that it can test itself. This design philosophy is known as t . . .
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    Craft, William H.
    This paper describes the development of a portable data acquisition system for recording dynamic data from wide-bodied passenger aircraft. Aircraft flight testing background leading to the requirements for the system is reviewed. The general system de . . .
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    Moshberger, Henry
    This project report describes the model used in PMTC hybrid computer missile flight simulations for the generation of a portion of the radar return from ship targets. The model determines ship radar glint characteristics by summing reflections from in . . .
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    Watkins, William J.
    This Graduate Project Report deals with the design and testing of a Continuous System Modeling Program (CSMP) written for an Apple II microcomputer. The model to be analyzed using the Continuous System Modeling Program is a Heading Select mode from an . . .
  • Ns064953n?file=thumbnail
    Kissling, Marian Helen
    A program has been developed to calculate the thermodynamic properties of an ideal gas or ideal gas mixture. Data is provided for gas compounds made up of the first 18 elements in the periodic chart. The program is intended to provide a working engine . . .
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    Griessel, William
    This report describes the establishment of a computerized launcher data reduction capability within the Technology Laboratory Division. The data reduction system is an integration of available equipment in the division in order to significantly decrea . . .
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    Ho, Cuu Vinh
    This project report presents a business plan for the manufacture and sale of an Automatic Dough Mixing Controller. The ADMC will be used by small bakery shop owners, for whom it will provide significant labor cost savings. This report also details the . . .
  • 9p290d980?file=thumbnail
    Rojas, Louis
    The objective of the air test was to determine the velocity and pressure profile of the Space Shuttle Main Engine (SSME) High Pressure Oxygen Turbopump (HPOTP) inlet flow. The HPOTP inlet has two rows of turning vanes. The first has 15 vanes and the s . . .
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    Ejabat, Morteza
    This project is based on designing a production line for a newly introduced product by I.E.E Company. Design of this production line consists of: Design of physical layout of the line, development of different systems to control the flow of material t . . .
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    Hunton, Matthew James
    A new type of transverse electromagnetic (TEM) power divider is described which provides N in-phase isolated outputs with constant unequal power division over reasonably wide bandwidths. All formulas used in the design are derived and a design procedu . . .
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    Nikoomanesh, Babak
    The objective of this thesis is to develop an algorithm for testing of LSI/VLSI circuits, which will result in increased controllability and observability of the inaccessible nodes. This algorithm utilizes a new type of gates introduced as bi-function . . .
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    Ruffing, Donald J.
    In this project, a microprocessor based datalink interface for an Inertial Guidance System is presented. Work pertaining to this project is associated with a system done at the Litton Guidance/Control Systems Division in Woodland Hills, California. Th . . .
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    Miller, Donald C.
    The purpose of this project is to analyze a critical structural portion of a ring laser gyro system. The item analyzed is the cathode, a thin shell of revolution. The deflections, stresses and buckling load are determined by Finite Element Analysis (F . . .
  • 6t053k57q?file=thumbnail
    Russell, Jean Carlisle
    Recently acquired triaxial compression test equipment at California State University, Northridge was assembled and placed in operation. A series of trial tests on a cohesionless soil was conducted to check the operation of the equipment and to provide . . .
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    McDonough, Robert John
    The problem of maintaining a constant beamwidth for a phased array over an octave of frequency operation while maintaining a given sidelobe level is considered. It is shown that there exist networks which, when inserted between the array and the beam . . .
  • 5q47rs16f?file=thumbnail
    Furukawa, Ann Masako
    The effects of phase errors on amplitude weighting functions (also known as windows) are examined. A discussion of using the Discrete Fourier Transform (OFT) as a tool to process signals is included in Chapter 1. An introduction to the use of windows . . .
  • 5d86p357v?file=thumbnail
    Solis, Miguel Angel
    Important concepts associated with product test and evaluation (PT&E) include management considerations, test planning, testing program implementation, and analysis and reporting. In this project, these concepts are explored and then are applied to a . . .
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    Cho, Seihwan
    This paper has been written as a survey of the heat storage and heat transfer fluids in a solar system. This paper is divided into two sections. The first deals with most common heat storage methods as follows. 1. Sensible heat storage: In storage uni . . .
  • N583xz74g?file=thumbnail
    Khoyilar, Mehdi
    The purpose of this Graduate Project is to study the deflections, moments and stresses in tubular rods subjected to transverse loads. The three methods of analysis used are (1) the Inextensional Deformation Theory, (2) the Infinite Cylinder with two o . . .
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    Harikul, Vorarat
    In the past, the audio analyzer has been implemented with a bank of analog filter circuits. In the one-third octave audio analyzer, 32 independent bandpass filter circuits are required. Each filter is designed to allow a specific band of frequencies t . . .
  • 4t64gr725?file=thumbnail
    Andres, Alberto Luis
    Digital means are becoming common in the processing of audio signals but they have not been as yet directly utilized in home entertainment audio components due, in part, to the fast sampling rates and large dynamic ranges required for good audio repro . . .
  • G158bm43d?file=thumbnail
    Eskenas, Alan M.
    The rotating photometer is an astronomical device designed to position and rotate a reticon chip diode array. As the diode array rotates, it measures the surface brightness of the sun. One end of the half inch long diode array must be positioned to wi . . .
  • 5h73q036b?file=thumbnail
    Skei, Edward Michael
    A method for developing sampled data models for voltage multipliers using Z transform methods is developed. The model is a Z transform transfer function relating the output voltage of the multiplier to input voltage and the load current. The diodes of . . .
  • Mg74qq62t?file=thumbnail
    Garcia, Charles Henry
    In many applications, it is necessary to reconstruct a multidimensional object from a set of its projections. In applications such as imaging radar, x-ray photographs, and radio astronomy, the information can be defined over a radial sector. This occu . . .
  • Ns064947h?file=thumbnail
    Nelson, Paul Martin
    An experiment was conducted to test the effect of small-group pressure on the decisions of Engineering students. There were 36 male engineering students participating in the experiment with the pressure supplied by five instructed group members. The e . . .
  • Ns064945z?file=thumbnail
    Angha, Ali Reza
    This paper presents a complete description of a digital waveform generator (DWG) board to be used in conjunction with an IBM PC/XT compatible personal computer. The personal computer is used as a host to provide vector generation and initial set-up of . . .
  • 00000372v?file=thumbnail
    Johnson, Gary Gerard
    This project is divided into two chapters. Each chapter considers the role of a digital simulation of an infrared (IR) missile in establishing optimum power level criteria for countermeasure devices. In the first chapter, the use of digital simulation . . .
  • 2n49t530x?file=thumbnail
    Stevenson, Jesse Charles
    Since the discovery of the existence of residual stresses and of the harm they can produce, research for an easier process to relieve them has continued. Thermal relaxation has been the accepted method for many years. However, in the last decade a new . . .
  • Vx021j705?file=thumbnail
    Grondahl, Christopher David
    The design of a two-stage single-ended 1/2 W wideband GaAs FET amplifier with high power-added efficiency is presented. The operating band of the amplifier is 7 GHz to 10 GHz. Large-signal measurements are used to determine the biasing, drive levels a . . .
  • V979v6264?file=thumbnail
    Young, Henry T.
    Microprocessor (micro) and Very Large Scale Integrated circuit (VLSI) has become today's basic building block for digital system design. These components, which rival and exceed the performance of complete electronic system of the previous generation, . . .
  • Rv042x70n?file=thumbnail
    Gale, James Antoine
    This graduate project report deals with the redesign, construction and testing of two unreliable components of the Navy's AN/ASM-198 flight line test set. All phases of the design procedure are covered, including the environmental evaluation of the tw . . .
  • N296x2467?file=thumbnail
    Lee, Walter Gene
    The gain and phase characteristic s of an adaptive filter are studied both theoretically and experimentally. This filter with its multiple negative feedback loops offers a quality factor comparable to any active filters. It can be used as a lowpass, b . . .
  • C247dw72k?file=thumbnail
    Wilkins, Christine Ann
    A new apparatus to measure the thermal conductivity of cast materials has been developed. This steady-state, radial device operates on the principle that cylinders with the same geometry and surface temperature in the same environment will transfer he . . .
  • Gb19f895z?file=thumbnail
    Jamal, Aslam P.
    In this project, the productivity improvement study is done for the Hydro Systems, the bathtubs manufacturing company of Southern California. The objective of this study is to identify the opportunities so that the production capacity of the company c . . .
  • 6d570079p?file=thumbnail
    Boyle, Olyn Gene
    This paper presents a method for determining the optimum sampling weights for finite impulse response (FIR) digital filters. The filter design begins with selecting a desired frequency response of an analog filter. The optimization technique then mini . . .
  • Xw42nc352?file=thumbnail
    Tessier, Manuel J
    A project submitted in partial satisfaction of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science
  • 7m01bq095?file=thumbnail
    Ehrgott, Richard C.
    Earthquakes produce an intense random type loading on structures and a complete analysis must be more sophisticated than traditional static design techniques. Awareness of how a structure responds to earthquakes and what factors create an earthquake r . . .
  • 4q77fw00w?file=thumbnail
    Cheng, Ping-Fu
    Mathematical modeling is developed for the gasification of coal. The coal char reaction with steam and hydrogen are treated as two simultaneous reactions taking place at 1800°F-1400°F and 30-70 atm.. The model can estimate the gas composition of produ . . .
  • 6t053k512?file=thumbnail
    Morita, Yasuko
    In airborne or shipborne doppler radar, discrimination of moving target echos from stationary clutter echo is complicated by the doppler frequency shift of the stationary clutter echo due to the radar's own motion. When a severe clutter interference i . . .