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    Bezerra, James
    Black Market Heart is a collection of writing. It includes fiction, non-fiction, flash fiction, plays, poems, and some stuff that isn't any of that. It is the sort of bizarre and anarchic collection of writing that I have always wanted to produce, but . . .
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    Gatenby, Bruce Maurie
    Postmodern American fiction differs from the Modernist tradition of Faulkner, Joyce, Woolf, and Fitzgerald in that it deals with “multiple realities.” While Modernist writers questioned the reliability of a narrator's perceptions, an underlying realit . . .
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    Beckman, Donna S.
    The creative portion of this thesis is The Girl Who Loved Gable, a psychological detective novel. Set in Los Angeles in the present, the novel is a first person narrative. The central character is Leda Swann, a 30 year old female detective who is assi . . .
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    Hymes, Brett
    "The Only Language To Describe..." enters the spaces of familial relationships, existence and decreation as if these extenstions of identity were mathematical problems. Each line contains it's own equation trying to understand and answer uncertainty a . . .
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    Swanson, Hunter
    This final project is my attempt to step away from the confines of my genre box and explore a different type of story. I have always considered myself a horror writer, but over the time I have spent at CSUN, I have realized the value in exploration. S . . .
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    Robinette, David
    In the middle of the night, Mary breaks into the home of her former lover Kirk. Mary's desire to rekindle a memory of a night they shared together while in college was squelched by his inability to fully recognize her. However, in the dead of the nigh . . .
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    Farrukh, Sawsan
    This paper is an investigation of the widows found in Jane Austen’s Lady Susan and Sanditon, two unpublished works during her lifetime. The paper presents a careful close read of both Lady Susan and Lady Denham and their methods of manipulation in ord . . .
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    Beckman, Donna
    A thesis submitted in partial satisfaction of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Arts with Honors in English
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    Cox, Sharron Kollmeyer
    The White Peacock is D. H. Lawrence's first novel and as such has generally been ignored by critics. It contains, however, what is quintessential in Lawrence's work and, in fact, possesses a striking similarity to Lawrence's masterpiece, Women in Love . . .