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  • Bg257h706?file=thumbnail
    Kentosh, James M.
    Publicly available data on satellite positions and clock corrections for the Global Positioning System was analyzed and used in combination with the results of prior terrestrial clock comparison experiments to confirm the time dilation of general rela . . .
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    Limon, Garrett
    Solvation is essential for the function of biomolecules, as well as the design of the drugs that target them. The three-dimensional reference interaction site model (3D-RISM) is well suited for capturing the solvation details due to its ability to rep . . .
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    Loftin, Timothy Allen
    Previous work has demonstrated that the telescope and spectroheliograph at the San Fernando Observatory are suitable instruments to be the basis of a novel design of a video Stokes polarimeter. By performing appropriate operations upon the Stokes prof . . .
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    Olney, Ross David
    The relatively new field involving excitation of electromagnetic surface plasma waves by the method of attenuated total reflection is described. Dispersion relations for surface plasma waves are derived, as are the Fresnel coefficients for magnetic th . . .
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    Lee, Mac
    Spin-orbit coupling breaks SU(2) spin symmetry, which leads to exotic physics that people are starting to take note of in recent years. Among the many unusual phases and behaviors that materials exhibit when SU(2) symmetry is absent, our thesis focuse . . .
  • Dn39x421h?file=thumbnail
    Eskenas, Kimberly L.
    A solid state imaging system designed and developed at the San Fernando Observatory (SFO) has been actively employed to study solar irradiance fluctuations. Solid state imaging by areal (two dimensional) photometry presents a unique opportunity to det . . .
  • K643b382n?file=thumbnail
    MacDonald, Gordon Andrew
    This study is the result from a survey of 572 Enhanced Up-Flows (EUF) observed on granules in the solar photosphere using the Imaging Magnetograph eXperiment (IMaX) on board the SUNRISE balloon-borne observatory. EUFs are features with line-of-sight ( . . .
  • Bv73c3516?file=thumbnail
    Carroll, Ian
    Graphene is an exciting new material with potential applications in myriad fields, and is a possible replacement for silicon in future integrated circuits. In order to realize these applications, effective patterning methods that can achieve nanoscale . . .
  • Th83m217s?file=thumbnail
    Laico, Dominic Eugene
    Sunspot irradiance data from four days in June, 1985 have been collected and reduced by two different observational systems and their corresponding data reduction techniques. The different systems consist of a 2.5 centimeter aperture full disk telesco . . .
  • Zk51vk75p?file=thumbnail
    El-Tashani, Ahmed Ali
    The energy dependency of Compton Scattering and its differential cross section from the Klein-Nishina equation have been investigated. A collimated beam of gamma rays of 1.25 ± 0.08 Mev from Co60 was scattered by a medium thickness aluminum disk-shape . . .