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    Blake, Daniel
    Funds for social programs have declined steadily in recent years, while the problems that confront social service providers have grown. Funds for the FamilySource Network have been cut over 33% during the six years studied in this report. This shrinki . . .
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    Technical Report
    Lyra, Wladimir
    Exoplanets are often associated with disks of dust and debris, analogs of the Kuiper Belt in our solar system. These "debris disks" show a variety of non-trivial structures attributed to planetary perturbations and utilized to constrain the properties . . .
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    Technical Report
    Carpenter, Robert C.
    In January 2010 the California Workforce Investment Board (CWIB) contracted with researchers at California State University, Northridge to evaluate the “Integrated Service Delivery” (ISD) initiative. This initiative was designed to integrate the work . . .
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    Technical Report
    Keo, Bobby
    The City of Los Angeles Workforce Investment Board contracted with California State University, Northridge to conduct a customer satisfaction study of previously enrolled participants who exited from its eighteen WorkSource Centers in the last quarter . . .
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    Technical Report
    Cumming, Trent
    The Community Development Department (CDD) is committed to making the FamilySource Network a performance driven system that improves the lives of low income families and communities in the City of Los Angeles. CDD has restructured its program delivery . . .
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    Technical Report
    Paredes, Elena
    The Economic Workforce Development Department (EWDD) has contracted with California State University, Northridge to conduct a phone survey of youth served by the City's YouthSource Centers. These surveys are part of the EWDD's performance management s . . .
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    Technical Report
    Ari Malka
    The Los Angeles Performance Partnership Pilot (LAP3) Initiative represents a profound change for how youth services are delivered in Los Angeles City and County. In our view, this profound change is taking place at both the policy and operational leve . . .
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    Technical Report
    Chadwick, Nick
    In program year 2013-14 the City of Los Angeles Economic and Workforce Development Department (EWDD) provided funding for 13 YouthSource contractors. YouthSource Centers offer an array of supportive services and training services for youths aged 14-21 . . .
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    Technical Report
    Blake, Daniel R.
    Governments at the local, state and national level face on-going fiscal problems, caused by the recent “great recession”, the aging of the population, growing income inequality and other factors. In response to these pressures governments are taking a . . .
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    Technical Report
    Keo, Bobby
    The Consulting Center at the College of Business and Economics, California State University, Northridge, contracted with the city to conduct a satisfaction survey of youth employers that participated in the OneSource Centers’ Youth Program in the 2010 . . .