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    Osborne, Carole J.
    The intention of this study was to explore the effects the death of a father in early childhood or adolescence may have on a woman's levels of trust, intimacy and her self-esteem as it pertains to adult relationships with men. An extensive literature . . .
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    Prevatte, Susan J.
    A group of currently non-depressed college students (as assessed by the Beck Depression Inventory, BDI) who are vulnerable to depression, were given the Topic Appropriateness Scale (TA) and the BDI on two separate occasions to elicit both their willin . . .
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    Suarez, Israel
    Leadership is a necessary component for public sector organizations during times of organizational crisis. There has been a history of mistrust between government and the people because of a lack of emergency preparedness and mismanagement during cris . . .
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    Heller, Linda Fay
    A pre-post test study design to evaluate the effectiveness of visual impress techniques in improving long term retention of spelling words. The study utilizes forty-eight subjects enrolled in two resource and two special day classes at an area high sc . . .
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    Campbell, John Laurence
    In recent years, a number of studies have examined failure detection performance as a function of the subject's participatory mode (manual vs. automatic mode). The generalizeability of these studies has been limited by both the simplicity of the tasks . . .
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    Mummaw, Deborah Ann Denofsky
    Eight pilots and eight non-pilots were rotated in a Barany chair at 30 revolutions per minute and 45 revolutions per minute for 60 and 120 seconds. The subjects were required to track a target on a computer screen after the rotation to determine the a . . .
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    Roa, Barry Rice
    In this study, 33 male university students participated in an eight-week program designed to help define the importance muscular overload in the final phases of the range of motion and the effect it has on vertical jump performance. The experimental d . . .
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    Ryzner, Mary Elizabeth
    The dietary intakes of 54 pregnant women, aged 20-37 years, who were attending prenatal classes in the Santa Barbara, California, area, were compared to the 1980 Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA) for nutritional adequacy by use of a nutrition quest . . .
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    Connally, Cynthia Ellen
    An instruction manual was evaluated to determine the effects of tab type, heading placement and practice on time to locate information, number of errors and perceived ease of use. Forty-eight computer programmers from UNISYS Corporation, ranging in ag . . .