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    Moffat, Rosemary
    The beginning of the 21st century brought with it many trials, many of which have torn holes in our concepts of community, and created fissures between people. In our search for ways to re-create strong community, this project examined the ways that c . . .
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    Rudloff, Brian Michael
    This graduate project is an illustrated children's book called Vacation everyday! The children's guide to occupations in the tourism industry and is about various careers within the tourism field. Responsibilities and rewards of each position are cove . . .
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    Traxler, Rika
    There are two parts to this thesis. The first part consists of the writing section which was research done for a live performance, while the other part consists of a performance based on the subject of the paper, which includes a documentary video of . . .
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    Bien, Julie Sarah
    During the summer of 2011, a social and economic revolution began in Israel. The events were catalyzed by rising costs of food, rent, and health care without a similar rise in income. The protests were predominantly attended and organized by people be . . .
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    Lewis, Victor Maxwell
    In 1997, Aguinaldo et al. proposed that all molting animals be placed in a single super-phyla based on a shared attribute of shedding the larval cuticle. Given the recent integration of all molting animals into the same clade it has become necessary t . . .
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    Constant, Jack
    In January 2010, Port Au Prince, Haiti was stuck by an 8.0 magnitude earthquake that killed over 200,000 people. This tragic event devastated Haiti but also highlighted the resilience and strength of its people. Although much was lost for many in the . . .
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    Sanfilippo, Alexandra
    This recital program was constructed to feature songs and arias by composers from different periods. Baroque opera arias, German Lieder, Spanish songs, American songs, as well as Italian and French arias are all represented and grouped into seven sets . . .
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    Fidgeon, Annaliese
    This short video introduces faculty and researchers to the free online course The Science of Sex and Gender (offered by the National Institutes of Health) and the importance of considering gender and gender differences in health sciences research.
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    Corella, April Melody
    Phospholipase A2 (PLA2) enzymes catalyze hydrolysis of phospholipids present in the cellular membrane bilayer breaking them into fatty acids and lysolipids. These products perform physiological and patho-physiological functions. PLA2 activity has been . . .