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    Vander Wall, Stephen B.
    1. The seeds of many plants are dispersed by animals, but the nature of these plant-animal mutualisms is often moulded by the abiotic environment. Here, we show that desert peach ( Prunus andersonii ), with dry fruits and large seeds, relies on scatte . . .
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    Hanlon, Michael George
    The Antelope Valley has long needed a nature study center to serve as a focal point for the development of curriculum in environmental education, conservation and outdoor education. This center serves to train high school students in the presentation . . .
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    Patrich, Jeremy Glen
    The behavior of dune fields along lake margins, as along open coasts, depends on the availability of sand and of winds of sufficient velocity to entrain, transport, and deposit sediment. This study addresses the question of aeolian sand transport and . . .