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    Fang, Qi
    This graduate project designed and implemented a prototype of an easy-to-use, yet very versatile and powerful 20 sketcher and 30 interactive modeler for architects. The predominant concepts of the modeler design are a simplified and integrated GUI tha . . .
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    Hamor, Sarah
    Music information retrieval (MIR) is the fi eld dedicated to the organization and retrieval of music data. One of the eventual goals of MlR research is automatic transcription, where any musical recording can be transcribed to accurate sheet music wit . . .
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    Touyarot, David A.
    Parametric and constraint-based design systems are becoming the CAD/CAM standard in most commercial applications. The ability of these systems to create parametric models allows engineers to produce designs that can be modified to fit changing require . . .
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    Hammer, Henry
    The relatively new world of computer science is in the midst of yet another technological revolution. As industry strives to produce ever faster machines and systems, many crossroads are encountered and paths are chosen. In one of the more recent batt . . .
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    Parizher, Vadim
    During the last 30 years, the scientific digital image processing community inherited a large amount of legacy software. While algorithms in side this software are very valuable, the User lnterface is usually extremely slow and cumbersome. Most of the . . .
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    Cooper, Duane J.
    This report describes an implementation of a programming language, SCHEME, as well as a variety of applications. SCHEME is a member of the LISP family of languages. The software engineering methodology is fully explained and is one of the most importa . . .
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    Wang, Dongming
    Policy-based Network is the network on which the traffic management is achieved by applying policies in the network. A policy is a statement defining which traffic should be treated differently in the network. It is defined by an administrator and spe . . .
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    Ly, Tchong Y.
    This thesis studies numeric models of uncertain reasoning based on the theory of probability, the certainty factor theory, the Dempster-Shafer theory of evidence, and the theory of fuzzy sets, discusses their application in expert systems, and analyze . . .
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    Hoang, David Viet
    When creating enterprise web applications, a software engineer needs to think about the big picture. The software engineer needs to be aware that there is more to a web application than just coding, scripting and different programming languages. The e . . .
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    San Marco, Jeffery
    Methods are investigated which support the development of a software engineering tool. The general foundation of the paper centers about design concepts, software engineering methodologies, and past and future technologies within the hardware and soft . . .