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    Shaffier, Dorothy Mildred
    The purpose of this study was to develop a measuring instrument with which to evaluate nursing care plans sent by hospitals following participation of their representatives at the nursing care plan workshop. An instrument which gives a weighted score . . .
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    Graduate project
    Martin, Debra Westelle
    This project supports the method of achieving the principle of normalization through community group living versus institutional living for deaf-blind individuals. Various studies imply more normalized living patterns are established through such form . . .
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    Devedzhyan, Ripsime
    Every 12 seconds a woman is beaten by her male boyfriend or husband in the U.S. (Chappel, 2001). More than 12 million people each year are affected by Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) (The National Domestic Violence Hotline, 2012). Intimate partner vio . . .
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    Kioussis, Nicholas G.
    The atomic and the electronic structures of the ∑5 (210) [001] tilt grain boundary in Ni3Al, with and without a hydrogen impurity, have been calculated using the full potential linearized-augmented plane-wave method. The strain field normal to the bou . . .
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    Rahmani, Sheida
    The Schrodinger equation describes how the quantum state of some physical systems change with respect to time. In this thesis, we consider a two-dimensional Schrodinger equation and we obtain the most general form of Lie-reduced equation that is solva . . .
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    Argueta, Flor
    Although, there are current social support interventions, first-generation college Latino students continue to lack social support necessary to successfully complete higher education. This project explored the social challenges that first-generation c . . .
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    Privman, Susan Ellen
    To explain my work in written form, and disclose my principles, techniques, processes, and all that is involved in creating a sense of the enigmatic would be in opposition to my intent; not to mention the obvious, that the ability to express one's sel . . .
  • Work
    Huynh, Virginia W.
    Ethnic and generational differences in motivation and achievement have been well-established. However, minimal research has examined the role of social factors on educational outcomes among individuals from diverse backgrounds. With a longitudinal sam . . .
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    Harich, Katrin
    This session is intended to encourage research in marketing education from the perspective of work that is first presented at the Marketing Educators’ Association (MEA) Conference. Its purpose is to open a dialogue on marketing education research and . . .
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    Nelson, Lucas
    The purpose of this graduate project is to analyze various sources of empirical literature in order to assess the effectiveness of current gun laws and policies. Additionally, this graduate project seeks to recommend solutions which could potentially . . .