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    Dabbour, Katherine S.
    At the request of a faculty member, a study was begun to determine the number and nature of questions received in the "Ask A Librarian" email account, which is offered as a Web form from which patrons can ask questions ( . . .
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    Cobos, Cassily
    Self-advocacy is an essential skill needed to function within a larger society. While in school, students with disabilities are offered several supports to help them succeed academically (e.g. access to a case manager, counselors, school psychologist, . . .
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    Grigorian, Masha
    This thesis is concerned with analyzing the characters of Harry Potter, Lord Voldemort, and Professor Severus Snape from the sensational children's book series, Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling through the perspective of literary and critical theory. Alth . . .
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    Chukhadarian, Lucin
    This thesis brings together three shorter plays, "Reverse Intimidation," "Collectors," and "Chandra," each of which I've been working for some time. Each play explores the courage and the fragility of women. "Reverse Intimidation" is based on personal . . .
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    Cheng, Chun Hei
    This thesis project is about making a highly customizable, intuitive and easy-to-use restaurant point of sale(POS) application running on Windows. The application is implemented as a standalone desktop app using the Microsoft Windows Presentation Foun . . .
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    Jones, Jacob
    Background The current study examined the independent and interactive effects of HIV and marijuana (MJ) use on brain structure and cognitive function among a sample of HIV-positive (HIV + ) and HIV-negative (HIV-) individuals. Methods Participants (HI . . .
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    Terjimanian, Ike A.
    For decades there exist wide disparities in achievement between Black and Latino students and their White counterparts. This qualitative case study, framed within an interpretivist research paradigm borrowing principles of ethnography, explores the pe . . .
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    Cable, Vaughn Paul
    The scattering of a non-uniform plane surface wave by an arbitrarily tilted thin metallic strip located near a dielectric coated ground plane is investigated both theoretically and experimentally. Two of the scattering coefficients, s11 and s22, are c . . .
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    Ramzan, Shahid
    The discontinuous nature of the San Andreas fault at San Gorgonio Pass has led to competing models about whether or not large earthquakes can rupture through this structurally complex region. To test these models I excavated trenches across the San Go . . .
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    Figueroa, Erica
    Purpose: The purpose of this research project was to learn about the self-care practices that Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients are engaged in while also identifying the barriers impeding DACA recipients from implementing self-c . . .