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    De Cuir, Margo
    Gender inequality is a pervasive social construct that impacts everyone within society. Couples who experience infidelity are not exempt from this and infidelity may act as a mechanism to address gender inequality. By identifying signifiers of gender . . .
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    Dave, Avani
    In a modern era, most of the consumer and industrial electronic devices use High Speed data transfer. High speed data transfer can be achieved with different protocols like I2C, SPI, AGP, PCI, and PCIE. A 32x 32 photo detector data acquisition system . . .
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    Learning Object
    Riccomini, Lisa
    Guidelines for use by faculty and students preparing exhibits for the annual Freshman Celebration, including the Virtual Freshman Celebration.
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    Karabidian, Eddie
    A variety of models of cell adhesion have been proposed by previous investigators; each depended heavily on details of the biochemistry of cell surface sugars. In this study, Lytechinus pictus sea urchin embryos were used to study the molecular mechan . . .
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    Karandikar, Nikita
    This work is an implementation of the Christofides Algorithm for the travelling salesman problem in an application. Consider, a person running errands. If they go about it in an intuitive manner, it may happen that the person may find themselves going . . .
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    Gilmour, Lynn
    This project covers the necessity of Social Media Awareness in the middle school classroom via Digital Citizenship. The main goal of Digital Citizenship is to teach respect, educate about technology and its platforms and protect the students using the . . .
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    Graduate project
    Sallop, Marvin B.
    The purpose of this project is to acquaint the reader with the findings of Sign language Linguistics, to present in perspective, some of the descriptive elements of American Sign Language, and to offer suggestion as to how the discoveries of Sign Lang . . .
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    Zukin, Mary Jane
    A study of 90 infants from lower middle class homes in New Delhi, India showed no conclusive relationships between family income, the father's occupation, the mother's education, and the vegetarian or non-vegetarian practices of the family to the prot . . .
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    Saxton, William Manning
    Applications of a low-speed centrifuge rotor designed to separate whole cells at very low g-forces in partially reoriented, shallow density gradients are presented. The particle separation chamber was fabricated using Lucite so that gradient behavior . . .
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    Gilbertson, Max L.
    In the last century photography has been recognized as a media for recording visual stimuli. Photographers such as M. Brady (11), T. O'Sullivan (12), and D. Hill (17) have concentrated on taking pictures of social events or natural phenomenon. More re . . .
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    Stover, Mark
    This article analyzes contemporary American evangelical children’s fiction with respect to the portrayal of Jews and Judaism. Some of the themes that appear in these novels for children include Jewish religiosity, anti-Semitism, Christian proselytizin . . .
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    Dopps, Orville Lloyd
    The purpose of this report, is to provide some insight into the so called “Black Magic” world of Reliability Engineering. How does an engineer predict the reliability of a system? Can a systems reliability be improved? How many hours of tests are requ . . .
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    Kitano, Riichi
    This graduate project explores two seemingly opposite disciplines; spiritual ecofeminism and martial arts, and how those two can enhance each other. Whether people recognize it or not, both feminists and martial artists have been claiming the same mot . . .
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    Sudini, Ankithreddy
    This project explains a Capacitance model for Gallium Nitride MESFET, with a new Concept of Charge Conversion. For a different charges of gate, source and drain terminals depending upon the voltage values of the drain source voltage, the charge of the . . .
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    Borchard, Laurie
    This is a final report of the data gathered from the 2014 Student Library Survey conducted from October 27 to November 10, 2014. It is intended to summarize and disseminate data prior to the spring semester of 2015. This report provides a comparative . . .
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    Carigga, Jennifer
    Change in the workplace is a regularly occurring factor. In Los Angeles County Public Works, technology has become the most recent trend aimed to increase effectiveness, productivity, and workspace. The amount of electronic methods created to substitu . . .
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    Luo, Ming
    This project introduced graduation recital repertoire in fulfillment of my master's degree. It covers the brief background and music analysis of Johann Sebastian Bach's Prelude and Fugue in B minor, BWV 893, Ludwig van Beethoven's Sonata in D minor, O . . .
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    Stagers, Ronald D.
    A theory of the non-linear longitudinal Kerr magneto-optic effect, previously developed for bulk materials, is now applied to a magnetic thin film. The material model is based on the classical equation of motion for a free electron with a finite relax . . .
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    Learning Object
    Shubin, Carol
    The purpose of the center is to provide students with homework practice assignments and activities, self-assessment tools, discussion forums and online access to Math Tutors and Faculty. The Online Tutoring Center services are closely aligned with the . . .
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    Jacobo, Brenda
    Transactional leadership is the dominant type of management in the public sector. As progressive ideas come forward, transformational leadership has emerged as a potential innovative way of managing employees. Transactional leadership is based on the . . .