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  • N009w4341?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Kim, Max
    The purpose of this paper is to visualize and find important trendy patterns in a dataset that contains house sale prices and their features for King County in Washington between May 2014 and May 2015, which was obtained from Kaggle, a website that sh . . .
  • 9880vt149?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Amador, Trey
    Robot localization is the process by which robots ascertain information about their position and orientation relative to the external environment through the use of sensors, a competency which is necessary for autonomous navigation. Previous research . . .
  • Dv13zw103?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Gutierrez, Luis
    Electroencephalography (EEG) data describe the activity of neuron populations in the brain and are acquired via electrodes placed on specific positions of the skull. EEG signals have been shown to be sufficiently different between individuals and ther . . .
  • 8w32r7350?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Chaurasia, Vaishali
    Nowadays as technology is advancing things around human beings have become more easy and accessible. Within blink of an eye, you can get anything at your door step by just clicking few button or using internet. Human lives have become easy with the he . . .
  • Qj72p9047?file=thumbnail
    Student Research
    Hingle, Ashish
    Software defined networking and network functions virtualization are two emerging technologies that are disrupting the way networking systems and infrastructure are established. One impetus for the development of these technologies is the open source . . .
  • Fj2364176?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Zhang, Liang
    In this project, a website (AlgoHub) is implemented, which mainly hosts contents of algorithms, such as title, algorithm description, applications, and so on. From the functionality perspective, modules like adding, modifying, searching, fulfills the . . .
  • Ns064791n?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Dobaria, Hemanshi
    Nowadays, indoor farming and small backyard farm setups are booming. Also, people have more plants in the home than before. But oftentimes, it is not possible to water plants on time because we forget, or we are not at the place to physically deliver . . .
  • 4f16c503q?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Soundara, Pavan
    Everybody loves to be recognized and appreciated for the work and effort they put in a project. It could be a painting or a music video or a paper art or anything. Kids, of all the people, are to be recognized and appreciated more for the effort they . . .
  • 3484zj77h?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Li, Yuancheng
    When I tried to look for some inspirations about a good project idea, the most common tip I found is to find something bothering or annoying people every day, and then make an app that makes the problem easier. So, the motivation of this project is ba . . .
  • Xd07gv743?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Liu, Henry H.
    Mobile facial recognition application has become more and more popular. Machine learning is widely used in this area to get accurate results. To get accurate recognition results, a large-scale image data would be required. Customers, however, may want . . .
  • Pz50gz08j?file=thumbnail
    Yan, Yiyang (Matt)
    The industry standard for East Asian serialized comic artists and animators is to work extremely long hours and expect very little pay. While this custom seems archaic and unfair towards these hard-working artists, the nature of their line of work is . . .
  • X346d6337?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Kanduri, Veeresh
    The eCommerce business industry is currently at its peak. New online stores are emerging every single day. They rely on a B2C (business-to-consumer) model, meaning that there are no alternatives to the user’s role – he is a consumer, the buyer of the . . .
  • 4q77ft552?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Thakar, Vatsal
    Before social networking apps, the only way to meet new people and make new friends was through common friends or joining a group or at an event or party. It wasn’t the case like where you know someone from facebook and never actually seen them in rea . . .
  • 4q77ft56b?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Yao, Di
    Since the E-commerce developing rapidly, More and more people choose to shop online. Sometimes people will need a locker to receive their packages, instead of shipping the packages to their home. As the largest online retailer, Amazon provides nationw . . .
  • Work
    Graduate Project
    Shimpi, Shubhangi
    Electroencephalogram (EEG) data includes information of electrical activity of a brain; thus is commonly used to diagnose any underlying neurological condition such as epilepsy. Epileptic patients are at risk of facing life threatening incidents when . . .
  • G445cg514?file=thumbnail
    Shrivastava, Raveena
    Steganography is the knowledge that contracts with conveying secret information by embedding into the cover object and secret information is invisible. In image steganography, only the approved party is attentive to the survival of the hidden informat . . .
  • Rj430662x?file=thumbnail
    Alghofaili, Nada
    As the general purpose of personas is to interpret and synthesize descriptions of user seg-ments, and in light of my research goal, which is to predict and uncover human trafficking incidents, this research suggests that personas can be refined throug . . .
  • 7s75df59p?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Gaukel, Hunter
    Started in 2015, the Smartphone Security lab is an ongoing research project aiming to provide the ability to control Android devices through a web browser to learn about mobile security. By mirroring physical Android device’s screens to a web browser, . . .
  • Sn00b093t?file=thumbnail
    Wang, Chi
    In stock prediction analysis, three major components are utilized to determine the accuracy of the results; (1) Fundamental analysis, (2) Technical analysis and (3) Technological methods. My research attempts to translate the first two analyses in ord . . .
  • Gt54kq26m?file=thumbnail
    Thapaliya, Sashi
    Autism Spectrum Disorder is a developmental disorder that often impairs a child’s normal development of the brain. Early Diagnosis is crucial in the treatment of ASD. But currently this is very challenging due to the lack of a proper objective measure . . .
  • 9880vt24j?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Tran, Michael
    New technology has emerged to allow early prototyping in design. For instance, interface designers, whom lack experience in content generation and programming, can use “drag-and-drop” approaches to construct and test prototype concepts. This paper pro . . .
  • Ht24wm46r?file=thumbnail
    Tsou, Yueh-Lin
    Object segmentation plays an important role in many real-world applications, such as self-driving car, recommender systems, image and video editing, and movie production. However, many existing methods require users to provide mask information annotat . . .
  • Gt54kq27w?file=thumbnail
    Derakhshan, Fariba Fatemeh
    Social media incredibly has been taken many areas including the higher education. In today's society, social media have become an essential part of daily life of communication methods of today's world, especially among university students, who are gen . . .
  • Pk02cc68z?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Soni, Irwin
    Home automation system achieved great popularity in the last decades as it increases the comfort and quality of life. Smartphone applications are used to control and monitor the home appliances using different types of communication techniques. As mob . . .
  • 44558g59k?file=thumbnail
    Kakkar, Devika
    VMM (Virtual Machine Migration) is known as a dynamic management method that provides the operators of data centres the ability to have VM placement for satisfying the performance objectives, enhance communication locality with resource utilization, m . . .
  • K643b332f?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Zhang, Yingying
    Nowadays, it is hard to imagine how our daily life would turn out without the internet. The internet plays an important role and provides great convenience in this technologically changing world. Through the internet, people can communicate and share . . .
  • 8g84mp189?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Liu, Kevin
    Based off of their foot arches, runners can fall into 3 types of pronation groups: overpronators, neutral, and supinators. Depending on which category the runner belongs to, they’ll need a different type of running shoe to ensure their pronation is op . . .
  • Xw42n998x?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Hardeep, Singh
    In this era of machine learning and sensors, goal of industry is to make faster computers capable of performing high end tasks without human interaction. Autonomous computers are being developed to perform human-like tasks, with hope to eliminate huma . . .
  • Work
    Graduate Project
    Huntington, Elinor
    The purpose of this Master’s Project in Computer Science is to create an application that mines the results of numerous facial attribute machine learning projects into one larger project. The planned product will be an application that allows the user . . .
  • X346d641x?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Shevelov, Vladyslav
    Nowadays, looking at the current trends in IT businesses and ventures it is easy to assume that we are in the era of startup nation. Digital tools became more available to the mass due to the development of new technologies and plummeting costs. Inves . . .
  • 1z40kw08w?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Alsufiani, Nawaf
    This paper explains about the Bronco hour’s web app, which is in a university system and the magnetic card reader application. The system is divided into two parts. The web application is running on the server side, and the card reader is executed in . . .
  • Kk91fn752?file=thumbnail
    Lepere, Jacob
    In this paper, I will evaluate the performance of PRNet, the current state-of-the-art 3D face reconstruction from a single image method, against low-resolution images. The results show that improvements can be made by introducing deep learning image e . . .
  • Zs25xb68t?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Vo, Duc
    The importance of learning, communication and sharing of information is an essential part of our daily lives. Not only that but effectively learning, communicating and sharing of information is the key that will help us progress in our endeavors. An e . . .
  • Xs55mf08q?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Virk, Kulvir
    As more and more people are getting connected to the Internet, it was evident that the idea of digital currency will surface at some point. There have been various attempts in past to leverage the advantages of digital cash by companies like FirstVirt . . .
  • D217qr518?file=thumbnail
    Guo, Xuanxi
    Gobang’s history can be retraced to thousands of years ago. It started from GO. It is so popular that people all over the world like to play it. At the same time, it is also a game that full of strategy. As a world level game, the Gobang world champio . . .
  • 3f462755m?file=thumbnail
    Selkin, Eli
    In the field of neuroscience, in vivo animal studies are a common form of basic research. Within those studies, and prior to ex vivo analysis of tissue samples, there is almost always a need to record and analyze the activity of the subjects. As techn . . .
  • S1784n67p?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Pulikkal, Ashish
    In today’s world of technological advancements and innovations, it is difficult to imagine a world without the internet. The idea is to use this internet and create a web application called ProjectPro, which would serve as a resource to my fellow coll . . .
  • G445cg56h?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Achanta, Surekha
    With the rapid growth of the internet the usage of traditional classroom has shifted to E-learning. E-Learning is a virtual classroom where the learning is conducted via internet.Virtual classrooms are most powerful, interactive and efficient way of t . . .
  • 02870z096?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Guo, Mo
    Human appearances are always characterized by hair. Hair segmentation in images is helpful in modern applications, such as face and hair modeling, video surveillance or even gender recognition. In this project we tackle the problem of hair segmentatio . . .
  • S4655j65c?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Nguyen, Tho
    Dynamic user interface is the idea that a user interface should change dynamically depending on certain user characteristics. In our case, the user characteristic desired is the user cognitive style. This study will take the first step toward that dyn . . .
  • 6w924d76q?file=thumbnail
    Segura, Manuel
    Eye-hand coordination is the ability of our vision system to coordinate the information received through the eyes to control, guide, and direct the hands in the accomplishment of a given task. Eye-hand coordination is also involved in our daily live a . . .
  • Pv63g2008?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Chantarutai, Nanwarin
    This study developed an English learning application, called SpeechBuddy. The application provides English training lessons that based on users' English requirement and conducts an algorithm to evaluate the speaking ability and how well of a pronuncia . . .
  • S7526f675?file=thumbnail
    Chiou, Paul
    Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) is an age-old problem. Due to the advancement of modern medicine, the lifespans of people with high-level SCI are expected to approach those of nondisabled individuals. Studies have shown that education plays an essential role . . .
  • 2n49t384t?file=thumbnail
    Parekh, Bhargav
    The online classrooms are now great in trend. Due to the ample amount of internet - sharing and getting knowledge becomes simple and cost-effective. Nowadays, many schools provide online classes in all areas of the study. This simplicity and easiness . . .
  • Zs25xb74z?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Jethwa, Darshan
    The human race is slowly becoming more and more dependent on technology to solve even the smallest of tasks. Nowadays, technology is a necessity in people’s lives. From vibrating toothbrushes to self-driving cars, technology is infused in almost every . . .
  • 37720f58p?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Shah, Hetsi Bharatkumar
    Credit cards are used to a great extent all over the world in our day to day lives. Due to which, credit card frauds are increasing day-to-day. Data scientists are trying to obtain the optimal solution to detect such frauds. As credit card contains se . . .
  • D217qr52j?file=thumbnail
    Graduate Project
    Silva, Jose
    Using Natural Language Processing via Deep Learning, we will attempt to implement a context-sensitive spelling error correction system focused on casual text messaging. For example, usual autocorrect systems will not correct a sentence like “An apple . . .
  • Ft848s998?file=thumbnail
    Nazare, Mayuresh Sudhir
    The percentage of agile practices is booming. Most of the old software development companies are switching to agile development methods and Startups are preferring agile methodologies from scratch. The purpose of this thesis is to study different agil . . .
  • 7p88cj62r?file=thumbnail
    Rezaei Damavandi, Tannaz
    Despite the fact that the main objective of an Emergency Department (ED) is to treat seriously ill patients, quality of care degrades due to prolonged waiting time. In this work I investigate this problem closely and try to find the main bottleneck in . . .
  • Bk128c96c?file=thumbnail
    Riley, Ian
    This work introduces a vision-based target-tracking system for small, rotary-wing drones. Recent advances in computer vision algorithms, parallel processing, and low-power computer architecture make autonomous target tracking with small unmanned aeria . . .